All eyes were on Lang Jiang Ye.
They displayed a bad face to Lang Jiang Ye.
They all knew about Lang Jiang Ye ’s love towards Long Hui.
When Long Hui and Yu Qi had gone missing, she indeed joined the search team but her main focus was to only find Long Hui.
As for Yu Qi, she thought that it would be better if she would die.

They knew that Lang Jiang Ye would make things difficult to Yu Qi.
Involved with the enemy was the worst doubt that could happen on someone ’s character. 

Yu Qi was very calm.
She did not show any kind of expression when Lang Jiang Ye was trying to find a fault in her.

”No, why do you think like that? ” Yu Qi threw a question. 

”The soldiers found the remaining bodies of the enemy.
They were brutally killed.
Did you kill them since you were afraid that Colonel Long would find out about that? ” Lang Jiang Ye accused Yu Qi.

”Lang Jiang Ye, don ’t go too far. ” A soldier came and protected Yu Qi.
She did not like to hear what Lang Jiang Ye had talked about Yu Qi. 

”What? She should be interrogated in case she is related to those men. ” Lang Jiang Ye shouted for justice.

Suddenly everyone heard Yu Qi chuckled by herself.
Now all the eyes were on Yu Qi. 

”What you have said is indeed interesting.
Then, tell me what is the reason I ’m doing so? ” Yu Qi asked.

Lang Jiang Ye frowned.
Of course, she did not know.

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”It is only two months since I have been here.
I do not even know them and their existence until last time.
And for what reason will I work together with them? ” Yu Qi gave off a smile to Lang Jiang Ye.

Lang Jiang Ye suddenly shivered when she watched smiled that Yu Qi had given her.
It was a smile but not exactly a smile. 

”Probably you want to go to their country. ” Lang Jiang Ye gave a stupid reason.

Ding Na An chuckled.
Lang Jiang Ye looked at Ding Guan Ye ’s younger sister.

”Why have you laughed? ” Lang Jiang Ye asked angrily.

”Do you know about Yu Qi ’s identity? ” 

The question from Ding Na An had made people wonder about Yu Qi. 

”Humph! What ’s about it? ” Lang Jiang Ye scoffed?

”She is the granddaughter of the legendary doctor who is very famous among the doctors in the world.
If she wants to go to the other country, she just needs to go there without involving the people whom you have mentioned. ” It was the first time that Ding Na An showed off like this. 

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Lang Jiang Ye ’s expression turned bad.
She did not succeed in making Yu Qi looked bad in front of others.

”Yu Qi, can you tell me during that time, we had searched for you in the cave but we did not get anything?. ” Ding Guan Ye asked.

”The cave is very big.
And it had many spaces.
Probably you had missed some spaces. ” Yu Qi explained. 

”Yeah, probably. ” Ding Guan Ye wanted to drop the topic.
”Well, since Yu Qi has just returned, you can take a rest first.
You are probably tired. ”

Ding Guan Ye turned to others.
”Let ’s leave.
Yu Qi needs some rest. ”

The others left the room.
Only Yu Qi and Ding Na An were left in the room.

”Well, then Yu Qi.
You can rest first.
I will go to the medical station. ” Ding Na An also left the room.

Long Hui had completely recovered.
He was in the space with Yu Qi.
He wanted to know more about Yu Qi ’s space.
So, they set the time to meet.
They already met at the area that the soldiers rarely used since they wanted to enter the space.

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”Let me show you the greatness of this space. ” Yu Qi said.
She was excited to show Long Hui this space.

The two of them walked.
At Yu Qi ’s feet, the two little cuties, Bo Ya and Aoi followed her.
They walked in the pagoda.
They stopped at a machine.
Long Hui looked at the machine.

”Mary, I want to go to the training room. ” Yu Qi talked to the machine.

Long Hui thought his beloved Qi Qi was feeling sick since she talked to the machine.
Suddenly the screen on the machine turned on and a figure of a girl had appeared.

”Alright, Master.
You can ride the lift now. ” Mary said in a robotic manner.

The door of the lift had opened up.
Yu Qi pulled Long Hui to ride the lift.
The two little cuties did not leave.

”You have told that this space has been created thousands of years ago, right? ” Long Hui could not help but wonder about it.
He meant by the lift.

”That is something that I also do not know about it.
This space seems to have the ability to update itself. ” Yu Qi answered.

”I see. ”

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Suddenly the lift stopped.
The door opened.
Long Hui was stunned with what he had seen in front of him right now.
In front of him was a place which looked like another world in the pagoda. 

”This is inside the pagoda, right? ” Long Hui asked again.

Yu Qi chuckled.
”Welcome to the training room.
Let ’s go.
I will show you around. ”

They walked into the building. 

”We have a lot of things here.
A gym, an arena, and also a shooting ground. ” Yu Qi grinned.

”A shooting ground? ” Long Hui was stunned once again.

”Come, let me show you something. ” 

Yu Qi brought Long Hui somewhere.
Yu Qi bet Long Hui would be surprised with what he was about to see.

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