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Yu Qi slowly pulled the blanket down.
She was hugging the white dragon doll in her arms.
Seeing this, Long Hui was displeased.
She should be hugging him not that white dragon doll.

Long Hui reached out of the doll and pulled the doll out from her embrace.
He then threw it away.

”What are you doing? ” Yu Qi asked.

”You are ignoring me and hugging that doll. ” Long Hui pouted.

Yu Qi was stunned and after a few seconds she let a laugh out.
Her Hui was jealous again.
This time it was against the doll. 

”You dare to laugh right now? ” Long Hui ’s eyes darkened.
Then he gave a smile.
”Look like you need some punishment. ” 

Right after Long Hui said that he kissed his beloved Qi Qi.
The kiss was very domineering.
Yu Qi had almost gotten suffocated with the kiss.
Sensing that his beloved Qi Qi was about to suffocate, Long Hui released her.

”Do you like a kiss? ” Long Hui smiled as he licked his lips.

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Yu Qi was already feeling weakened from the kiss.
However, she still answered Long Hui ’s question by nodding her head. 

”You admitted it.
Good girl. ” Long Hui patted his beloved Qi Qi ’s head.

Long Hui laid back beside Yu Qi and pulled her into his hug.
He then closed his eyes.
Yu Qi who had been hugged, lifted up her face and saw that Long Hui had already closed his eyes.

”Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi called.

”Hmmm… ” Long Hui responded.

”You have told that u wanted to punish me? Is it over? ” Yu Qi innocently asked that question.

Hearing that question from his beloved Qi Qi, Long Hui stiffened.
’This girl is really asking this question right now? ’ His body showed a big reaction right now.
His ’little brother ’ which had already calmed down from the kiss, woke up again. 

Yu Qi seemed to notice the change.
She blushed.
She moved her body. 

”Stop moving. ” Long Hui ’s voice sounded distressing.

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Long Hui was trying to hold back.
When his beloved Qi Qi moved, her movement slightly touched his ’little brother ’.

”Do you want some help? ” 

The question from his beloved Qi Qi really made his eyes to watch his beloved Qi Qi in shock.
’This little seductress.
Does she understand what does she mean by that question? ’ 

”Do you know what are you saying right now? ” Long Hui asked.

I want to…
You…Otherwise, …
You might…
Not sleep… ” Yu Qi was stumbling with her words.

Long Hui ’s flashed a cold sinister thought.
’Well, she is offering her help.
I will be an idiot if I don ’t accept it. ’ Long Hui then laid on his back.
He just wore the towel.
So, his body was fully exposed to Yu Qi ’s sight.

Yu Qi swallowed non exist saliva as she looked at Long Hui ’s body.
The ’little brother ’ of Long Hui was restrained by the towel but it was still standing up.
The memory of that night resurfaced.
That night where she was drunk and played with that ’little brother ’ of Long Hui. 

”You can help me now. ” Long Hui said to Yu Qi.
He felt excited as he saw his beloved Qi Qi admiring his body.

Yu Qi lifted up her hand and touched Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’ through the towel.
Long Hui was hissing in pleasure as his beloved Qi Qi ’s hand touched his ’little brother ’. 

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Yu Qi looked at Long Hui ’s face.
His eyes were closed and currently enjoying the sensation which his beloved Qi Qi was making to his ’little brother ’.
Seeing that Long Hui enjoyed her touch, she became more determined to make Long Hui enjoy it more. 

Her hand grabbed Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’ and gave more pressure to it.
She could feel that ’little brother of Long Hui became bigger and burning.
She could even feel the warmth emitted by his ’little brother ’. 

Then Long Hui let out some voices as he let out some liquid from his ’little brother ’. 

”Ahhh… ” Long Hui sighed.

Yu Qi felt the warmth and the stinkiness at her hand.
She was blinking foolishly when she looked at her hand. 

Long Hui looked his beloved Qi Qi.
He stood up and brought his beloved Qi Qi to the bathroom.
At the bathroom, Long Hui pulled Yu Qi ’s hand to be washed. 

After Yu Qi ’s hand had been washed, Long Hui pushed Yu Qi out from the bathroom. 

”You can sleep first. ” Long Hui said.

”But… ”

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”I will take another shower. ” Long Hui interrupted Yu Qi.

Actually, Long Hui needed to calm down.
He wanted to push his beloved Qi Qi down.
But he could not.
He did not want to take Yu Qi ’s first time just like that.
It must be more special and memorable.
It was his long wish.

After the thing with Yu Qi earlier, his eagerness to push Yu Qi down was now more strong.
He took a cold shower.
After a half-hour of spending his time in the bathroom, Long Hui finally calmed down.
He wore a bath rode. 

He looked at Yu Qi.
Yu Qi seemed to have fallen in deep slumber already.
Long Hui took a breath of relief.
Long Hui climbed up the bed slowly and laid down. 

His beloved Qi Qi was sleeping while facing him.
The rhythm of Yu Qi breathed was a very calming sound to Long Hui.
He smiled.
This woman was his.
This woman would be his wife in the future.
This woman would be the mother of his children.
This woman would be the only woman with whom he wanted to spend his life until he died.

Thinking of this, Long Hui pulled Yu Qi into his hug.
As for Yu Qi, she seemed happy since she felt some warmth.
She took initiative to hug back Long Hui and smiled happily in her sleep.

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