It was the first time that Yu Qi had dinner with Grandpa Mu alone.
Yu Qi remembered that she always ate the dinner with Grandpa Mu.
After Grandpa Mu had brought Yu Qi back into the Mu Family, his other grandchildren had started to spend less time with Grandpa Mu making the old man feel very lonely.
So to make her grandfather happy, she always ate dinner with him.

”Tell me about your life. ” Grandpa Mu ’s voice had brought Yu Qi out of her thoughts.

”My life? ” Yu Qi confused.

”I want to know about your childhood. ” Grandpa Mu said.

Grandpa Mu had already investigated about Yu Qi ’s life.
He felt very angry when he read about it.
But he still wanted to hear about it from Yu Qi ’s own mouth. 

Yu Qi ’s face slightly stiffened.
Grandpa Mu noticed that.

”If you don ’t want to talk about it, then it is fine. ” Grandpa Mu waved his hand.

”No, I will tell you, grandpa. ”

Yu Qi began to tell Grandpa Mu about her childhood.
She told him from the start that she was left alone in front of the orphanage.
The owner of the orphanage pitied her so he took her into the orphanage. 

One month after that, the Wang Family came and adopted her.
When Yu Qi told the reason why the Wang Family had adopted her, Grandpa Mu ’s expression changed.
It was because of such a foolish reason that she had been adopted.
Yu Qi was adopted because she would be a shield to the Wang Family ’s children from their bad luck.

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”Bad luck? ” Even though Grandpa Mu was a rich man, he was an old man.
The old people tended to believe something like that.

But nothing happened. ” Remembering these memories now, Yu Qi felt nostalgia. 

Yu Qi continued to recite her life.
How she had started to learn to cook, doing the Wang Fu Ya ’s homework, how she had to earn her own money to pay her school ’s fee.
Everything that she had gone through while being the adopted child of Wang Family.

Grandpa Mu felt that it was ridiculous.
That family had treated his granddaughter like a slave. 

”But things started to change. ” Yu Qi started to smile.

Yu Qi continued her story.
She felt that she had enough of the Wang Family.
So, she packed her luggage and ran away from their house.
She was reciting the moment how she had met Grandpa Tang.
That was a big turnover for her.
She became his disciple and granddaughter.
After that, things started to get better and better. 

Grandpa Mu smiled.
It must not be easy for the girl to make the decision to run away from her house.
His granddaughter probably had suffered too much that she could not hold back anymore. 

Yu Qi began to tell Grandpa Mu about her business and assets.
Grandpa Mu nodded.
His granddaughter really had a business mind.

”Why are you study to become a doctor? ” Grandpa Mu asked.
Not like he did not like that but it felt waste for a girl like her to become a doctor.

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”Because I like it. ” The reason was simple.
She liked it. 

There was a time where she was still at the Shiwa Town studying about the herbs with Grandpa Tang.
That time, she was just interested in studying the herbs.
She did not have any intention to become a doctor. 

One day, an old woman came running to the shop calling for help.
Grandpa Tang quickly went to see them.
In her arms, there was a boy that looked very pale.
The old woman asked Grandpa Tang to look at the boy while crying.

 Grandpa Tang diagnosed that the boy had a poison reaction.
Grandpa Tang worked very fast on detoxifying the poison using the herbs.
Half an hour later, the boy started to feel better.
The old woman thanked Grandpa Tang for saving her little grandson.
After the incident, Yu Qi was interested in becoming a doctor. 

The two of them chatted happily for a long time. 


”What? Father had a meeting with that girl? ” Mu Li Zei stood up after hearing the report from the men whom he had planted beside his father.

”Yes, Sir.
They are currently having dinner at the hotel where Miss Tang is staying. ” The man informed Mu Li Zei.

”I see. ” That was the only thing which Mu Li Zei could say.

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The man could not understand what his boss had meant by it.
”What should we do next? ” As an employee, the man had to know what his boss wanted to do.

”Investigate the aim of their meeting. ” Mu Li Zei said.

The man changed his expression slightly.
His boss ’s order was hard to complete.
But he had to complete it if he did not want to die.
Remembering what had happened to his colleagues, he shivered.

”I will find out about it. ” The man said.

”Okay. ” Mu Li Zei ended the call. 

Mu Li Zei sat in the study thinking about his father and that girl.
He had already confirmed that the girl was not related to his father. 

But now, his father was meeting with that girl.
For what reason? He could not think about it.
Does the father have an interest in her since she has that face which he loves? No…
Father will not have any interest in a young girl. ’ 

Mu Li Zei kept denying his thought.
Suddenly someone came into his study room.
He heard a crying voice.

”Husband, please look at Rong Xie.
She does not eat at all. ” Su Yu Qing came in the room while sobbing. 

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Mu Li Zei pinched his temple.
This problem was still unsolved.
Looked like he had to pay a visit to Yu Qi soon.

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