”Grandpa Su. ” Yu Qi called Grandpa Su who was currently watching the construction workers doing their job. 

”Oh, Tang Girl, you are here. ” Grandpa Su waved his hand. 

”Grandfather, I ’m here too. ” Su Fan appeared behind Ming Xuehai ’s body.

”Brat, you are here.
What about the shop? ” Grandpa Su shouted.

”Don ’t worry.
I have already asked Uncle to take care of the shop. ” Su Fan grinned.

”I still can not depend on you. ” Grandpa Su sighed. 

”How about the progress? ” Yu Qi looked at the site.

”It is going well. ” Grandpa Su lifted up his thumb.

”From what I can see, it has already completed for about sixty cents. ” Yu Qi was happy to see the progress of the construction. 

Yu Qi asked to go to see the progress and talked personally with the site supervisor and workers.
Yu Qi had experience in the construction area since the Mu Family ’s business had involved in the property dealings. 

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”You have experience in the construction? ” Ming Xuehai asked when he saw Yu Qi asked the questions that only people who had knowledge in civil engineering would know.

”Well, I have some of it.
It is self-learnt. ” Yu Qi smiled. 

Yeah, it was the truth.
It was self-learnt.
In her previous life, she had studied business management at the university.
After she had graduated and worked at the Mu Cooperation, she began to study construction and civil engineering since the core business involved the building and construction process. 

”I have read some books about it in my free time. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Oh, I see. ” Ming Xuehai accepted that reason.

Yu Qi made some arrangement by asking Su Fan to book a restaurant for all the construction workers.
She wanted to show her appreciation by treating them. 

Hearing that, the site supervisor happily informed all of the workers.
They were so happy about getting a free dinner. 

Yu Qi and Ming Xuehai went to their hotel to get some rest as there were traces of the jet-lagged.
After they touched down at the airport, they had straight gone to Grandpa Su ’s shop to meet him. 

”We will meet at 7 p.m.
I will wait for you at the lobby. ” Yu Qi said to Ming Xuehai before going into her room. 

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Ming Xuehai waited for Yu Qi at the lobby.
After 10 minutes of waiting, he finally saw Yu Qi.
He was about to call Yu Qi but he saw that someone had stopped Yu Qi in her track.

”Miss Tang, nice to meet you here. ” Mu Yian smiled.

”Fancy to meet you here too. ” Yu Qi responded.

”What are you doing in Fanghai? ” Mu Yian asked.

”I come here to deal with some business. ” Yu Qi did not keep this trip a secret.
They could know if they wanted to know it.

”Business? What kind of business you have here? ” Mu Yian wanted to know.

”Miss Mu, I have never thought that you are such a busybody.
What business I have here is my problem.
I am not obligated to tell you, right? ” Yu Qi smiled.

Hearing this, Mu Yian ’s face slightly changed.
But it was only for a split of a second, Mu Yian ’s face turned to normal.

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”Yeah, it is right.
Sorry because I have stepped out from my boundary. ” Mu Yian apologized. 

”It ’s okay.
Well, I am already late for my appointment.
I have to go first. ” Yu Qi excused herself.
She went to Ming Xuehai.

”Your acquaintance? ” Ming Xuehai asked.

She is my enemy. ” Yu Qi gave a cold smile.

Ming Xuehai gulped.
’Enemy? She has an enemy here? ’

”Let ’s ignore this matter.
Let ’s go to the restaurant.
Everyone is probably waiting for us. ” Yu Qi said.

They left the hotel and went to the restaurant. 

Meanwhile, Mu Yian clenched her firsts trying to hold back her anger.
The little girl was very arrogant. 

Mu Yian took out her phone.

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”Hello. ”

”I want to know something about Tang Yu Qi. ”

”Oh, her again.
Now, what do you want to know? ”

”I have met her today in Fanghai.
I want to know what she has been doing here. ”

”Okay, transfer the money to my account.
I will investigate it after receiving the money. ”

I want the details by tomorrow. ”

”Alright, my queen. ”

Mu Yian ended the call. 

”You should not be arrogant here.
You are in my territory.
I can smash you like hell. ” Mu Yian smirked. 

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”I have never thought you are head of this project, Miss Tang. ” The site supervisor praised Yu Qi.

”You look like you are still young.
How old are you, Miss Tang? ” Another person joined.

”I ’m just 21 years old. ” Yu Qi answered.

”So young.
So young. ” The site supervisor said.

”Then, do you have a boyfriend? ” 

A woman like her must already have a boyfriend.
Look at the man beside her. ” 

”Well, I do have a boyfriend.
But he is not here.
The man beside me is my lawyer. ” Yu Qi answered it honestly.

Ming Xuehai was slightly hurt when hearing that fact.
Su Yu Hi had already told him about this.
Su Yu Hi told him that Yu Qi already had a boyfriend.
A soldier.
When he knew that Yu Qi ’s boyfriend was a soldier, he thought he would still have a chance.
Because the soldier was not around most of the time. 

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However, when he saw Long Hui, he knew that he would not able to make Yu Qi smile like that.
Furthermore, the two families seemed to acknowledge the couple being together.
So, he gave up.
He only hoped that he could work for her.

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