Yu Qi watched as the show left the place quietly.
Kim Hai Yu was so ambitious thinking that everyone would be wanting to get married to her just because she was a little bit beautiful.
She was very pitiful.

”Master, how about that woman? ” Aoi suddenly said her about that.

”That woman? Which one are you talking about? ” Yu Qi did not think that Aoi was talking about Kim Hai Yu so she asked him to clarify.

”The one that set up you for that old man. ” Aoi reminded Yu Qi.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.
”Owh that woman.
I forgot that debt that should have been collected. ” Yu Qi gave a cold smile.

”Master, what do you want to do? ” Aoi excited to know what his master was planning.

”She is so concerned about her reputation, so, let ’s destroy that first. ” Yu Qi lips curved into an arc.

’You pitiful girl, you have already become my master ’s target.
You will suffer a lot from what you have done. ’ Aoi silently prayed for the woman.


Yu Qi entered the space with Aoi and some food for Bo Ya.
Bo Ya felt happy when his master remembered to bring something delicious for him to eat.
Leaving her two cuties together, Yu Qi entered her lab.

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Yu Qi requested her own lab from Mary in her space.
The lab was outfitted with all the things she needed for her experiments.
She had made the solution that had been put inside the onsen here.
Because her family specially requested the solution, she wanted to make a batch for them first.

The process of making the solution was simple.
However, the final step on making the solution, which was that the solution needed to be over a low heat fire for about 12 hours, took quite a long time.

Yu Qi mixed the herbs required for the formula.
Everything that she needed could be found in her garden in her space, she just needed to go and collect them.
After the simpler steps were finished, she put the solution on a special oven in her lab.
Then she left the lab.

Then, she went to receive a lecture on the herbs as usual.
There were a lot of herbs that she still needed to learn about.
She was neglecting her usual routine due to the planned vacation at the ryokan for the past three days.

After that, she went to the shooting range to continue her training there.
At that moment, she was imagining that the target was Wang Fu Ya.
After two hours, she stopped.

She then went to take a bath.
Finished bathing, she went to the kitchen and saw that her two little cuties were waiting for her.

”Master, cook for us.
Cook for us. ” Aoi said.

”Master, cook for us.
Cook for us. ” Bo Ya said.

They made a cute posture in order to get some attention from Yu Qi.
Yu Qi laughed seeing her two little cuties try so hard to make her cooked for them.

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Melting by their cuteness, Yu Qi nodded.
”Okay, I will cook for you guys. ”

Yu Qi made a simple, but delicious dish.
Calling her two little cuties to eat, the later came as fast as they could to eat.
They all ate in a happy mood.
After that Yu Qi opened her computer and made the record about Wen Ji Sang.

She opened the latest recorded call to listen to.

Wen Ji Sang: ’Hello.
I got a new product to be delivered. ’

Yu Qi knew his voice because she already heard Wen Ji Sang ’s voice before.

Unknown person: ’You are so quick.
I ’m glad to have a business partner like you.
Another from your university? ’

’A woman? ’ The voice of this unknown person belonged to a woman.

Wen Ji Sang: ’No, a local here.
I ’m dating her. ’

Yu Qi frowned.
’New product? From your university? Dating her? ’ It was human trafficking.
Her thoughts about this matter were correct.

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This Wen Ji Sang was into human -no- women trafficking.
Probably the women would be forced into labor, s.e.x.u.a.l slavery, or commercial s.e.x.u.a.l exploitation.
Apparently, they used the white powder drug to make women lose their sense.

Unknown person: ’You are really a bad guy.
So when do you want to deliver it? I want a new product.
My customers are already complaining about the freshness of the last stuff. ’

Wen Ji Sang: ’Alright.
Let ’s meet at the same place, Quin Port, four days from now. ’

Unknown person: ’Okay.
I will be waiting for you. ’

The call was ended and Yu Qi was smiling.
Another new clue.
Quin Port.
Yu Qi was not quite sure where the Quin Port was, so, she searched for the location.

The Quin Port was located in the southern part of the nation.
It was far from Yu Qi ’s current location because Yu Qi was in the eastern part of the nation.
Yu Qi was thinking of alerting the authorities about this matter.

However, she could not reveal her identity.
If she told the authorities about her identity, she would probably get into deep trouble.
The authorities would be questioning her on exactly how she knew about this matter.
How was she supposed to answer that question? She could not tell them she knew about this from a call recording.
Call recording was a crime in itself.
She might even get arrested for it.

This matter was also related to the white powder.
If Wen Ji Sang got caught by the authorities, she might lose her lead.
It was hard.

”Master, what are you thinking of? ” Bo Ya asked when he watched his master in deep thought.
He was asking because he wanted to help his master.
Who knew, he might have the answers for it.

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”I got a new clue about the white powder that I had been searching for.
It was related to human trafficking.
I want to find the source of the white powder.
If I report this man, I will lose this lead. ” Yu Qi sighed.

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