After Yu Qi woke up, she went to see Long Hui.
Long Hui was still unconscious.
Her two little cuties turned over when she had stepped into the room. 

”Master. ” The two of them ran to her.

”You must be tired of watching over him last night.
I will cook something for you.
Just wait, okay.
I will call you after the food is ready. ” Yu Qi smiled at her two little cuties.

”Okay, Master. ” The two little cuties responded simultaneously. 

The food was still a good reward for both of them since they were food lovers.

Yu Qi went to the kitchen.
She decided to cook sweet and sour beef, crispy and spicy fish and chicken porridge.
After two hours of cooking, the dish was ready.
She called the two little cuties over.
As soon as they heard that the food was ready, they ran over to the kitchen and pounced on the food.

Yu Qi smiled seeing this scene.
She walked over to the room where she had left Long Hui.
After a good rest, she had already got the energy.
Yesterday, after fighting with a group of men, she also used her energy to operate Long Hui making her body became very weak. 

Yu Qi looked at Long Hui who was in a deep sleep.
She checked his condition.
Nothing was wrong with him.
She took a relief breath.
He was in a stable condition.
She just needed to wait for him to wake up.

Yu Qi bet that he would be very surprised when he woke up later.
He would be wondering what and where this place was.
Since she had brought him in here, she would explain about this space. 

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The three days passed for the outside world.
Long Hui was still unconscious.
The three of them took turns to take care of Long Hui.
Yu Qi did not get out of her space during that time. 

As for the people in the military compound, they were having a hard time.
Long Hui and Yu Qi were missing for three days.
Ren Qian Yi had brought people to go and find them at the place where the battle had taken place but the two of them were not there.
Only the things left there was the body.
Well, not body but bodies.

There was a lot of human bodies left.
They were brutally killed.
Some of them had their flesh bit off, at the neck, the legs and every part of the body.
The scene was very disturbing.
Some of the soldiers could not hold back and vomit. 

All of the bodies belonged to the group that had fought with Long Hui ’s soldier.
There was no sign of Long Hui and Yu Qi.
Ren Qian Yi expanded the search area and found the captain and some of their soldiers.
But they had also been murdered.
They were shot multiple times. 

As for the spy, Ren Qian Yi already knew who was him.
It was Wang Xi, one of the soldiers at the military compound.
His body was found among dead men.
He was wearing the same uniform as their group.
The reason why Wang Xi had betrayed them was still unclear.

His comrades did think that he was acting very weird lately.
They asked him about it.
But Wang Xi had just dodged the question by saying that it was nothing. 

Ren Qian Yi asked the soldiers to bring all of their comrades ’ bodies to the military compound for the proper burial.
Ren Qian Yi called all the families of the deceased and gave them a proper explanation.
He also asked the soldiers to bring back Wang Xi ’s body. 

All of the deceased ’s families were indeed sad but they were also proud when they knew that their family members had died while protecting their nation. 

As for Wang Xi, Ren Qian Yi and two of the military officers went to his family ’s house.
His family members seemed to be surprised by the sudden visit.
Ren Qian Yi explained the situation to them.
Wang Xi ’s mother fainted on the spot as Ren Qian Yi told them about Wang Xi ’s betrayal.

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Meanwhile, Wang Xi ’s father seemed to know something.
He told Ren Qian Yi about the strangeness of his son ’s behaviour during three months ago.
He told that his son seemed to toe restless about something.

When he asked his son about it, his son just said it was nothing.
Now Ren Qian Yi came and told him, he finally understood the strange behaviour of his son.
He could not be angry with the military since his son was on the wrong side.
He was also a retired soldier.
So, he understood this matter very clearly. 

Ren Qian Yi gave Wang Xi ’s body to his family.
Wang Xi ’s father thanked Ren Qian Yi for bringing his son ’s body back for a proper burial.
Even if he was a betrayer of this nation, Wang Xi was still his son.
He would bury him. 

As for Long Hui and Yu Qi ’s matter, Ren Qian Yi was still clueless about it.
He did not found Long Hui and Yu Qi after long searching.
He knew that Yu Qi had gone to find Long Hui on that day.
Because the guard soldier at that time told that they indeed saw Yu Qi had gone out as she disappeared from their sight while running.
At that moment, the guard soldier did not stop her because they thought that she wanted to get the medical supply because there were a lot of their comrades who were injured that day. 

Ren Qian Yi pinched his forehead.
The news about their missing could not be covered forever.
He might need to inform the military about this. 

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