”This is my last warning.
Move. ” Yu Qi ’s eyes narrowed.

”Sister in…. ” Suddenly Ren Qian Yi could not move.

”I have already given you my warning.
You will be able to move soon. ” Yu Qi left. 

Yu Qi went to a place where there was no one around.
She entered the space. 

”Aoi, come.
I have a mission for you. ” Yu Qi said.

”I know.
You want to find that man, right? Let ’s go. ” Aoi already knew his master ’s plan.

Yu Qi brought Aoi out of the space.
Yu Qi went outside using the gate one.
She was running very fast even the guard soldiers did not manage to stop her.
They were calling for her to stop but she did not even look behind.

”That is Doctor Tang, right? ” One of the guard soldiers asked.

”Yeah, why is she in a hurry? ” His comrade asked.

”Who knows? ” 

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Yu Qi increased her speed and ran following Aoi.
Right now, the normal human would not be able to see her.
Aoi led her into the forest.
The forest was known as the border between two nations.

Aoi stopped.
Following Aoi, Yu Qi also stopped. 

”Master, can you feel the energy around here? ” Aoi asked.

Yu Qi closed her eyes.
She wanted to concentrate to detect the energy.
Turned out that there was a lot of people in front of her about 500 metres away from her.
She enhanced her hearing.

”Look at this.
The youngest colonel in history is about to walk into the Hades Gates. ” 

Yu Qi could tell there was a mocking tone in that speech.
She did not recognize the voice.

”Do you think I ’m scared? ” 

When Yu Qi heard this voice that had responded, her eyes lifted up.
She knew that voice.
She was very sure that the voice belonged to her man.
However, the voice was a little weak. 

”Well, then, I will send you off.
Wait, I will give this honour to your man.
Wang Xi, come and kill your colonel. ” 

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’What? Kill? ’ Without waiting for any longer, Yu Qi rushed to the place.
When she had arrived there, she could see that there were a lot of people who had surrounded a weak Long Hui leaning on a tree.
His body looked very bloody.
His face was very pale.

Yu Qi approached Long Hui, ignoring all the people around. 

”Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi looked at his wounds.
’Oh, My God.
There are a lot of gunshots on his body. ’

How… ” Long Hui could not finish his speech since he was very shocked to see his beloved Qi Qi in front of him right now.
He also thought that he might be having illusions since he might die soon. 

”Brother Hui, don ’t worry.
It will be fine. ” Yu Qi gave a gentle smile.
She waved her hand which indicated something. 

”Oh, what do we have here? ” There was the same voice that Yu Qi had heard earlier. 

Yu Qi turned to face the people around.
The people were stunned as they saw an extremely beautiful girl in front of them.

”Oh, beauty.
Where have you come from? ” 

Yu Qi could see the man who had talked to her.
It was a tall man with a handsome look.
But compared to Long Hui and Qin Xia, he lost. 

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”Are you the one who has made my man look like this? ” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.
She was already ready to kill.
She was super mad.
Her man was injured like that. 

”What do you think you can do if I say I ’m the one? ” The man with a handsome look said.

”You have said that you will send him to the Hades Gate, right, but now the one who will fully enter the Hades Gate will be you. ” Finishing her sentences, Yu Qi used her speed and appeared in front of the man and stabbed him straight into his heart.

The man was very shocked as he lost his strength when the girl pulled her dagger out.
He slowly fell onto the ground.
He could not believe that in the end, he lost his life to a girl like this.

Yu Qi did not even blink her eyes when she killed a man.
She gave off a cold and terrifying smile when she saw the look at the man ’s face.

”What are you all doing? Kill this wretched girl. ”

With this, the people had brought out their guns and aimed at the girl. 

”Aoi, help me kill them. ” Yu Qi ordered.

The people were shocked as they looked around searching for the girl ’s partner.
But nothing was found.
Suddenly, a scream could be heard.
Their fellow had fallen onto the ground with his missing neck flesh.

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Aoi spitted out the flesh that he bit off.
The taste was not so good.
He thought if his master would cook the meat, it would be awesome. 

’Aoi, don ’t even think about that. ’ Yu Qi responded through the telepathy. 

Somehow Aoi let Yu Qi knew his thoughts.

’Okay, Master.
I prefer Master ’s food more. ’ Aoi grinned.

The people were stunned as the dog grinned. 

”Kill them. ” 

The battle happened.
Yu Qi and Aoi fought against the men.
Yu Qi took the guns belonged to the dead person and used it.
She basically let her anger out.
When she thought about the wounds on Long Hui ’s body, she shot two to three bullets on one person. 

As for Aoi, he completely played with the men.
He tore off one or other part of their bodies.
The men continuously screamed as one of their body parts were being torn off.
Aoi was having fun. 

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