Kim Hai Yu glared angrily at the two guards who were blocking her from entering the greenhouse.
She would have to wait for her cousin to come out since her cousin started to avoid her a few months ago.
She wanted to talk with him but he did not even let her get near him anymore.

Her cousin had started to avoid her after she asked him a few questions about Long Hui.
However, she was not an idiot and she did not make her questions so obvious.
She did talk about Yu Qi at the beginning and she slowly went to the topic of Long Hui.

From what she could see, Long Hui was from a rich family and that was why she was trying so hard to get to know him.
He was her ticket to a luxurious lifestyle.
However, her family thought differently.
Her mother especially wanted her to get married to her cousin.

How could she accept that? Yin Wen Ding was just a lowly worker at this greenhouse.
How he could be compared with Long Hui? The purpose of her wanting to meet Yin Wen Ding was because she wanted to talk with him about their marriage that her family wanted to happen.
She wanted to tell Yin Wen Ding that she had no plans to get married to him and wanted him to reject the proposal if her family insist that they marry.

However, she did not know the latter did not even want to get married to her at all, simply because Yin Wen Ding hated the kind of woman she was.


Yu Qi entered the greenhouse and the employees that saw her, greeted her with great respect.
She replied to them as she walked towards the office.
Song Tao was inside, seemingly waiting for her.

”Brother Tao. ” Yu Qi called while knocking the door that he had left open.

”Miss Yu Qi. ” Song Tao stood up.

”How our greenhouse doing? ” Yu Qi inquired.

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”Business is booming and we have started to get orders from many different places. ” Song Tao answered.

”Good. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Yesterday, Brother Yu Hi came and gave us a new list of orders. ” Song Tao reported.

”Oh, I need to see him later.
You can continue your work, I will take a walk around. ” Yu Qi said as she left the office.

Yu Qi went straight to the vegetable section.
Yu Qi could see that her employees were tending to the vegetable very carefully.
Yin Wen Ding was currently instructing his juniors on how to do something properly.

”Brother Wen Ding. ” Yu Qi called him after he finished giving his instructions.

”Miss Yu Qi, ” Yin Wen Ding greeted Yu Qi.

”I saw your cousin outside. ” Yu Qi told Yin Wen Ding.

Yin Wen Ding frowned upon hearing about the matter.
That girl was still lurking around to get information from him although he had already told her that he knew nothing.

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”I ’m sorry, Miss Yu Qi, ” Yin Wen Ding sighed.

”Why are you apologize to me? ” Yu Qi really did not know that reason why Yin Wen Ding asking for her forgiveness.

”That girl wanted to know about your boyfriend. ” Yin Wen Ding told Yu Qi.

”Oh, she still has not given up on that? ” Yu Qi just smiled.

Yin Wen Ding looked at Yu Qi.
”Miss Yu Qi are you not worried about that? ” He asked.

”My boyfriend is not a normal man, he is different.
I believed in him, ” Yu Qi smiled.


”Brother Yin, you finally come out. ” Kim Hai Yu ran to Yin Wen Ding when she saw that Yin Wen Ding came out from the greenhouse.

Yin Wen Ding frowned.
”What are you doing here? ”

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”I want to meet and have a talk with you. ” Kim Hai Yu said while grabbing Yin Wen Ding ’s hand.

”I have nothing to talk to you about, ” Yin Wen Ding said as pulled his arm away.

”Brother Yin. ” Kim Hai Yu shouted.

Some of the other employees that came out from the greenhouse watched two of them.
Yin Wen Ding did not like to have this kind of attention so he quickly walked away from the place.
Kim Hai Yu followed him.

”Brother Yin, we need to talk. ” Kim Hai Yu pestered Yin Wen Ding again.

”What are you want to talk about? ” Yin Wen Ding stopped his track and faced Kim Hai Yu.

”Brother Yin, how about we go to that shop? ” Kim Hai Yu pointed to a shop selling dessert and tea.
She was actually quite hungry as she did not get any food for lunch since she was waiting for Yin Wen Ding to come out from the greenhouse.
She was afraid if she did not wait for him in front of the greenhouse, she might miss him.
So, she wanted to get some food from Yin Wen Ding.

”No, I don ’t have any free time.
If you want to talk, then let ’s talk here. ” Yin Wen Ding insisted that the two of them talk there.
He did not want to waste his time with Kim Hai Yu.
He knew if they went to that shop, he would be losing his money by buying things for Kim Hai Yu.
He did not want to waste his money for that reason alone.

Kim Hai Yu pouted.
She just wanted to eat the delicious cake in that shop.
”Brother Yin, my mother asking you to marry me.
I… ”

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”I don ’t want. ” Yin Wen Ding rejected it before Kim Hai Yu completed her sentence.

Kim Hai Yu was stunned.
Yeah, she actually wanted Yin Wen Ding to reject the marriage, however, she never thought that he would reject it even before she brought it up.

”What? Why are you rejecting me? ” Kim Hai Yu demanded, her hands on her h.i.p.s.

Kim Hai Yu wanted to know the reason.
She was a fine lady and her family background was not bad.
Yin Wen Ding was already aware of all these factors, so why did he reject her so quickly?

”I don ’t like your behaviour or your manners.
Do you think that every man would like you just like that? ” Yin Wen Ding pointed out his dislikes towards Kim Hai Yu.

Yin Wen Ding walked away from that place leaving Kim Hai Yu just standing there processing, Yin Wen Ding ’s words.

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