Yu Qi opened her eyes.
The first thing she saw was her Long Hui ’s face.
She did not get enough while looking at Long Hui. 

Yu Qi lifted up her hand, wanted to touch his red lips.
It was very soft.
Yu Qi chuckled.

She did not realize that Long Hui had already woken up after her.
She wanted to touch his lips again.
When her fingers landed onto his lips, Long Hui suddenly opened his mouth caught her fingers.

”Ah!! ” Yu Qi was shocked.

Long Hui smiled.
He licked Yu Qi ’s finger.
Sensing her fingers had been licked by Long Hui ’s tongue, she quickly pulled her hand away from Long Hui ’s mouth. 

”Delicious. ” Long Hui said.

Long Hui pulled Yu Qi ’s body closer to his body suddenly. 

”It is still earlier.
Let ’s sleep more. ” Long Hui ’s voice was deep in the morning. 

Yu Qi did not go against it.
She closed her eyes again as her head laid beside Long Hui ’s chest.
She could hear the sound of Long Hui ’s heartbeat.
It was a very pleasant sound to be heard.
As she could sniff the lotus fragrance.
The scent was enough to make Yu Qi relax and she entered the dreamland once again. 


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”Qi Qi, wake up, my dear. ” 

Yu Qi could hear someone had been calling her name.
The only one who used that nickname was Long Hui.
Yu Qi slowly opened her eyes. 

Long Hui was already fully dressed up.
Yu Qi slowly sat on the bed while she brushed her eyes like a lazy cat.

Long Hui smiled gently while looking at his beloved Qi Qi.
His beloved Qi Qi ’s state after waking up from sleep somehow was very cute to see. 

”Refresh up.
I have already ordered the room service for breakfast. ” Long Hui said. 

’Hmm… ” Yu Qi nodded.
She slowly went to the bathroom. 

After she had finished dressing up, the breakfast had already been served.
The two of them ate breakfast peacefully. 

”I have already been called by the military. ” Long Hui stated after they finished breakfast. 

  ”Oh. ” Yu Qi replied with a sad tone.
She did not intend to let it out but it came out. 

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”I will come to see you after I will come back. ” Long Hui smiled.
He knew his beloved Qi Qi was sad hearing that he would be leaving.

”I will be waiting for you. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Let me send you back.
Don ’t forget your white dragon doll. ” Long Hui pointed to the white dragon doll which he had thrown yesterday. 

”Okay. ” 


Yu Qi entered the space as soon as she returned to her room.
She had already called Aoi about her return.
The dog was already waiting for her in front of the room when she arrived at the room. 

”As I promised, I will compensate you. ” Yu Qi went straight to the kitchen.
She wanted to prepare some food for her two little cuties. 

”Hurray!!! ” Bo Ya shouted excitedly.

Yu Qi laughed when she heard Bo Ya had shouted excitedly as he heard that his master wanted to cook food for them. 

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After one hour and forty minutes of cooking, three meat dishes and two kinds of soup finished and served.
Her two little cuties waited for Yu Qi ’s signal.
After getting the signal from Yu Qi, the two of them started to eat.

Yu Qi was not hungry so she went to her room.
She opened the computer.
Today she had a mission.
To give something to someone.

Yu Qi already knew the person who had tried to blackmail her.
The person was no other person.
It was Fung Meng Xuan.
She was the only who had motives like that. 

Yu Qi saved the number that Fung Meng Xuan had used to call her to blackmail her.
From the system, the number had been deactivated after been used once.
Yu Qi praised Fung Meng Xuan for being clever once again. 

But it was not enough for Yu Qi.
Yu Qi already got the real number of Fung Meng Xuan.
She hacked Fung Meng Xuan ’s phone.
She wanted to delete the pictures that Fung Meng Xuan captured which had Qin Xia with her. 

Yu Qi smiled when she found the pictures.
Turned out, Fung Meng Xuan captured a lot of the pictures of her and Qin Xia.
Fung Meng Xuan had also captured the picture where Qin Xia hugged her. 

Yu Qi did not realize that someone was nearby them that day.
She probably let down her guard as she paid her attention to Qin Xia that day.
Qin Xia was acting weirdly that day so she was kind of worried about Qin Xia.

She deleted the pictures.
Since the phone was linked to her another electronic device, she checked all of them in case Fung Meng Xuan copied the pictures.
Luckily for her, Fung Meng Xuan did not copy the pictures to any device. 

As Yu Qi went through Fung Meng Xuan ’s device, she crossed something unbelievable.
There were a few videos.
The content of the videos was very disgusting.
She did not expect that Fung Meng Xuan had already started to be cunning in this lifetime.

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Yu Qi ’s eyes lifted up.
Her lips displayed a cold smile.
Her mind already crafted something bad for Fung Meng Xuan.
Fung Meng Xuan wanted to use the picture of her and Qin Xia in order to destroy her reputation in public.
Fung Meng Xuan thought after seeing the pictures, Long Hui would hate and leave Yu Qi.

Then how about this when she would be placed in that situation? What would she do then? As she asked the questions to herself, she copied all of the videos.
After she deleted the videos inside Fung Meng Xuan ’s phone.

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