”What is it? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Actually I have put some transmitters on your watches. ” Long Hui said in a guilty tone.
He knew what he had done was too much.
He was breaking her privacy. 

”Transmitter? ” Yu Qi ’s eyes looked down at her watch. 

She did not know that Long Hui was doing something like that to her watches. 

”When did you do that? ” Yu Qi asked in a serious tone.

”During our night at the onsen. ” Long Hui answered with his head lowered down.
He was like a kid who had admitted that he was doing something wrong. 

Yu Qi was holding back her laughter when she saw Long Hui behaved like this. 

”Why did you do that? ” Yu Qi still asked the question in a stern tone.

”I ’m worried about your safety.
It is something that only shows your location.
I am afraid that something like this may happen again after you have been kidnapped before. ” Long Hui explained.

Yu Qi hugged Long Hui.
”Thank you. ” 

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”You are not angry, are you? ” Long Hui was stunned.

”Of course not.
I ’m an idiot if I ’m angry.
You are doing this for my safety.
I should be thankful to you. ” Yu Qi said while hugging Long Hui.

Sensing that his beloved Qi Qi did not get angry with him, Long Hui smiled. 


The next day, the military compound was exploded with the news.
The news was that the beautiful Doctor Tang was actually the handsome Colonel Long ’s girlfriend.
There were some of the male soldiers who were disappointed while some of the female soldiers were grinding their teeth, especially, Lang Jiang Ye. 

There was also the news about Doctor Tang that she had beaten up all the men and stood up beautifully.
The men were all armed with guns but all of them ended shouting that they could not feel their hands and legs and lost their mobility. 

The soldiers did not know what had happened before they had arrived there.
Because when they arrived there, all of the men were already laying down on the ground.
They also did not have time to ask Yu Qi about that since Colonel Long had already taken her with him at that time. 

Lang Jiang Ye actually could not believe that Yu Qi was Long Hui ’s girlfriend but it was happening in front of her eyes.
She remembered vividly the moment Long Hui sprinted towards Yu Qi and took her into his hug. 

Some of the female soldiers did not like Lang Jiang Ye since Lang Jiang Ye always looked down on them since they were not as beautiful as her.
They remembered that Lang Jiang Ye said that Colonel Long Hui would always smile at her.

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”I heard from someone that Colonel Long smiled at her. ” 

”Someone is dreaming.
Colonel Long actually smiled at his girlfriend, Doctor Tang who was coincidently standing behind her.
I remembered that this had once happened during the lunchtime. ”

”She id just a little bit beautiful than us.
Does she think all men will like her? ”

”Shut up.
At least, I ’m more beautiful than you. ” Lang Jiang Ye made an arrogant look.

”Beautiful or not, Colonel Long does not like you. ” 

Lang Jiang Ye was pissed off.
She was angry when she remembered that.
These women came and reminded her about that.
She wanted to beat these women.
The fight had happened. 

All of you, go running 20 km, full equipment.
Finish it within 3 hours. ” Ding Guan Ye shouted at them when she saw the fight as she entered the room. 

The women and Lang Jiang Ye stopped at once. 

”What? They begin it first. ” Lang Jiang Ye wanted to protest.

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”Do you want me to increase the distance? ” Ding Guan Ye glanced at Lang Jiang Ye.

Lang Jiang Ye bit her lips.
She had a lower rank than Ding Guan Ye.
Even she did not like Ding Guan Ye, she needed to obey Ding Guan Ye ’s order.

Long Hui called Yu Qi to discuss yesterday ’s matter.
The soldiers already interrogated the men whom they had captured.
They said that they only followed the order of their boss.
When the soldiers asked about their boss, they could not answer it. 

Long Hui wanted to ask Yu Qi whether she knew something about it.
Yu Qi asked him to bring her to see the men whom they had captured yesterday.
When Yu Qi stepped in the place where the men were held, the men shouted asking for the soldiers not to bring Yu Qi near them.

”Don ’t bring the devil here.
We have already told you everything that we knew.
Make her stay away from us. ”

The men were begging many times.

Some of the soldiers did not join the operation yesterday were dumbfounded with this situation.
’Devil? This beautiful young girl? These men must be crazy. ’

Yu Qi ignored the shouts.
She was here only for one reason.
She was looking for someone.
She was afraid that she was right.
The man who had talked to her was not here.
Meaning he had successfully escaped. 

”He is not here. ” Yu Qi said.

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”He? ” Long Hui asked.

”He is the leader.
He has talked about selling us. ” Yu Qi told him.

”The soldiers said there was nobody in the building after they searched the area. ” Long Hui frowned. 

”As for the men captured, I think they are being brainwashed. ” Yu Qi made the assumption.

”Brainwashed? ” Long Hui frowned more.
The matter seemed to be more complicated than usual.

You have told me that they could not tell about their boss, right? ” 

They could not seem to remember their boss. ” 

”That is why I guess they have been brainwashed.
But well, I ’m not an expert in this.
You need to ask some expert in this area. ” Yu Qi said.

There were some of the high-ranking soldiers in this military compound who were looking at the couple.
Colonel Long ’s girlfriend was not a simple girl.
It was something that could conclude after this.

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