Long Hui sent the two girls straight to Starlight University.
Arriving at the university, Ding Na An requested to leave first.
She wanted to leave the two love birds alone. 

From Chongbei, Ding Na An got a stare from Long Hui who was driving the vehicle.
She somehow understood the meaning of Long Hui ’s stare.
Long Hui had probably hated her presence because his presence disturbed his alone time with Yu Qi. 

”You scared her. ” Yu Qi said after Ding Na An left.

”I did not.
” Long Hui would not admit it.

Yu Qi noticed that Long Hui had glared at her friend during the drive.
She sighed.
Well, she would explain to Ding Na An later.

”Are you going back to Shiwa Town? ” Yu Qi asked.

I have left them for three months. ” Long Hui nodded.

”Who has asked you to leave for three months? ” Yu Qi rolled her eyes.

”I have left them to see my beloved. ” Long Hui grinned.
He made a quick attack by kissing her cheek.

We are outside. ” Yu Qi was angry as she turned red.
She was still feeling shy.

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However, in Long Hui ’s eyes, his beloved Qi Qi was so cute even though she was angry. 

”I will come on the weekend.
Leave your time to me. ” Long Hui said.

”Shiwa Town is far from my university.
You should use your time to take a good rest. ” Yu Qi thought that Long Hui should take a rest on the weekend.

”Well, I can spend my time with you.
So, it is worth it. ” Long Hui had already made his decision.

”Okay, I will wait for you.
Go back now.
You will get late if you don ’t leave now. ” Driving late in the night would be dangerous.
So, Yu Qi told Long Hui to leave now.

”Can I ask for a goodbye kiss? ” Long Hui begged.

In Yu Qi ’s eyes, there was a pair of wolf ’s ear appear in Long Hui ’s head and a tail that swung excitedly behind his back. 

”Okay. ” Well, it was just a kiss. 

Yu Qi wanted to kiss Long Hui ’s cheek.
But Long Hui turned his face and kissed Yu Qi ’s lips.
Yu Qi was stunned but she had to let Hui kiss her.
Long Hui ’s tongue played with Yu Qi ’s tongue for a moment before he had let Yu Qi go. 

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Long Hui licked his lips.
”Thank you for the kiss, Qi Qi. ”

”Just go back. ” Yu Qi glared at Long Hui.

”Until we meet again. ” Long Hui entered his vehicle and left the place with a satisfied feeling.

”We have seen it. ” There was a voice.

Yu Qi turned to the source of the voice.
Turned out there was her friends.
Song Ha Ting, So Pang Lim, and Mei Lilli. 

”You all.
How long you have been watching me? ” Yu Qi asked.

What do you think? ” So Pang Lim grinned.

Song Ha Ting and Mei Lilli also grinned. 

”The last kiss has been so hot.
I have never thought you are so bold, Yu Qi. ” So Pang Lim teased Yu Qi.

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”It is not what you are thinking.
I just want to kiss his cheek.
But he has turned…. ” Yu Qi tried to explain.
”Just forget it. ” Yu Qi ran away from her three friends.

”It is fun.
A shy Yu Qi is very cute. ” Mei Lilli said. 

The three of them laughed.


The students gave their reports about their stay during the volunteer program.
Yu Qi and Ding Na An had already completed their report while others were still in progress.
For those who had already completed and submitted it, they were allowed to go back to their hometown and enjoy the break. 

Since that was the case, Yu Qi took the decision to go to Fanghai Nation to see the progress of the construction of the greenhouse there. 

This time, Yu Qi would be accompanied by Ming Xuehai.
Su Yu Hi had some works that he could not afford to leave.
So, he asked Ming Xuehai to go with Yu Qi. 

Ming Xuehai now looked like a proper lawyer.
Su Yu Hi did train him recently.
As Long Hui had told Yu Qi that he was going on a mission for about one month.
So he would not be available to call his beloved Qi Qi for the time being.

Arriving at Fanghai Nation, Yu Qi brought Ming Xuehai to see Grandpa Su first.
They went to Grandpa Su ’s shop.
However, Grandpa Su was not there.
Only his grandson, Su Fan was there.

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”Oh, beauty.
You are here again. ” Su Fan grinned.

”How are you? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I ’m fine.
By the way, beauty, the beast has not come with you? ” Su Fan looked behind Yu Qi.

”Beast? ” Yu Qi fell into thought. 

”Yeah, that man who has given a cold glare. ” Su Fan refreshed Yu Qi ’s memories.

Yu Qi made an ’O ’ with her mouth.
He must be referring to Long Hui. 

”Well, he is not here.
Where is your grandfather? ” Yu Qi asked.

”He is at the construction site. ” Su Fan told Yu Qi. 

”Oh, really? Well then, I will go there. ” Yu Qi said.

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Yu Qi signalled Ming Xuehai to leave.

”Beauty, wait for me.
I will follow you. ” Su Fan stood up.
”Uncle, come and take care of the shop.
I will go to my grandfather. ”

The storekeeper came and took Su Fan ’s place.
The three of them went to the construction site.
Su Fan insisted that he could drive them to that place.
Yu Qi nodded since it was not easy to find a taxi.

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