After dinner, Yu Qi asked all of them to come in the living room.
She said that she had something to tell them.
So, the family members went to the living room.
Tang Jin Wei sensed the tensed atmosphere around Yu Qi.
So, he wanted to lit up the atmosphere.

”Little Sis, don ’t tell me that you already want to get married to Long Hui? You are still young.
You should enjoy your life first. ” Tang Jin Wei said.

”Don ’t worry.
I will marry when I feel it is the right time.
You are the one who should get married first.
You are getting older. ” Yu Qi responded.

”Well, you should tell Brother Han Lee first.
He is the oldest. ” Tang Jin Wei replied back.

”Well, I am not worried about Big Brother Han Lee.
He is perfect.
It is you.
Sister Ke Ke probably feels insecure since you had the title of being a playboy. ” Yu Qi retorted.

Tang Jin Wei had shut down his mouth.
He could not win against this girl.
But he knew that what she was talking about was true. 

The tense atmosphere slowly disappeared as the two people started their bickering. 

”Well, Yu Qi, what do you want to tell us? ” Tang Jung Wen asked, ending the bickering. 

”Actually… ” Yu Qi looked at the Tang Family members one by one.
”It is about my real family.
I have found them. ” She stopped at Grandpa Tang ’s face.

”Oh, Little Sis, you have found them.
It is good news. ” Tang Jin Wei was happy for Yu Qi. 

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Others were silent.
After a few seconds, Tang Jung Wen expressed his feelings. 

”As Jin Wei has said, it is really good news. ” Tang Jung Wen nodded.

”How long have you found them? ” Ming Yue asked.

”Five months ago.
”Yu Qi answered. 

”It is a long time ago. ” Su Xiao said. 

Ming Yue and Su Xiao were very fond of Yu Qi.
They really thought she would be Tang Yu Qi forever.
Unfortunately, that could never come true.

”So, you want to go back to your real family? ” Tang Han Lee asked the question.

”Of course not! ” Yu Qi answered that question with a strong tone.

The family members were stunned as they heard Yu Qi ’s answer. 

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”I will be Tang Yu Qi forever. ” Yu Qi did not have any intention of returning to the Mu Family. 

”Eh, is it true? ” Ming Yue could not help to ask the question.

”Of course.
I like this family, especially, grandfather. ” Yu Qi grinned to her grandfather.

”You little girl. ” Grandpa Tang looked at her with unexplainable expression.

”I don ’t have the intention to leave the family.
As I have said, I like this family and want to stay as it ’s a member.
I don ’t want grandfather to cry over me. ” Yu Qi had time to tease her grandfather.

”Humph!!! ” Grandpa Tang rolled his eyes.
This girl really knew how to stir the feelings. 

”Little Sis, how have you found them? Who are they? ” Tang Jin Wei was curious about it.

”Well, I did some investigation.
From the Wang Family, I found out that I had been adopted from an orphanage at Sun City.
So, I travelled there to find out more about that.
But I found nothing that could help to find my real family.
I was told by the director of the orphanage that he had found me at the entrance of the orphanage.
He had taken pity on me so he had brought me in.
After a few months, Wang Family adopted me.
That trace ended there. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Then how did you find them now? ” Ming Yue asked.

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”Not like I found them but they found me.
Well, I can say he found me. ” 

That was right.
She supposed not to know Grandpa Mu. 

”He? ”

He is my grandfather.
He saw my face. ”

”Your face? ”

”My face is very familiar with my grandmother.
He suspected that I was somehow related to her, so he secretly took a DNA test. ” 

When Yu Qi told them out about that DNA test, they were surprised. 

”DNA Test? How did he get your sample? ” Grandpa Tang wanted to know.

A DNA test could be tested if some had a sample from the person itself.
Like hair, teeth, nail and blood.

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”I went to a hospital since I felt unwell at that time.
He asked his friend to take a sample of my blood and asked him to do the DNA test. ” Yu Qi told them.

”Who is he? ” Grandpa Tang asked.
That was the important part.

”Well, grandfather, you have met him before. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Grandpa Tang frowned.
’I have met him before? When and where? ’ 

”A few months ago. ” Yu Qi gave some more hints.

”A few months ago? ” Grandpa Tang thought so far.
’Where did I go a few months ago…
Oh, I remember…
I went to Fanghai Nation.
That Sang Wan Yi had asked a favour to treat someone. ’

”Is he Sang Wan Yi? ” But Grandpa Tang had met his wife.
It was nothing like Yu Qi.

”It is close but nope.
It is not him.
He is a friend who taken my sample and done the DNA test. ” 

Grandpa Tang thought again.
Then he remembered someone.
That, someone, gave a strange feeling to him while he was looking at Grandpa Tang and Yu Qi during that time.

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”Is he Mu Quang Qi? ” Grandpa Tang guessed again.

Yu Qi smiled and slowly nodded.

”When we met him at that time, he already knew that you are his granddaughter? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Oh, no wonder he gave a strange stare to me.
You are related to him.
But, I will never hand you out to him.
You are my granddaughter forever. ” Grandpa Tang had an arrogant look.

”Father, you know Yu Qi ’s real family? ” Ming Yue asked.

”Yeah, he is from Fanghai Nation. ”

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