”Where is your boss? ” Yu Qi pressed her leg on the man ’s stomach. 

The man still could feel the pain being pressing hard on his stomach.
It was very painful. 

”I don ’t…
know. ” The man said.
Save me… ”

Suddenly Yu Qi could feel something.
She looked up and saw a number of soldiers had surrounded the place.

Not long after that, Yu Qi was pulled into a hug.
It had a lotus scent.
She sniffed the smell.

”Thank goddess.
You are safe.
I ’m late and let you suffer. ” Long Hui was very fl.u.s.tered about this. 

”You are not late.
Just on time. ” Yu Qi responded. 

She was not a weak girl who needed the protection all the time.
She could fight on her own.
She just needed him to stand by her side in case something was wrong. 

The soldiers who had followed their colonel were astonished when they saw that the colonel went straight and hugged the doctor.
Especially Lang Jiang Ye who had also tagged along.
When she first heard the news, she was secretly happy with it.
She wished Yu Qi would go missing forever.

Right now, she could not digest what she had seen in front of her eyes.
The handsome colonel hugged Yu Qi like she was a treasure.
She already could see the worries in the colonel himself. 

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”What? ” Lang Jiang Ye only could speak that. 

”Colonel Long is her boyfriend.
You better give up. ” Ding Guan Ye heard and understood Lang Jing Ye ’s confusion.
She had seen so many women who had fallen in love with Long Hui in her last station at Shiwa Town.
Long Hui did not pay any attention to any women after he got Yu Qi and even before that.

”Her boyfriend? ” Lang Jiang Ye did not believe what she had just heard.
Meaning they already knew each other.
How could Yu Qi get a boyfriend like him? She was not less than Yu Qi. 

”Brother Hui, there are some girls who have been kidnapped as well. ” Yu Qi suddenly remembered about the girls.

”Capture all these men here.
Don ’t let anyone escape. ” Long Hui gave his order.

The soldiers looked at the men.
The men seemed to shout that they did not feel their hand and legs.
How could they escape? What did Yu Qi do to those men? The soldiers did not see any drop of blood or dislocation of the bone of these men. 

They looked at each other.
They would not try to offend the girl.
She looked gentle but at the end, tried to look at these men.
They did not know what had happened to them. 

”Some of you.
Come and follow me. ” Long Hui asked some of the soldiers to come with them for safety purpose. 

Yu Qi went to the place where the girls were hiding.
Aoi already told her about that. 

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The girls who had been hiding in the bush somehow held back their breaths as they heard someone was nearby. 

”Girls, you can come out now.
We are safe. ” Yu Qi called the girls.

Lin Chu Jin recognised the voice.
It was the sister doctor.
She quickly popped out from the bushes. 

”Sister doctor.
You are safe. ” Lin Chu Jin smiled.
She was glad that sister doctor was safe otherwise she would be feeling guilty since she was the one who had endangered the sister doctor by luring her to that place. 

”We are safe now.
Let ’s go.
The soldiers will send you home. ” Yu Qi said.

”Thank you, doctor. ” The three girls were happy to hear that they would be going home. 

But not for Lin Chu Jin.
She and her sister did not have someone to rely on.
Her parents had already died.
The word ’home ’ no longer existed in her mind. 

Yu Qi noticed that Lin Chu Jin did not look happy with it.
She remembered that the little girls did not have someone at their home. 

”Lin Chu Jin, do you want a place to stay? ” Yu Qi asked.

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”What? ” Lin Chu Jin turned to Yu Qi.

”Place where you can stay safe with your sister. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Of course, I want. ” Lin Chu Jin was interested.

”If you like, I will send you two to Harmony Orphanage at Sun City.
The life there is a lot better than here.
What do you think? ” Yu Qi asked.

Please send us there. ” Lin Chu Jin bowed.
For the sake of her sister, she agreed.

”Sister Chu. ” Lin Qian Jin woke up from her sleep. 

”Xiao Qian, you have woken up. ” Lin Chu Jin hugged her sister.

”Sister Chu, I ’m hungry. ” Lin Qian Jin said.

”I will bring food to you later.
You need to be patient. ” Lin Chu Jin patted Lin Qian Jin ’s head as she was her mother.
She was matured earlier unlike the girls of her age. 

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”You take care of the kids. ” Long Hui ordered Ding Guan Ye who had followed them.

”Yes, Sir. ” Ding Guan Ye saluted him.

Long Hui pulled Yu Qi.
He brought her straight back to the military compound.
He was with her within this month.
But he did not talk to her once because he did not want to disturb her work.
He just wanted to watch her work without disturbing her.
But this matter broke that.

”How do you know I ’m here? ” Yu Qi really wanted to know how Long Hui knew that she was here.

”Actually… ” Long Hui hesitated to tell her beloved Qi Qi.
He was afraid that his beloved Qi Qi would misunderstand him.

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