The next day, the university exploded with the news that a student slept with her lecturers in order to get good marks. 

The several videos had been uploaded onto the University ’s forum.
The face of the people in the videos could be seen clearly.
The student was Fung Meng Xuan.
And the men were the lecturers who taught the subjects in the psychology course.

Fung Meng Xuan got ready to go the class.
Her roommate threw some glance at her.
She was not close to her roommate but the relationship was not so bad.
However, she could feel some difference in the glances of her roommate. 

The roommate left the room separately.
Like she said, even though she was not close to her roommate, they often left the room at the same time.
Just now, her roommate seemed eager to leave the room.

Probably her roommate had some urgent matter to do.
She thought positively.
The moment she got out from her room, some of the students who had come out from the opposite room were stunned after seeing her. 

Fung Meng Xuan smiled at them.
”Good morning. ” 

Usually, if they run into the morning, they would greet each other.
But this morning she did not get the greetings back but they also gave her an ambiguous glance. 

’What happen today? ’ Fung Meng Xuan asked herself. 

It was not her being weird here.
There were other students.
They kept looking at her.
On the way to the class, she saw Yi Su Ran.
She quickly approached Yi Su Ran.

However, as soon as Yi Su Ran saw Fung Meng Xuan, she walked faster until Fung Meng did not manage to catch her.
She did not want to be seen together with Fung Meng Xuan.
Otherwise, she would also be labelled like that.

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”Su Ran. ” Fung Meng Xuan called Yi Su Ran hoping for her to stop but she did not even turn around to look at Fung Meng Xuan.

Fung Meng Xuan knew that Yi Su Ran heard her calling her name.
It was like everyone was avoiding her.
When she walked into the class, someone talked to her.

”Good morning. ”

”Good morning. ” Fung Meng Xuan smiled. 

”You are really a white lotus, aren ’t you? ” 

Fung Meng Xuan could hear the mocking tone in the girl ’s voice.

”What do you mean by that? ” Fung Meng Xuan looked at the girl.
She knew the girl.
It was her coursemate, Ye Yu Lan.

  ”You really do not feel shame after everything that has happened since you dare to come to the class? ” Ye Yu Lan said.

”Shame? ” Fung Meng Xuan did not get the point.

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”Why don ’t you look at the university ’s forum? Look how glorious you are. ” Ye Yu Lan was mocking her.

Fung Meng Xuan looked at the university ’s forum.
The videos about her were exploded.
The students were commenting about it.
Some of the comments were humiliating her.

’I know her.
Never thought she is such a bitch. ’

’She always acts like she is a saint. ’

’Such a white lotus. ’

’But the lecturers are also wrong.
How could they take bribe like that? ’

’Disgusting. ’

’She and the lecturers should be removed from the university. ’

Fung Meng Xuan, of course, knew the videos.
It was indeed hers together with the lecturers.
But no one would know these videos.
Even the lecturers did not know the existence of these videos.

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She was very careful with her belongings.
It was not making sense since she did not leave her phone in the open place.
Even when she would go to have a bath, she would lock the phone inside her locker.

”Bitch. ”

”Shameless. ”

”White lotus bitch. ”

”Shut up. ” Fung Meng Xuan screamed.

Her rage outbursted making her classmates looked at her with obvious disgust.
She was the one the doing the disgusting thing.
Now she was angry at them.
How laughable.

”Fung Meng Xuan, you are being called by the dean.
Well, you know why… ” A student at the door called for Fung Meng Xuan.

Fung Meng Xuan held back her anger.
She needed to deal with this matter first.
She needed to make up some lies for this.

As she walked to the dean ’s office, she met other eyes who gave her many kinds of a glance. 

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”She is the girl in those videos. ”

”I knew that she is one of the top students in her course.
Never thought she would get that through something like that. ”

Fung Meng Xuan walked very fast.
She did not want to hear something like this anymore.
The faster she got into the dean ’s office, the faster she could get out from this problem.

”Yo, Miss Famous. ” 

Fung Meng Xuan had been blocked by two girls.
Fung Meng Xuan looked up.
She knew these girls.
They were friends of Yu Qi.
So Pang Lim and Mei Lilli smirked at Fung Meng Xuan.

”What do you want? ” Fung Meng Xuan asked while grinding her teeth.

I just want to greet you.
That ’s all. ” So Pang Lim grinned.

Fung Meng Xuan looked around.
The person whom she wanted to find was not here.
She was looking for Yu Qi.
She thought Yu Qi would be around but she did not see her around.
She did not want Yu Qi to see her in this state.

Ignoring So Pang Lim and Mei Lilli, Fung Meng Xuan left the place.
She arrived at the dean ’s office.

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The secretary of the dean looked up and down at her.
The secretary knew why was this student had been called by her boss.

”Miss Fung Meng Xuan, right? ” The secretary already knew her but still asked for the confirmation.

”Yeah. ” Fung Meng Xuan nodded.

”Wait here.
I will inform the dean about you. ” The secretary called the dean.

After getting confirmation, the secretary said to Fung Meng Xuan.
”You can enter now. ” 

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