Yu Qi chuckled.
”I ’m attracting bees? Then, you are the bee that attracts the flowers. ” 

Yu Qi also saw that someone was approaching them.
That person brought her food tray too.
She then stopped at the chair beside Yu Qi.
She already planned to eat together with the couple.

”Miss Tang, can I sit here? It is boring to eat alone. ” Without waiting for Yu Qi ’s answer, she took the seat.

Yu Qi rolled her eyes.
’Why are you asking if you will.
just sit here without my permission? ’ 

That person was Lang Jiang Ye.
She shamelessly sat beside Yu Qi.
She did not wait for Yu Qi ’s answer because once she took the seat, it would be awkward for Yu Qi to reject her.

”Why do you bother to ask then? ” Yu Qi said while looking at Lang Jiang Ye.

The situation did become awkward, however not for Yu Qi but her.
She had a sweet smile but when she heard Yu Qi ’s statement, her smile became strained.
She never thought Yu Qi would say something like that. 

Yu Qi was not a hypocrite.
If she did not like something or someone, she would state it clearly. 

Long Hui did not even turn to Lang Jiang Ye to look.
He became a little bit angry because his precious time together with his beloved Qi Qi had been disturbed by this woman.
He already knew this woman ’s motive.

”Qi Qi, do you have time this Saturday? ” Long Hui inquired.

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Yu Qi glanced once at Lang Jiang Ye.
That woman was paying attention to Long Hui.
Yu Qi made a mischievous smile.

”Of course, I have time for you. ” Yu Qi answered.

Long Hui saw that smile.
”Okay, then, let ’s go outside this weekend.
Wait for me at gate one at 11 a.m. ’ ’ Long Hui planned their date.

”I know a place which is very nice here, I can show you around. ” Lang Jiang Ye tried to pull Long Hui ’s attention.

However, Long Hui did not feel much about other women than his beloved Qi Qi.
Since he already knew that this kind of women just wanted to get close to him.
So he ignored her directly.

Even Yu Qi did not follow up.
The two of them completely ignored her.
They continued to talk and flirt to each other giving a lot of dog food to others, especially the one who has shamelessly sat with them.
Then they left leaving Lang Jiang Ye with unfinished food.
Lang Jiang Ye did not manage to finish her food since she already lost appetite hearing those two flirted each other.

This situation was seen by those who did not like Lang Jiang Ye.
When they wanted to leave the canteen, they walked nearby Lang Jiang Ye.

”It is embarrassing to look.
Why do you need to disturb the couple? Everyone knows that the two of them are dating. ” One of the female soldiers said when they were near Lang Jiang Ye.
She wanted Lang Jiang Ye to hear that sentence.

”She is just a little beautiful than us.
Does she think Colonel is blind? Humph, let ’s go. ” The other female soldier snorted.

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Lang Jiang Ye clenched her fists and tried to hold back her anger. 

”You are planning something, aren ’t you? ” Long Hui chuckled.

”What are you talking about? ” Yu Qi tried to pretend.

”I have already seen your smile earlier. ” Long Hui said.

”Brother Hui really knows me well. ” Yu Qi let out a small laugh.
”You know, I think she will definitely try to follow us when will go outside this time.
So… ” 

”So, let ’s go earlier than the time that we have mentioned just now. ” Long Hui finished Yu Qi ’s sentence.

Yu Qi laughed.
”Brother Hui really thinks the same thing as me. ” 

”Of course, I know. ” Long Hui walked Yu Qi to the medical station.

”But earlier, when I ’m new here, why haven ’t you come and talked to me? ” Yu Qi said since she did not understand.

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”At first, I have just wanted to guard you without disturbing.
But that accident has blown up my senses.
So, it is better to stay closer to you. ” Long Hui explained.

”Oh, I see. ” 


As Yu Qi planned, they went out earlier than the time that Long Hui had mentioned.
They went out two hours earlier. 

As for Lang Jiang Ye, she went to the gate one, waiting for the couple to appear.
However, the people whom she had waited for did not show up.
The sun was already up to her head.
She could feel that she was sweating.
Her sweat had already covered her back. 

Because she had already waited for so long, she decided to talk to the guard soldier who took care of the gate one. 

”Brother, have you seen Colonel Long? ” Lang Jiang Ye used a very soft tone to talk to the guard soldier.

”Huh? We have not seen him.
If Colonel Long wants to go outside, he will not use this gate.
He will use gate three since the gate three will allow the vehicles to pass by. ” The guard soldier explained.

”What? How can? ” Lang Jiang Ye was dumbfounded.
This meant that they could have already left the military compound. 

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Lang Jiang Ye grinded her teeth.
She was very angry.
That Tang Yu Qi played with her.
’That woman said they would be here at 11 a.m.
But actually, she played with me. ’ 

Lang Jiang Ye actually forgot that the one who set the timing was Long Hui.
However, since she liked Long Hui, she did not want to blame him.
So, she switched the blame to Yu Qi. 

Without saying anything to the guard soldier, Lang Jiang Ye left.
The guard soldier was stupefied.

”What are you doing, dozing off? ” His partner was coming back from the toilet. 

”A girl came to ask whether I had seen Colonel Long going out or not? So, I explained to her that if Colonel Long wanted to leave the military compound, he would be using gate three.
Then the girl left. ” He said.

”Is that girl Doctor Tang? ” His partner asked.

”No, I know Doctor Tang.
She is indeed a goddess.
But this girl, well do have a look. ” He grinned.

”Oh, so she will be Lang Jiang Ye. ” His partner guessed.
”That girl is probably trying to get Colonel Long ’s attention.
But our Colonel Long ’s eyes have already locked on Doctor Tang. ” 

”Oh, how do you know that the girl is trying to get Colonel Long ’s attention? ” He asked.

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”I just happen to sit nearby the couple.
Then that girl came and shamelessly sat beside Doctor Tang.
She tried many times to talk with Colonel Long but she was just ignored by Colonel Long. ” His partner gossiped.

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