”What does this mean? ” My Yian narrowed her eyes when she read the information about Yu Qi. 

The doc.u.ment stated that the land was supposed to belong to the Mu Family had now become that girl ’s property.
How did this happen? Did her father know about this? 

She read again.
That girl currently built a greenhouse on that land.
The land ’s price would rise up in the future and that girl had just built a stupid greenhouse. 

”I need to see my father now. ” Mu Yian stood up and brought the file.

She went to her father ’s office.
The secretary stood up.
When she saw it was her boss ’s daughter, she just let her in. 

”Father. ” Mu Yian bowed.

”Oh, what has brought you here? ” Mu Li Zei asked.

”I have something to tell you. ” Mu Yian sat down and put the file in front of Mu Li Zei. 

”What is this? ” Mu Li Zei asked.

’ ’You can read it. ” Mu Yian pushed the file to Mu Li Zei.

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Mu Li Zei took the file and read it.
The more he read, the more he frowned.

”This… ” Mu Li Zei could not believe this.

”Let ’s go and see your grandfather. ” Mu Li Zei held back his anger.

The two of them went to Grandpa Mu ’s office.
Mu Li Zei knocked on the door.
When he heard the voice asking them to come in, the two of them came into the room. 

”Father. ’ ’

”Grandfather. ”

Both of them greeted Grandpa Mu.

”What is it? ” Grandpa Mu asked.
It would be something if this two came here.

”Father, can you explain about this? ” Mu Li Zei put the file.

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Grandpa Mu took and read the file.
After a few whiles, he put down and asked, ”What about it? ”

”Grandfather, why have you sold that land at the price like that? ” Mu Yian asked.

”The price of that land would rise in the future. ” Mu Li Zei added.

”It is mine.
I can do whatever I want with it. ” Grandpa Mu did not give any reason.

”Father, the reason you have sold the land to that girl because of her face? ” Mu Li Zei was grinding his teeth.

”As I have told you, it is my decision to do whatever I want. ” Grandpa Mu glared to Mu Li Zei.

The Mu Cooperation solely belonged to the Mu Family.
With 50 per cent of the share, the largest shareholder in the company, Grandpa Mu could make a decision for the company.
Another 5 per cent belonged to his wife.
Another 5 per cent belonged to another shareholder.
The rest belonged to his two sons and his grandchild.

”Don ’t think I don ’t know about it. ” Mu Li Zei said to his father.

Mu Li Zei left the place.
Seeing his father left, Mu Yian also followed her father. 

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”Father, can you explain to me what were you talking about earlier? ” Mu Yian wanted to know.
She did not understand.

Mu Li Zei sighed.
”Let ’s go back to my office first.

The two of them went back to Mu Li Zei ’s office. 

”Can you tell me about it now, father? ” 

They already inside Mu Li Zei ’s office.
Mu Yian sat on the chair waiting for her father to explain. 

”You know that your grandmother is the second wife of your grandfather, right? ” Mu Li Zei asked.

”Yes, mother did inform me about this back then. ” Mu Yian nodded.

”Have you ever seen the face of the first wife of your grandfather? ” Mu Li Zei asked again.

Mu Yian ’s eyes became bigger.
She seemed to know what her father wanted to say.
”You mean…
That Tang Yu Qi ’s face is similar to grandfather ’s first wife? Is she somehow related to us? ” 

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”I don ’t think so. ” Mu Li Zei shook his head.

”But did I have another uncle? The eldest uncle.
She is probably the daughter of the eldest uncle.
Eldest Uncle was born from grandfather ’s first wife. ” Mu Yian made the assumption. 

”I don ’t think so.
Your eldest uncle had long gone. ” Mu Li Zei explained.

”Long gone? I thought that he had just gone missing because grandfather did not approve his wife. ” Mu Yian heard from his mother.

”The matter that I am about to tell you, you should not tell anyone including your mother. ” Mu Li Zei stressed her tone.

I will. ” Mu Yian nodded.

”Your eldest uncle has already died a long time ago. ” Mu Li Zei told the secret.
He knew his daughter was smart and would keep this secret to herself.

”Die? You mean… ” Mu Yian was shocked.

”I have sent some assassins to kill him and his wife.
So there is no way that they would give birth to someone. ” Mu Li Zei explained.

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Him… ” Mu Yian ’s heartbeat had started to get fast.

Your grandfather favoured him so much.
He wanted to give all of his wealth to your eldest uncle. ” Mu Li Zei grinded his teeth when he remembered about that time. 

”But Tang Yu Qi is an orphan before she had been adopted.
She probably was born after you killed the eldest uncle. ” Mu Yian said.

”That is not possible. ” Mu Li Zei rejected that.

”Why? ” 

”Because Tang Yu Qi is proven to be born two years after your eldest uncle has died.
So, it is basically impossible for her to be his daughter. ” Mu Li Zei explained.

”Then, she must be related to grandfather ’s first wife. ” 

”That is also not possible. ” 

”Why again? ”

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”She was also an orphan.
Her parents had died in the fire and she did not have any siblings and relatives. ” Mu Li Zei had already investigated that possibility.
Turned out Tang Yu Qi was indeed unrelated with them.

”Then, grandfather has just sold the land to her because she has that face? ” Mu Yian also became angry.

Probably. ” Mu Li Zei nodded.

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