”Let ’s go out. ” Bo Ya said to Long Hui and left without waiting for Long Hui ’s answer.
He did not give any chance for Long Hui to reject it.

Long Hui followed Bo Ya.
They walked towards the pavilion.
They sat facing each other.

”I will talk straight to the point.
Don ’t betray her. ” Bo Ya did not need to mention who was ’her ’.
He knew the man in front of him would know who was ’her ’.

”You don ’t need to worry about it.
I will never ever betray her. ” There was a hint of seriousness in Long Hui ’s voice.
He did not even hesitate. 

I will believe you for now. ” Bo Ya acted like an old man who had entrusted his daughter to a man. 

”You can go now. ” Bo Ya said.
The matter that he wanted to talk about had already been received by Long Hui so he would not disturb him anymore.


It was a long time since Yu Qi had been updated by Mu Rong Xie ’s news.
Mu Rong Xie had become crazy after spending more time at the hospital.
She would throw anything that she could grab at whoever came into her room. 

The doctors and nurses were scared to serve her ever since she had thrown a vase at one of the nurses.
The nurse did not die but suffered from the blindness since the broken pieces of the vase fell into her eyes and injured her eyes.

Mu Li Zei covered the news with the money.
However, the nurses who had seen this incident had spread the incident to others.
Mu Li Zei felt very stressful when coming to his second daughter ’s matter. 

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All of the doctors whom he had employed were not able to find out the reason why Mu Rong Xie ’s wounds did not heal at all.

The three month volunteer program had ended.
Yu Qi and Ding Na An were about to leave the military compound. 

”Yu Qi, Na An, I will be missing you here. ” Xin Rin wiped her tears. 

”Sister Rin, you can come and visit me and Na An. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”We would be happy if you visit us, Sister Xin. ” Ding Na An added.

It was not a long time but they had developed a good relationship with other people at the medical station especially Xin Rin.
Xin Rin helped them a lot to adapt and live at this place.

”Really? Can I go to your family ’s house? I want to see the legendary doctor ’s house. ” Xin Rin was excited.

”Sure. ” Yu Qi did not reject.

”Then Yu Qi, I will visit your family to ask your hand. ” Dongfang Mo joked.

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However, Dongfang Mo shivered.
He suddenly felt very cold on his back.
He turned over and saw that Long Hui was giving him a deadly glare.
His mouth blurted out a joke like that at very bad timing.

Long Hui stepped forward and put his hand on Yu Qi ’s waist declaring what was his.
He looked at Dongfang Mo like provoking and telling Dongfang Mo that Yu Qi was his. 

Dongfang Mo ’s eyes ran over Yu Qi and Long Hui.
He was just joking but this man was indeed a jar of vinegar. 

”Are you ready to go? ” Long Hui asked.

Since his beloved Qi Qi would be returning to Wenya City, he would not be staying over anymore.
He even offered himself to be her chauffeur. 

”I ’m ready.
Let ’s go, Na An. ” Yu Qi intended to treat Long Hui as her driver for today.
It felt not so bad at all.

When they were about to leave, there were a lot of soldiers who had come and given their goodbyes.
They were very grateful to Yu Qi since the last incident.
Yu Qi had treated many soldiers on that day.

”Doctor Tang.
Have a nice trip.
You too, Doctor Ding.
Hope we will be able to meet again. ”

They did not forget about Ding Na An.
Ding Na An also had a good reputation in the military compound since she was Ding Guan Ye ’s younger sister. 

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”Thank you, everyone.
Take care of your health. ” Ding Na An smiled.

”We are not getting any beauty tips anymore. ”

The female soldiers sighed.
Yu Qi liked to share some beauty tips with the female soldiers. 

”Sisters, you can go and visit my store.
I sell all kinds of beauty products there.
It is expensive than other brands but I am very sure that you will be satisfied with them. ” As a businesswoman, Yu Qi did not let the chance to promote her skincare brand.
So, she shamelessly promoted it. 

”Really? I will try to visit one. ” 

”Me too.
I will visit and buy your products, Yu Qi. ” 

”Take care of yourself. ”

”Don ’t let our Colonel Long eat you too much. ”

Yu Qi was stunned when she heard the last sentence.
She did not know how to react to that sentence.

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However, someone helped her to respond to the sentence.
Well, it was not helping her at all. 

”What? She is mine.
It is up to me if I want to eat her. ” Long Hui suddenly responded.

The answer was followed by everyone ’s shout.

”Our Colonel Long has boldly declared it. ”

”He is so manly. ”

Yu Qi rolled her eyes at Long Hui.
Long Hui gave a wink to her. 

Not far from the crowd, there was someone who watched the two of them.
She was looking at the couple with a jealousy stare.
She was Lang Jiang Ye.
She was happy when she heard that Yu Qi was going to go back to her place.
But when the news that Long Hui was also leaving, it had made her sad.

’Why is he leaving too? He shall stay here. ’ 

Lang Jiang Ye could only stare at the couple as they entered the vehicle and left the military compound. 

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