Yu Qi woke up at six in the morning.
Other female soldiers had already woken up too and heading to their morning jog.
She joined them as well.
They met the male soldiers on the way.
The female soldiers were an attraction to the male soldiers.

In this military compound, there were just about 20 female soldiers stationed here.
Now it had added Yu Qi and Ding Na An in the list. 

The male soldiers noticed there was a new girl in the group.
She also looked very beautiful.
The male soldier stole a glance at the new girl.

Lang Jiang Ye noticed that the male soldiers were checking Yu Qi.
She was very jealous.
Before the new girl came, she was the most beautiful female soldier among others.
Now, they did not even look at her. 

Lang Jiang Ye wanted to embarrass Yu Qi.
So she approached the new girl in order to trap her.
She tried to use her legs however, the new girl managed to avoid it.
Missing a step, Lang Jiang Ye almost fell on the ground.
She managed to stabilise her body and avoided a fall. 

Yu Qi ignored Lang Jiang Ye.
She did not know what was in that woman ’s head.
She did not do anything to that woman.
After all, she just arrived at this military compound yesterday.
After jogging, she returned to the dormitory and saw that Ding Na An had already woken up from her sleep.

”Morning. ” Yu Qi greeted.

Good morning.
Where did you go just now? ” Ding Na An asked?

”I have joined.
others for a morning jog. ” Yu Qi told her.

”Oh, I see. ” 

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”Let ’s go and eat breakfast before reporting ourselves to the medical section. ” Yu Qi suggested.

”Okay. ” Ding Na An nodded. 

After breakfast, Yu Qi and Ding Na An went to the medical section to report themselves.
In the medical section, there were three doctors and about ten nurses.
One of the doctors was a woman named Xin Rin.
Other two doctors were Dongfang Mo and Zheng Yiwu.
They all welcomed Yu Qi and Ding Na An.

”Welcome, welcome.
Finally, we have new cute girls here. ” Dongfang Mo said.
”I am almost bored to see Rin Rin here. ”

”Humph, do you think I ’m happy here with you? If Yiwu is not here, I will not be here with you. ” Xin Rin snorted.

”Calm down, calm down… ” Zheng Yiwu smiled.
He then looked at the two new girls.
Sorry for displaying something like this. I ’m the head here.
We have gotten your details. ” 

He turned to Ding Na An.
”You are Ding Na An, right? ”

Ding Na An nodded.
”Yes, doctor. ”

”I ’m Zheng Yiwu.
You can call me Doctor Zheng. ” Then he looked at Yu Qi.
”And you are Tang Yu Qi, right? ” 

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Yu Qi nodded.

”Well, this is Doctor Xin Rin and Doctor Dongfang Mo.
We have been already stationed here for about one year.
If you have a question to ask, you can either ask me or them. ” Zheng Yiwu smiled.

”Yes, sir. ” Yu Qi and Ding Na An answered at the same time.

”Doctor Xin and I will be going to travel around Chongbei Town and look for someone who seeks medical attention.
Do you like to join us? ” Zheng Yiwu asked.

”It would be our pleasure. ” Yu Qi and Ding Na An answered.

The three doctors were surprised with both of the girls ’ answer.
They thought that the girls would decline their invitation.
They thought the girls would rather stay at this place.
But the girls seemed eager to go outside. 

  ”Are you sure? ” Xin Rin asked.

”Huh? Why are you asking that? ” Yu Qi did not understand?

”Well, we thought you will like to stay here instead of running around in an unsafe town. ” Xin Rin just gave a smile. 

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”If we will be just going to stay here, being afraid of going around the town, we would choose somewhere else.
Not here. ” Yu Qi said.

Do you say that you two actually have chosen to come to this town ? ” Dongfang Mo asked for confirmation as he could not believe what the girl said just now.

We have chosen this place to come here as a volunteer.
Is that something wrong with it? ” Yu Qi looked at Ding Na An.

”Oh, my.
You both are angels. ” Dongfang Mo said.

”Huh? ” 

The girls looked at each other with a question mark seemed to appear on their face. 

”Actually, most volunteers who came to this town usually came because they had to.
In reality, they didn ’t want to come So, when you two said you choose this town on your own, it is quite surprising to us. ” Zheng Yiwu explained. 

”Oh, I see. ” Ding Na An nodded. 

”Well, let ’s go then.
Dongfang, don ’t go flirting with nurses.
Do your job. ” Xin Rin reminded Dongfang Mo. 

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”Humph! I just want to ask the same thing to you.
Don ’t flirt with each other. ” Dongfang Mo rolled his eyes.

They headed out with three nurses. 

”There are some rules that I need to inform you two. ” Xin Rin said after they got into the van.

”First, don ’t go anywhere alone.
If you want to treat someone, make sure to bring one of our people.
Second, don ’t quickly trust people here especially children.
If you feel something is wrong, quickly ran and safe yourself.
Lastly, make sure to have something on your body that could protect you from people. ” Xin Rin told them the rules.

”We understand, Doctor Xin.
We will remember those rules. ” 

Both of Yu Qi and Ding Na An nodded.
They knew Xin Rin told them those rules for their own protection. 

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