”Sister, help my sister, please.
She is sick. ” The girl was crying. 

”Where is your sister? ” Yu Qi squatted to make her look at the girl better.

”At my house. ” The girl was still crying. 

Yu Qi looked at Dongfang Mo.
He was still busy.
She decided to take a look at the girl ’s sister.

”Let ’s go and see your sister. ” Yu Qi said to the girl as she smiled at the girl.

The girl led Yu Qi to her sister.
It was a bit far from the place where she had gathered with the medical team. 

They arrived at the place where there were no houses around.
There was a moment that Yu Qi had felt something was wrong.

”We are lucky to have someone as beautiful as you to treat us. ” A group of men stepped out from the bushes. 

”Give back my sister.
I have already brought the doctor here. ” The girl screamed at the men while crying.

Yu Qi seemed to understand that these men separated the girl from her sister and threatened the girl to do as these men wanted to. 

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”Let the girls go. ” Yu Qi shouted in a cold voice at the men.

”Well, miss beautiful, not yet.
You must follow us first.
If we reach the place, I will definitely let the girl and her sister go. ” One of the men said.
He must be the leader of this group. 

”You are lying to me. ” The girl shouted again to the men.

I will let you see your sister for a moment. ” The man signalled his man to bring the girl ’s sister. 

It was another girl around 4 to 5 years old.
She was sleeping and seemed to be in a deep sleep.

”What have you done to my sister? ” The girl asked.

”Don ’t worry.
She is just sleeping. ” The man said.
He then turned to Yu Qi.
’ ’Shall we go, beautiful girl? Oh, before that, throw out your mobile phone, please. ”

Yu Qi did what the man had asked.
She brought out her mobile phone and threw it on the ground. 

The man asked Yu Qi to step back.
He then asked one of the men to take the mobile phone and brought it to him.

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Yu Qi could not do anything since the girl was still in those men ’s hand.
She entered the van together with the girl who had deceived her.
The girl was crying silently.

”Sister, I ’m sorry for deceiving you.
I don ’t have any choice.
They told me if I can lure you to them, they would let go of my sister. ” The girl apologized to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi patted her head.
”Don ’t worry.
It is not your fault.
What is your name? ” 

”Lin Chu Jin.
My sister is Lin Jin Qian. ” Lin Chu Jin said.

”Where are your parents? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Dead..Two weeks ago. ” Lin Chu Jin clenched her fists as she talked about it.

”How? ” Yu Qi calmly asked.

”Bitten by a snake. ” Lin Chu Jin remembered the moment her mother ’s face turned purple in colour before she was completely gone. 

”Now, we are being captured like this. ” Lin Chu Jin knew the group of the men were not good men.
They might be doing something evil.

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”Don ’t worry. ” Yu Qi was smiling.

”Beautiful girl, you need to worry about yourself a bit. ” The man who was listening to their conversation interrupted. 

”Because you are about to be sold after this. ” The man chuckled.

”Sold? ” Yu Qi frowned.

”Beautiful girl, we are human traffic merchant.
People are our goods, especially, beautiful girls like you.
We have been eyeing you for a long time.
Finally, got you. ” The man grinned.

”Eyeing me? ” Yu Qi ’s cold eyes flashed over.

Unfortunately, the man ’s face was not towards her.
Otherwise, he would notice that Yu Qi ’s expression. 

”Of course.
A beautiful girl came to this kind of place.
Usually, we just get a normal girl but you come and WALAH…
So, we create a plan to capture you. ” The man laughed.

”I see. ” Yu Qi went quiet.

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”Don ’t worry.
You will be sold to some rich men, I guess due to your beautiful face. ” The man laughed, even more, when hearing Yu Qi did not respond to his words anymore. 

They had been on the road for about three hours.
Finally, the van stopped.

”Let my sister go. ” Lin Chu Jin shouted.

The man signalled his men to give Lin Chu Jin ’s sister to her. 

”Enjoy your time together with your sister.
You know you will be sold separately. ” The man left. 

Lin Chu Jin was shocked.
She was not stupid.
She could understand what the man meant by that sentence.
She and her sister were going to be sold too.
She was trembling. 

The men brought Yu Qi and the sisters to a room that had iron bars making the room looked like a prison.
Entering the room, Yu Qi could see about two to three girls in the range of 15 to 20 years old.
It looked like they also had been captured and about to be sold by the men. 

”Sister, can you look at my sister? She is not waking up. ” Lin Chu Jin requested Yu Qi.

Yu Qi quickly looked at Lin Jin Qian.
She read her pulse.
She was indeed sleeping due to the sleeping pill.
She had been given a lot of sleeping pills.
If she had been given more, she might lose her life due to overdose.

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”Don ’t worry.
She is just sleeping due to sleeping pills.
She will wake up soon. ” Yu Qi gave assurance to Lin Chu Jin. 

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