”Look like you are already making friend with them. ” The man came and looked at Yu Qi with a smile.
”Unfortunately, you will be separated soon. ”

Yu Qi did not answer.
She looked straight at the man.
Other girls started to look down.
One of them started to cry.
Yu Qi then also looked down as well.
Seeing the girl looked down, the man was satisfied.
He left the room as he turned off the light and closed the door.

There were no windows in this room.
So, there was no source of light.
The room was completely dark. 

Yu Qi looked down not because she had given up.
But she was planning their escape plan.
She went into her space.
The girls did not realize that Yu Qi was already missing since it was dark. 

”Master. ” Bo Ya and Aoi called as they laid their eyes on their master. 

”Aoi, I ’m bringing you out.
You will go and check the surrounding. ” Yu Qi said.
”Tell me if you see CCTV or something like that. ”

”I got it, master. ” Aoi nodded.

”Before that, let me take something first. ” Yu Qi went to take something.

After that, Yu Qi grabbed Aoi and got out of the space.
Aoi could get out of the room because he already could use his ability to enter and out from a room using his spirit body. 

’Master, I ’m going now. ’ 

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Aoi already communicated with his master through the telepathy. 

Be careful.
Don ’t get caught by them. ’ Yu Qi answered.

Yu Qi was waiting for Aoi ’s news.
Suddenly someone talked.

”Will we be going to be sold soon? ” 

Yu Qi did not know who was talking but she did not want the girls to lose hope.

”Don ’t worry.
We will be safe. ” Yu Qi gave their assurance.

’Master, master. ’ Aoi called.

What do you get? ’ Yu Qi immediately gave Aoi response.

’This place only has about 10 to 15 people only.
But they are armed. ” Aoi gave their information.

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Can you give me their location? ’ Yu Qi smiled.

Aoi told Yu Qi each of the men ’s location.
The nearest one was 50 meter from the room.
There was no one guarding the room. 

”Girls. ” Yu Qi made a sound.

”Yeah. ” The girls gave their response.

”What? ”

”After we get out from this room, i want all of you to go east, get out of this building and hide into the bush.
Understand? ” Yu Qi said. 

”Huh? How? We can not even go out of this room. ” 

”I have my way.
But can you follow my order? ”

”Well, if only we can get out of this room. ”

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Then, let me open this door first. ”

Yu Qi stood up and went to the door direction.
The door was not even locked.
Since the iron bars were here. 

”How will you open it? ”

Yu Qi smiled.
”With this. ” The moment she finished talking, she lifted her leg and kicked the iron bars. 

The iron bars had collapsed.
The girls were shocked by what they saw. 

”Let ’s go now. ” Yu Qi ’s voice woke up them.

The girls quickly got out of the room.
One of them lifted up the Lin Jin Qian and brought her since she was still sleeping.

”Go to that way. ” Yu Qi pointed to her left.

They were about to run but seeing Yu Qi did not follow them, one of them asked.
”You are not coming with us? ” 

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”I will follow you later.
Don ’t worry, you will be safe. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Yu Qi already instructed Aoi took care of the men who stood on the way.
They would definitely be safe in the hands of Aoi. 

Yu Qi did not know that she had been observed by someone.
There was a secret camera on the top of the wall.
It was invisible to others.
The man who was watching her was smiling.

”Interesting. ” The man smiled and stood up.

Yu Qi did not even run.
She just walked like her normal pace.
The men were very shocked when they saw the girl who was supposed to be in the room right now walking in front of them.
Yu Qi ran when she saw the men.
Yu Qi lured them out. 

”Girl, you better surrender.
Otherwise, you will get hurt. ” One of the men threatened Yu Qi with his gun.

”Oh, really? ’ ’ Yu Qi brought her needles.
”We will see who will be hurt. ” Yu Qi threw the needles at one man. 

The moment the needles landed at his hands and legs, he immediately collapsed.
He was screaming loudly.

”Ahh!!! I can not feel my hands and my legs.
What did you do to me? ” The man asked.

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”Destroying your nervous system.
After this, you will be crippled. ” Yu Qi said with a smile but not a smile. 

The other men who had listened to that shivered.
Destroyed their nervous system? That was very terrifying.
Who on the earth was this girl? How could she do that?

Yu Qi smiled.
Her eyes were wandering around.
She searched for the man who had talked to her earlier in the room.
It seemed he was not here.
So, he was confident that his men would take care of her since she was just a girl.
He was about to be disappointed. 

”I will take care of you instead. ” Yu Qi said.

She made a move.
The men freaked out and quickly pointed out their guns at the girl.
They shot.
But nothing was hit.
Yu Qi was very fast in avoiding the bullets.
While she avoiding the bullets, she threw her needles towards the men. 

One by one they had collapsed onto the ground and shouted saying they could not feel their hands or legs.
One of the men tried to run away but fell onto the ground since his legs had already lost their strength.
Yu Qi approached the man.

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