”What is this? ” Once again, Long Hui had been waved with a stunning feeling. 

The moment they had walked into a room, Long Hui stopped in his steps because of what he had seen.
It was full of all type of guns.
There were some of the guns that he could not recognise. 

”It is my gun ’s room.
There are a hundred or thousand types of guns that you can find here. ” Yu Qi grinned while she watched a shocked expression on Long Hui ’s face.

”You mean the real guns? ” 

”Of course.
Remember when you saw me with a gun inside the forest at Shiwa Town? ” Yu Qi giggled.

”You mean that gun came from this room? ” Long Hui remembered there was something like that had happened when he first time met with his beloved Qi Qi. 

I have been training a lot with the guns in this room.
Probably there are some guns which even I have not tried. ” Yu Qi said proudly. 

Long Hui smiled when he heard about his beloved Qi Qi bragging about it.
No wonder his beloved Qi Qi was familiar enough with the guns.
She had seen many types of guns.
Even he did not see this many. 

”Brother Hui, let ’s compete with each other. ” Yu Qi suggested.

”Compete? You mean in shooting? ” Long Hui smiled.

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Let ’s see who is better between us. ” Yu Qi raised her eyebrow.

Long Hui saw it and felt that his beloved Qi Qi was seducing him. 

”We can compete in a different area too. ” Long Hui gave a devilish smile.

”Which area? ” Yu Qi confused.

”Well…. ” Long Hui approached Yu Qi and get closer to her ear.
Then he whispered, ”We can compete with our stamina in the bed. ”

Yu Qi instantly turned red when she heard the sweet whisper followed by a quick kiss on her left ear.
She jumped aside and put a distance between herself and Long Hui. 

Long Hui smirked as he saw his beloved Qi Qi jumped over as a rabbit jumped in surprise. 

”You!!! ” That was the only word Yu Qi managed to say to Long Hui.
’This man has really upgraded his skill in flirting. ’ 


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Long Hui met with his beloved Qi Qi every single day after that.
He spent about two to three hours meeting with his beloved Qi Qi.
It was the time of the outside world.
Meaning mostly he spent about six to nine hours with his beloved Qi Qi in the space. 

He explored all the inches inside the space.
The more he knew about the space, the more he felt amazing about the space.
As his beloved Qi Qi said, this space indeed helped very much.
The knowledge in the space was very good and had a large amount of it.

Recently, he found some martial arts that he thought were good for him.
His beloved Qi Qi told him that he could use the manual of the martial arts if he wanted too.
He was delighted to hear that.
So, he spent more of his time learning about those manuals. 

However, Long Hui did not forget to flirt with his beloved Qi Qi.
It was fun to see his beloved Qi Qi turn red due to his flirting. 

As for Bo Ya and Aoi, Long Hui did talk with Aoi much.
The dog indeed disliked him when his master was with him because the dog was jealous.
As for Bo Ya, the boy did not talk much to him.

However, Long Hui did feel that the boy was staring, well more like observing him.
The boy did not seem to like his presence inside the space.
But the boy did not mention anything about his presence to his beloved Qi Qi.
Meaning the boy could tolerate his presence. 

Two weeks later, Long Hui could feel some difference in his body.
His breath became more stable, his powerful sense had increased, his sight became more clear and there was a lot of the benefits which he had gotten from one of the martial arts ’ manuals which he had practised. 

”You have changed after practising the manual. ” His beloved Qi Qi said.

”Changed? Like what? ” Long Hui ’s flashed glint of happiness when his beloved Qi Qi praised him.

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”Your breath has become more stable and your body has become much stronger.
You can feel it right? ” Yu Qi analysed as she looked at Long Hui from up and to down. 

Long Hui saw a serious Yu Qi.
The desire to change the look on his beloved Qi Qi came out. 

”Qi Qi, I do feel something when you watch me like that. ” Long Hui seduced his beloved Qi Qi by licking his own lips.

Yu Qi was stunned while her face turned slightly pink.
”You are shameless. ” His beloved Qi Qi ran to her room. 

Long Hui laughed.
He knew that his beloved Qi Qi was embarrassed with the situation so he would not disturb her.
He went to his room.
His beloved Qi Qi had made the room beside her room in the pagoda. 

Suddenly there was a knock on his door.
He quickly opened the door as he thought that his beloved Qi Qi was coming but it was not the case.
It was the boy, Bo Ya. 

”We need to talk alone. ” The boy looked straight into his eyes without being scared.

There was a different look on the boy ’s face.
Long Hui usually watched Bo Ya and the dog acting cutely in front of his beloved Qi Qi.
But now, the boy wore a serious expression on his face. 

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