Long Hui rested on the bed for two more days before he got off from the bed.
Yu Qi allowed Long Hui to get off from his bed after checking his body.
His wounds had healed nicely even though it was not completely healed. 

When Long Hui stepped out from the pagoda, he was speechless.
’What is this place? ’ In front of him, there was a beautiful scene.
A clear sky, a large lake and the greenish mountain.
Behind him, from where the place he had gotten out was a large pagoda.

And the dog and the boy were playing together.
The dog was talking in human language.
Even though he already knew about that but still he could not help to feel amused. 

”Brother Hui, let ’s go sit at the pavilion. ” Yu Qi pulled Long Hui ’s hand and walked towards the pavilion. 

Long Hui just followed his beloved Qi Qi.
The two of them sat on the chair.
The breeze felt very nice. 

”Brother Hui, you must be wondering where and what is this place, right? ” Yu Qi smiled.

It feels different here. ” Long Hui nodded. 

”It is my space. ” Yu Qi started to explain.

”Your space? What do you mean by that? ” Long Hui did not understand? 

”How can I explain to you in a simple way? ” Yu Qi played with her chin.
”This place is separate from the real world.
You can only enter this space with my permission. ” 

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Long Hui showed some confusion on his face.
He did not quite understand what Yu Qi had meant by this. 

Seeing this, Yu Qi stood up.
”Let ’s go.
I will show it to you. ” 

Yu Qi grabbed Long Hui ’s hand.
She closed her eyes.
”Brother Hui, you should close your eyes in case you feel dizzy. ” 

Listening to his beloved Qi Qi, Long Hui closed his eyes.
He did not feel anything at all.

”Okay, Brother Hui.
You can open your eyes now. ” Yu Qi said.

Long Hui closed his eyes.
Then he opened them widely, feeling shocked with what he was seeing in front of him.
In front of him was the place where he had fought with those men.
How did they end up here? He was pretty sure that he was not moving at all just now.

”You see, I have met you and entered the space here.
So, when we will get out of my space, we will be here.
If I enter my space from your room, when I want to get out of the space, I will be in your room. ” Yu Qi explained.
It was a simple explanation.
But she was hoping that Long Hui would understand it.

”Let ’s enter space first. ” Yu Qi once again grabbed Long Hui ’s hand.
”Close your eyes. ’ ’

With a blink, they were already inside the space. 

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We are already inside my space.
Like I have said before, to enter this space, you will need my permission. ” 

”So, what is this space actually? ” Long Hui asked.

”Well, I had been told by Bo Ya that this space was actually formed by a cultivator thousand years ago.
It was a place where someone could learn all kinds of knowledge that existed.
Even though it had formed thousands of years ago but it still had the latest knowledge of the current world.
Like it would be updated. ” Yu Qi also thought it was a little bit weird but it was indeed helping her. 

”It is indeed an interesting place. ” Long Hui looked around. 

He looked up to the sky.
It was not much difference compared to the outside sky but the feeling was pretty different.
Like its air.
The air was much refreshing. 

”One more thing, the time flows differently compare to the outside world.
It is three times faster than outside.
For example, one day outside equals to three days inside. ” Yu Qi told Long Hui.

”Oh, you will have more time to do your work if you stay in this space. ” Long Hui nodded.

”How this space ended into your hand? ” Long Hui threw a question.

”I actually don ’t know about it.
It suddenly has appeared.
Bo Ya said this space has selected me as its owner.
For what reason, I don ’t know. ” Yu Qi also did not know the reason. 

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She did ask Bo Ya about that.
Even he did not know the reason.
It was that space itself chose her as its owner. 

”Master, look.
I have made this. ” Aoi brought the origami that had a ’love ’ shape. 

”Oh, it is nice. ” Yu Qi praised him.

”It is for you, ” Aoi asked Yu Qi to take it.

Long Hui stared at Aoi.
Sensing the man was staring at him, Aoi quickly escaped from there. 

”Tell me, why does that dog can talk? ” Long Hui was curious about that too.

”Aoi is not a normal dog.
It is a beast.
A beast can think and understand human ’s language.
He was found here in the space.
I like dogs so I have kept him as a pet.
Suddenly he has bitten my hand and entered the blood contract with me. ” Yu Qi was kind of happy when she reminisced the memories of her first meeting with Aoi. 

”Blood contract? ” Long Hui did not like those words.

”It is a contract, well, how can I explain to you…
I ’m his master.
If I die, he will die too.
Basically, he is my bodyguard. ” Yu Qi nodded to her explanation too. 

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She could not describe this blood contract correctly.
Well, it was because she just thought that Aoi was her cute little pet even though he was growing up right now. 

Long Hui nodded, understanding his beloved Qi Qi ’s explanation.
”Then, how about that boy? ”Long Hui pointed to Bo Ya who was currently playing with Aoi.

Yu Qi looked at Bo Ya.
”What I know about Bo Ya, he is the guardian of this space.
It exists along with this space.
He knows everything about this space.
He is the one who has told me everything about this space.
And this space has the previous owners.
For some reason, Bo Ya told me that he only remembers a little bit of his previous owners.
Like something has sealed his memories. ” Yu Qi told Long Hui about Bo Ya.

Long Hui was shocked hearing about Bo Ya.
Turned out the person whom he had considered a brat was actually much older than him.

”Well, he is my cute guardian. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Her two little cuties really completed her life.
If the two of them were not here with her, she did not think that she would be someone like right now.
Bo Ya and Aoi really helped her a lot.

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