”Yu Qi. ” Someone had called Yu Qi. 

Yu Qi turned around and saw her friends, Song Ha Ting, So Pang Lim, Mei Lilli and Yun Xiao.
They were also at the festival.

”You guys are here as well ? ” Yu Qi asked.

Lim asked us to hang out together tonight.
She has said that some festival has been held tonight.
So, we come to see. ” Song Ha Ting told Yu Qi.

”Never thought will we see you here with your boyfriend. ” Mei Lilli grinned as she was eyeing Long Hui.

”I think it is the first time you are meeting my friends face to face, right? ” Yu Qi smiled to Long Hui.
”Let me introduce them to you. ” 

Yu Qi started to point at Mei Lilli, Song Ha Ting, So Pang Lim and Yun Xiao as she introduced them.
”This is Mei Lilli, Song Ha Ting, So Pang Lim and Yun Xiao.
Oh, Na An, she doesn ’t follow you? ” Yu Qi realized that Ding Na An was not with them.

”Ding Na An is studying. ” So Pang Lim said.
”I even say that I will treat her but she did not even budge. ” 

”It is so like Na An. ” Yu Qi laughed.
”Well, as you know, this is my boyfriend, Long Hui. ” 

Long Hui did not say anything.
He just nodded. 

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Her friends did not take it to heart.
They knew from looking at Long Hui that this man did not like to talk with anybody unless it was his girlfriend. 

”Yu Qi, that dragon is so cute. ” Song Ha Ting looked at the white dragon doll that Yu Qi was currently holding.

I like it. ” Yu Qi glanced to Long Hui.
Since it reminded her of Long Hui.

Long Hui at that time also looked at his beloved Qi Qi.
He caught that his beloved Qi Qi had stolen a glance at him.
So, he flashed a seductive smile to his beloved Qi Qi.

Yu Qi quickly turned around as she saw the smile.
The two of them had already forgotten that Yu Qi ’s friends were still here. 

”Sigh, I need some water right now.
My mouth is full of dog food. ” So Pang Lim said as she sighed.

Yu Qi realized that they were still there.
Yu Qi smiled as she looked at her friends.

”Well, let ’s go somewhere and leave those love birds to get along with each other. ” Mei Lilli said pulling her friends.

They left Yu Qi and Long Hui.
After that, Yu Qi and Long Hui walked around the festival.
Yu Qi bought all kind of snacks that she could see.
Yu Qi was buying for her two little cuties, Aoi and Bo Ya. 

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After a few whiles, both of their hands were already full with the plastic bags.
Yu Qi felt like she had used Long Hui for her own selfishness.
So, she decided to take the plastic bags from Long Hui.
However, Long Hui refused to let her took it.
He even took the plastic bags from Yu Qi ’s hand as well. 

”I can carry them too. ” Yu Qi said.

”No need for you to do this.
I ’m a man.
I can carry them by myself. ” Long Hui just brushed off Yu Qi ’s hand. 

”Okay. ” Yu Qi looked at her watch.

It was already 11 p.m.
She did not realize that it was already late in the night. 

”Brother Hui, let ’s go back. ” Yu Qi informed Long Hui. 

”I guess we can spend the night at the hotel. ” Long Hui smiled.

Yu Qi was stunned.
She would be spending her night together with Long Hui again. 

re… ” Yu Qi was stumbling with her word.

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Long Hui chuckled.
His beloved Qi Qi must be feeling shy right now.

”Let ’s go. ” Long Hui took all the plastic bags on the left hand and pulled Yu Qi ’s hand using his right hand. 

Long Hui put all of the plastic bags into their car.
Long Hui already knew which hotel that they would be spending their night for tonight.
They arrived at the hotel.
Yu Qi still hugging her white dragon doll. 

”Do you want to bring that doll too? ” Long Hui pointed to the white dragon doll.

”Of course.
Bai Long will be with me. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Bai Long? You already give it a name? ” 

Is it cute? ” 

Yu Qi smiled so childishly at Long Hui. 

Cute. ” 

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Long Hui just agreed with what his beloved Qi Qi said.
He agreed but the ’cute ’ word was not for the doll but for his beloved Qi Qi.
She looked very cute with the doll in her arms. 

Suddenly he felt jealous of the white dragon doll.
It could sit inside her arms.
And it was for a very long time.
Since it was in his beloved Qi Qi ’s arms, he could not help but feel jealous.
He eyed the white dragon doll while letting the jealous feeling to surround him.

”What? ” Yu Qi could feel Long Hui ’s eyes on her.

”Qi Qi, can you leave the doll inside the car for tonight? ” Long Hui asked.

”Huh? But why? ” Yu Qi did not get Long Hui ’s intention.

”Never mind.
Let ’s go. ” Long Hui let it go.
Since the time together with his beloved Qi Qi was precious, he did not want to waste his time to argue with something insignificant like this.

They walked into the hotel.
The receptionists looked at the couple who had just walked inside their hotel.
They seemed to remember that couple from their stay last time. 

Tonight, the couple looked very lovely with the doll which the girl had held.

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