Yu Qi and other women went to the onsen after lunch.
Yu Qi decided to go to enjoy the onsen since she did not get to enjoy it last night due to interference by Long Hui. 

Yu Qi got into the water and relaxed.
She closed her eyes.
She could hear the sound Feng Yue, Aunty Ming Yue, and Aunty Su Xiao entering the water. 

”My dear Yu Qi, ” Aunty Ming Yue called her.

Yu Qi opened her eyes and saw the three smiling faces in front of her.
Their smiling faces told something. 

Not understand this situation, Yu Qi asked them.
”What are you trying to say? ” 

”Yu Qi, how far that you already did with Long Hui? ” Aunty Ming Yue asked excitedly waiting for her answer.
Not to mention about Feng Yue and Aunty Su Xiao, they also looked excitedly to hear her answer.

”What are you talking about? ” Yu Qi tried to avoid answering the question.

”Hehe, Yu Qi, you can not lie to us.
We already saw the evidence. ” Feng Yue smiled silly.

”What? ” Yu Qi frowned.

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”Those love bites were shown on your body. ” Aunty Su Xiao pointed to Yu Qi ’s body.

Yu Qi was shocked.
She quickly looked down on her own body.
It was not many of the love bites but she could see about five of them.
One was below her collar neck.
Two on the top of each of her b.r.e.a.s.ts and another two on the side of each of her b.r.e.a.s.ts.

’The man!!! ’ Yu Qi scolded Long Hui in her mind.

”Yu Qi, tell us. ” Feng Yue said made Yu Qi realized the three of them still waiting for her answer.

”No. ” Yu Qi said firmly. 

”Yu Qi. ” Feng Yue was calling her name.

”Seems you want to increase your punishment.
I will talk with Brother Hui about that. ” Yu Qi said while looking at Feng Yue.

I will stop asking. ” Feng Yue moved away.
Sitting a little far from Yu Qi.

Yu Qi sighed.
Feng Yue already settled.
But for her two aunties, what would Yu Qi going to say to make them stopped pestering about the topic? 

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”My dear Yu Qi is still a v.i.r.g.i.n. ” Aunty Ming Yue said to Aunty Su Xiao.

”Yeah. ” Aunty Su Xiao replied.

Yu Qi turned to her two aunties with a questioning mark on her face.
How did her two aunties know about that? 

”We knew it.
Your face showed everything.
We just wanted to tease you. ” Aunty Su Xiao said. 

”That Long Hui is really the patient man.
Even the dish is served in front of him, he can restrain himself and just made a few love bites on you. ” Aunty Ming Yue added.

Yu Qi did not know what to say.
She was embarrassed but at the same time, she was happy that Long Hui was thinking about her warfare instead of satisfying his own desire.

Long Hui left the ryokan on the second day due to the military call.
He had a mission to complete.
He promised Yu Qi that he would be joining her on the opening ceremony of her ryokan. 

Yu Qi said if it was an inconvenience for Long Hui to join the opening ceremony, he did not have to be there.
Long Hui only smiled.

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The rest of them enjoyed their vacation.
On the third day, they began to pack their luggage since they would be leaving soon.
Her brother, Tang Qin Hao enjoyed the onsen until the last minutes. 

For Aoi, Yu Qi did not see him for three days.
When she saw him for the first time after three days, she found out Aoi gotten bigger.
Aoi explained he extracted a lot of food from the kitchen.
Since he was Yu Qi ’s pet and his cuteness, the employees took good care of him. 

On the next morning, Yu Qi appeared at her greenhouse.
Since she was already late, other employees already entered to start their own work.
When she wanted to enter the greenhouse, she saw someone familiar with making a scene in front of her greenhouse.

”I want to enter.
My cousin is working inside. ” Kim Hai Yu shouted to the guards.

Then Kim Hai Yu saw the guards quickly stood up.
She thought they wanted to open the gate for him but he thought was wrong.
The guards greater someone behind her.
Kim Hai Yu turned back to see who was they greeted to.
Turned out, it was Yu Qi, the woman she hated. 

”Good afternoon, Miss Yu Qi. ” The guards already knew their big boss.

”Good afternoon. ” Yu Qi smiled at them.
She signaled them to opened the gate for her.

Before she entered, she praised the guard.
”You did a good job of preventing an unknown person to enter our greenhouse.
Please continue this good job. ”

”Hey, I ’m not an unknown person.
My cousin works here. ” Kim Hai Yu screamed at Yu Qi.

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Yu Qi turned to face Kim Hai Yu.
”Miss, here is the workplace.
I assume you want to meet your cousin due to personal matters.
You can wait until he finishes his work for today. ” Without waiting for the answer from Kim Hai Yu, Yu Qi entered the greenhouse.

Kim Hai Yu wanted to enter since the gate was still opened.
But one of the guards blocked her. 

”Miss, you can not enter.
Close the gate quickly. ” He told his partner.

Another guard quickly closed the gate.
Kim Hai Yu had been released by the guard after the gate closed.
Kim Hai Yu glared to the guards.
The guards ignored the woman.
Their big boss already praised for their action prevented this woman from entering the greenhouse.
So they would continue it. 

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