Yu Qi finished dealing with those men about one hour later.
Yu Qi remembered that Long Hui was badly injured so she wanted to settle it faster, but turned out the men were very good.
With Aoi ’s help, she had managed to finish them up.

”Master, this man seems to be their leader.
However, he is about to leave this place.
So, I will catch him. ” Aoi talked to Yu Qi without telepathy.

Yu Qi looked at Aoi.
”Aoi, you can not talk normally without telepathy. ”

”Oh, I forget, ” Aoi said.

However, Yu Qi did not mind since all of them would be killed after this.

The man was very startled as he heard the dog talking in human language.

”We are going to question him so, don ’t kill him yet. ” Yu Qi glanced at the man.

”I understand, Master. ” Aoi nodded.

His master probably wanted to know about this group ’s identity.
So, she needed this man to extract some information. 

The man no longer had the scared look on his face and he was smiling.

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”This world does have some strange things.
You are the proof. ” The moment he had finished the sentence, he bit something inside his mouth.
Suddenly some white bubbles were formed in his mouth. 

Yu Qi quickly grabbed his face.
However, it was too late.
The man had already died.
He bit some poison inside his mouth.
This man had accepted death instead of giving some information. 

Yu Qi wondered who was the person behind this man. 

Putting this matter behind, Yu Qi quickly approached Long Hui.
Long Hui had already lost his consciousness. 

”Aoi, let ’s go in. ” Yu Qi said.

Yu Qi grabbed Aoi and brought them into space.

When they all had entered the space, Yu Qi quickly went to the pagoda where the hospital was.
She needed to do an operation on Long Hui right now.
Yu Qi asked for the theatre.
The operation theatre had already been prepared for her.

She knew that this surgery would be very tiring since she did not have an assistant to help her.
Everything depended on her. 

Long Hui received about 15 gunshots on his body.
Those were not in fatal areas.
That group wanted to torture Long Hui before sending him to the door of death.
Yu Qi grinded her teeth as she thought about it.
Both of her hands worked very fast to tackle those wounds. 

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The process included bullet removal and sewing the wounds.
She also did the blood transfusion since Long Hui had already lost so much of his blood due to the bullet wounds. 

Bo Ya and Aoi stood nearby, in case their master needed something, they would be her helper.
Yu Qi spent about 5 hours to treat Long Hui. 

After completing the surgery, Yu Qi could barely stand up.
Her legs felt very weak.
She managed to walk away from the room. 

”I will go to rest first.
Bo Ya, Aoi, please take care of him.
If something unusual happens, please call me, okay? ” Yu Qi said in a weak voice.

”Master, you don ’t need to worry about that.
We will take care of him. ” Bo Ya nodded.

”Yes, master.
You can focus on resting. ” Aoi added.

Yu Qi went to her room.
She took a bath.
She did not want to rest with the smell of blood.
After that, she climbed her bed.
Once she put her head on the pillow, she started to relax and dozed off, as she finally fell in deep slumber. 

The two little cuties stood together looking at the man who laid down on the bed.
They already promised their master to take care of the man so they wanted to do it nicely.

”This is the first time Master bring in someone into her space. ” Bo Ya commented.

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”To think about that, it is true.
It is the first time. ” Aoi said. 

”Yeah, he is the man that Master love so much. ”

”I hope he would not turn out to be the man who would snatch things from Master. ” Bo Ya said.

”I think he is good for our master. ” Aoi did not like this man but he treated his master like she was a precious treasure to him. 

Bo Ya did not comment anything about that.
He was living longer than his current master and Aoi.
He knew a lot of humans back there. Once upon a time, even though he did not remember anything about his previous masters but he did remember when one of his previous masters had brought in the person whom he had loved. 

At first, the person was very shocked when seeing this space.
She could not seem to believe that something like this existed in the world.
Later, she turned greedy.
She asked his previous master to give this space to her as proof that he loved her.

However, his previous master rejected her.
Being rejected by his previous master, she told everyone about the space.
This made his previous master become a target of everyone.
They wanted to enter the space.
His previous master turned into a refugee. 

His previous master ran, escaping those people who were greedy about his space.
Whenever he went, those people could easily found him.
Turned out, the person that he had loved before played some trick to make those people able to track him. 

His previous master had been caught by those people.
In order to protect Bo Ya and space, he had forcibly broken the contract between himself and space.
Bo Ya was crying to see the scene.
Bo Ya knew that the price to forcibly break the contract was very bad. 

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His previous master would turn into a stupid man.
He knew that would happen since Bo Ya told him once.
But he would not allow those people to use Bo Ya and the space for something bad.
So, he had broken the contract.
After that, Bo Ya lost track of his previous master.

Bo Ya knew that his previous master had already been killed by those people.
Those people did not spare his previous master since he was already useless.
That was why he did not believe other humans expect the owner of the space. 

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