The rumours about the two beautiful girls who had come to their military compound spread among the male soldiers.
Some of them went to the medical station with excuses of being sick just to take a look at the two girls.

Almost one month had passed since the two girls came to Chongbei Town.
Yu Qi and Ding Na An took turns to do the works.
If Yu Qi stayed at the medical station to treat the sick or injured soldier, Ding Na An would follow the other doctors and their team to inspect around the town. 

The team would be going round to see the patient and treat them there as much as possible.
If the sickness was very bad, they would bring the patient to the medical station for further treatment.
If it was necessary, the patient would be sent to the nearest hospital. 

The medical team also being escorted by the soldiers for safety purpose.
Who would know what would happen in the middle of Chongbei Town?

Like a normal soldier, Yu Qi and Ding Na An also had to follow the rules of the military compound here.
They needed to attend the roll call as a soldier themselves. 

On the first their roll call, Yu Qi was very surprised to see someone whom she had not supposed to see here. 

”Today, someone with a high rank has come to inspect the military compound.
Please welcome our youngest colonel in history, Colonel Long Hui. ” The Captain in charge of this military compound welcomed the handsome man.

The handsome man stepped forward.
Before he began his speech, his eyes rolled over the people in front of him.
When he found what he had been looking for, he narrowed his eyes.

”I think I don ’t need to talk much.
The person who works hard will be rewarded.
Keep working and don ’t give up. ” Long Hui gave a standard speech before leaving the stage. 

”Okay, everyone.
You can go back to your post. ” The captain said.

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The soldiers disappeared to their posts.
Some of them went to their missions, some of them went to the training area.
Like the other doctors, Yu Qi and Ding Na An went to the medical station. 

”It is him, isn ’t it? ” Ding Na An asked.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi understood who Ding Na An meant by ’it ’.

”I guess he is kind of missing you. ” Ding Na An said.

Yu Qi only smiled when she listened to Ding Na An.
She also missed him.
But right now, it was not a suitable time for them to meet.

When Yu Qi remembered that roll call, she knew that her information that she went to Chongbei Town was leaked to him.
He probably thought it was dangerous for her to come here for the volunteering work. 

However, he did not disturb her at all.
He just looked and smiled at her as they would pass each other.

Long Hui became the man who had been desired by the female soldiers.
Every night, Yu Qi would listen to other female soldiers as they would gossip about Long Hui, especially Lang Jiang Ye.

”I think Colonel Long is into me. ” Lang Jiang Ye said shyly. 

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”Stop dreaming. ” Another female soldier rolled her eyes.

”I know you will be jealous. ” Lang Jiang Ye smirked arrogantly.

”What makes you think our Colonel Long is into you? ” Another female soldier asked.

”He will always smile whenever he will look at me. ” Lang Jiang Ye said proudly.

Ding Na An looked at Yu Qi.
Yu Qi did not seem to give much reaction about what Lang Jiang Ye had talked.
Ding Na An knew that Long Hui was smiling at her friend.
Lang Jiang Ye was consistently standing in front of Yu Qi making Lang Jiang Ye thought Long Hui was smiling at her.


”Yu Qi, today is your turn to go outside.
You will follow Doctor Dongfang. ” Zheng Yiwu informed them.

”Alright, princess Yu Qi, let ’s go and treat someone. ” Dongfang Mo teased Yu Qi.

”Yeah, yeah, let ’s go. ” Yu Qi ignored the tone and stepped forward. 

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”Yu Qi, you are hurting my heart. ” Dongfang Mo acted like a heartbroken person. 

After interacting with Dongfang Mo about one month, she knew his character.
He was a very easy-going person and like to joke around just like that. 

”Be careful. ” Zheng Yiwu advised their team.

”Yes, sir. ” All of them answered and saluted to Zheng Yiwu as a normal soldier.

The area that they would go today was a normal village.
The village was inhabited by refugees.
From what Yu Qi knew from others was that the villagers were very kind and grateful to the Binhai Nation since they accepted the refugees like them.
The medical team would go to their village once a month. 

They would be checking the health of the villagers to make sure that nothing was wrong.
However, today, the situation was a little bit chaotic.
Several of the villagers were having food poisoning.
They needed to prepare some medicine. 

There was not enough medicine for all the patients.
So, Dongfang Mo asked the soldiers to go back to the medical station and bring the medicine. 

There was also not enough people to take care of the patients in pain.
Yu Qi thought that she could try to cure the poison.
Then she looked at the symptoms, she noticed something strange.
She was about to call Dongfang Mo to tell him, suddenly, a girl about 8 to 9 years old came and pulled Yu Qi ’s pants. 

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