It was a very pleasant dinner for Yu Qi and Grandpa Mu.
Their bonding felt much so stronger.
Grandpa Mu also touched the topic about Mu Xiao Ye, Yu Qi ’s real father.
He said that Yu Qi was indeed the same as her father.
In behaviour and personality. 

When Grandpa Mu said that, Yu Qi could detect the sadness on his voice.
Grandpa Mu must be missing his son.
She really wondered where did Mu Xiao Ye go. 

Nevertheless, the dinner was happy for the two of them.
When the dinner was over, the two of them stepped out from the room with a happy expression.
Grandpa Mu told Yu Qi to go back to her room. 

Yu Qi wanted to send her grandfather to the entrance.
But it was not a good idea.
Someone would make a story in order to destroy her grandfather ’s reputation.
Her grandfather was indeed a great businessman here.
Some gossips could destroy human life.
She did not want that to happen.

So, she requested herself to leave.
If she had time, she would pay a visit to Grandpa Mu. 

After seeing his granddaughter leaving, Grandpa Mu changed his expression.
From gentle to cold.
He was looking at someone.
The person who had been looking at them was trembling.

”You dare to betray me? ” Grandpa Mu suddenly spoke to the man.

Sir… ” The man kneeled in front of Grandpa Mu.

”Oh, then, what? ” Grandpa Mu showed something on his phone. 

The man felt shocked. 

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”If you are not convinced, I can show a video. ” Grandpa Mu added.

The man could not say anything. 

”Let ’s back first.
After that, drag him to the strange chamber. ” Grandpa Mu walked away. 

The men followed Grandpa Mu while taking the man who had kneeled.
The man who had kneeled down could not bring himself back when he heard about the strange chamber.
When the men tried to touch him, he wanted to run away.

But it had been prevented by Grandpa Mu ’s men.
Two of Grandpa Mu ’s men took out their gun and pointed at the right and left side of the man. 

They told the man that if he did something else, he would die here.
The man became obedient after that.

Yu Qi and Ming Xuehai had finished their purpose of visiting Fanghai Nation.
So, it was time to leave.
Yu Qi went to see Grandpa Su and Su Fan telling them that she was going to leave soon. 

As for Grandpa Mu, she just called Grandpa Mu.
He said he was going out of station for some business.

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Yu Qi and Ming Xuehai left.
Arriving at the Binhai Nation, the two of them went separately.
Yu Qi went back to the University.
She wanted to take some things from her room before going back to the Tang Family Residence.

She took a bus to go back.
She was lazy to call her family because she was afraid of troubling them.

Yu Qi also let Aoi come out from the space.
Aoi was very happy since he got back with his master.

When Yu Qi arrived there, it was a coincidence that Grandpa Tang was also there too.
Yu Qi gave her grandfather a hug. 

”Grandfather. ” Yu Qi was happy to see her grandfather well.

”Yu Qi? ” Ming Yue was surprised to see Yu Qi here.

Su Xiao also surprised.

”I ’m back. ” Yu Qi grinned.

”This girl…
You should have told us.
We would have gone and fetched up. ” Su Xiao sighed.

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”I have arrived safely, right? ” Yu Qi was still grinning.

”By the way, what are you doing here, Grandfather? ” Yu Qi turned to Grandpa Tang. 

”Your grandfather had suddenly shown up yesterday.
It was also a surprise for us. ” Ming Yue answered.

”What? Can ’t I come here? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

”Father has probably felt that his beloved granddaughter would come back here.
That is why he has shown up here. ” Su Xiao laughed.

Grandpa Tang actually calculated Yu Qi ’s return.
Feeling awkward, Grandpa Tang walked away from the living room.

The three women laughed seeing their father in law and her grandfather.
The three of them talked for a while until Yu Qi requested to return to her room.

”Master, this is a good chance to tell your family about the Mu Family. ” Aoi voiced his opinion freely after they were already in the room.

I am also thinking about the same thing. ” Yu Qi nodded. 

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All of the Tang Family ’s members were present except for Tang Jang Qin and Tang Qin Hao.
Tang Jang Qin was on duty.
Well, as for Tang Qin Hao, according to Su Xiao, she had not seen his son for about three weeks. 

She did not worry much about him since her husband told her that their son was fine. 

”Little Sis, you are back. ” Tang Jin Wei said.

How is your love life? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Of course, it has been great.
I know my way with girls. ” Tang Jin Wei patted his chest proudly.

I wonder who was the man who had come to see me, asking for my help. ” Yu Qi teased Tang Jin Wei.

”You… ” Tang Jin Wei could not argue about that. 

”Welcome home, Little Sis. ” Tang Han Lee patted Yu Qi ’s head since he was sitting beside Yu Qi. 

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”I ’m home, Big Brother Han Lee. ” Yu Qi acted like a good little sister.

”No wonder, father has returned back to this house easily.
He knew that his beloved granddaughter would be here today. ” Tang Jung Wen added.

”Of course. ” Grandpa Tang put a proud look.

They laughed.

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