Fung Meng Xuan walked towards Yu Qi.
She needed to confront Yu Qi about this. 

Yu Qi was surprised to see Fung Meng Xuan.
Well, she had changed a lot.

”Tang Yu Qi, is it you? ” Fung Meng Xuan asked.

”What are you talking about? ” Yu Qi asked her back.

”Are you the one who posted my videos online? ” Fung Meng Xuan ground her teeth as she asked Yu Qi.

”Why are you thinking that I have done it? ” Yu Qi played some words with Fung Meng Xuan.

”Don ’t pretend. ” Fung Meng Xuan hissed.

”Miss Fung is very funny.
Why should I pretend in front of you? ” Yu Qi just smiled.

”Tang Yu Qi, it is you who has spread the videos because I have some pictures of you cheating of your boyfriend? ” Fung Meng Xuan pointed her finger at Yu Qi.

”Oh, not long ago, I received a threatening call from someone saying that they had some pictures of mine.
I was told to leave my boyfriend.
Is that you? ” Yu Qi let out her terrifying aura.

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Fung Meng Xuan felt choked.
She could not breathe.
She was scared.
Is this really Yu Qi?

Yu Qi pulled Fung Meng Xuan ’s chin.
”Fung Meng Xuan, this is just a beginning.
I will let you suffer like you feel you want to die.
But not now.
However, if you want to taste that earlier, you can irritate me more.
I don ’t mind.
Don ’t dare to have a design on my boyfriend.
Otherwise, you will end up waking up in the coffin.
Mark my words. ” Yu Qi released Fung Meng Xuan by pushing her on the ground.

The other students started to look at them.
Yu Qi ignored them and turned around as started to leave.
She did not want to kill Fung Meng Xuan right now.
She wanted to play with her first until she chose death herself.


The result of the mid-semester test came out.
Fung Meng Xuan ’s result was very disappointing.
She was in the first rank but right now she was in the hundredth rank. 

Usually, the faculty did not post the result of the mid-sem test but the dean did it this time.
When Fung Meng Xuan saw her result, she stumbled onto the ground with a shocked expression.
She knew that if she was finished. 

Somehow the other students knew the deal that Fung Meng Xuan made with the dean.
That probably had to do something with So Pang Lim.
She told others and it had spread.
So everyone knew about it. 

The dean called Fung Meng Xuan to his office.
Fung Meng Xuan could not escape with this, so she stepped with very hard steps towards the dean ’s office.

”Miss Fung, I ’m sure you have seen the result.
So, it is time for you to do what you had to do. ” The dean did not wait any longer.

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”Sir, please, sir.
Can you ignore this matter for me once? I will study harder for the next test.
Please, sir.
Don ’t expel me. ” Fung Meng Xuan was on her knees.

She was desperate to stay at this university.
It was so hard for her to get accepted into this university.
She could not let something like this to ruin her life. 

”Miss Fung, I suggest you drop out by yourself.
It will make your record better than getting an expel letter from the university. ” The dean advised. 

It was true.
Dropped out by herself was better than getting expelled.
She could study for the next year and try to take another test to get into another university.
While getting expelled would make the record bad and difficult to get into another university. 

”Sir, I know who posted the videos online. ” Fung Meng Xuan wanted Yu Qi to get punished too.

”Oh, who is it? ” The dean also wanted to know that.

”Tang Yu Qi from Medical Course. ” Fung Meng Xuan said.

”And your evidence? ” The dean asked.

”She is jealous of me.
Sometimes her boyfriend has been eyeing me.
So… ” Fung Meng Xuan did not get to finish her sentence, it was interrupted by the dean himself.

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”Miss Fung, you need evidence for that.
You can not make an assumption like this. ” The dean stopped her.
”I will give you another week to drop out.
If you don ’t do it, just wait for the expel letter.
You can go now. ” 

”Sir, please.
Give me another chance.
I will improve myself and study hard.
Please, sir. ” Fung Meng Xuan begged him again.

This time, the dean did not soften his heart.
He called her secretary to call some men to take Fung Meng Xuan out from his office. 

Fung Meng Xuan had been pulled by some men out from the dean ’s office.
She was not allowed to step in anymore.
She was standing for a long time out of the building before leaving. 

’This can not be happening. ’ Fung Meng Xuan needed to do something.
Yeah, Yu Qi.
She had to find Yu Qi.
She walked towards the Medical Faculty Building.
Since the non-related students could not enter the building, she had to wait for Yu Qi to come out herself. 

 She did not have to wait long since about half an hour later, she saw Yu Qi walking together with her friends. 

”Tang Yu Qi, help me. ” Fung Meng Xuan wanted to grab Yu Qi but Yu Qi avoided her hand, so she just grabbed nothing. 

”Fung Meng Xuan, what are you doing here? ” It was not Yu Qi who spoke.
It was Mei Lilli. 

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