”Wow, it is a foreign country. ” Tang Jin Wei commented.

”Mu Quang Ye? Is he a businessman? ” Tang Jung Wen remembered reading some articles about that person.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”I see. ” Tang Jung Wen nodded.

”Oh is our Little Sis from a rich family? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

”He is a good businessman.
He has built his own empire from scratch. ” Grandpa Tang praised.
”No wonder, you are good at doing business.
You are indeed his granddaughter. ” 

”Yu Qi, you are saying that you will not go back to your real family, is that possible? What if they force you? ” Ming Yue could not help but to worry about that. 

She already took Yu Qi as her daughter.
She would be sad if Yu Qi ’s real family would suddenly force her to leave the Tang Family. 

”Force me? They dare. ” Yu Qi ’s lips curved upward revealing a cold smile.
”I am already an a.d.u.l.t that is why i can make my own decision.
No one can force me.
No one. ” 

If their family want to force Little Sis, we will fight with them. ” Tang Jin Wei nodded to Yu Qi.

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”Mom, you don ’t need to worry.
We will protect Little Sis. ” Tang Han Lee gave his assurance to Ming Yue. 

”But is that okay? You are still his real blood granddaughter. ” Su Xiao expressed her worried.

”He has other granddaughters so it is okay.
But his family does not know about my existence. ” Yu Qi said.

”What? Why? ” Grandpa Tang frowned.

”He is doing that because to protect me.
As you know that he is a rich man, so his children and grandchildren will be fighting for his wealth.
He does not want me to get hurt by them. ” Yu Qi explained.

They will fight for it. ” Tang Han Lee nodded. 

Some of the rich families often ended up in that situation.

”I see.
So, let ’s end our discussion about Yu Qi ’s identity. ” Grandpa Tang ended that conversation.

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Yu Qi returned to Wenya City.
It was still the semester break but since the headquarter of her business was there, Yu Qi needed to go there.
Yu Qi stayed in her room at the university. 

Qi Qi skincare became a trend in the beauty world.
Because the demand had increased, Yu Qi and Su Yu Hi thought it was time to increase the production by renovating the factory to the bigger size.
And also Su Yu Hi suggested opening more stores in different cities.
Yu Qi approved that.

One of the staff suggested that they should also open an online store.
It was easy for the customers to buy the product if they stayed at the place where the store was not available.
Yu Qi thought it was a good idea.
So she also approved it. 

Su Yu Hi found someone who was good in that area and hired him to set up the online store.
He also hired several people that could manage this online store. 

Yu Qi did not forget about her investment company.
She looked at the profits that she has got by investing in the market.
She also invested in several companies that she thought was worth it. 

Song Tai was happy when Yu Qi told him that they would be going to renovate the factory.
He thought it was a good idea to make the factory bigger than this since the demand increased day by day. 

One day, Yu Qi received a call from Long Hui.
She did not hear from him for about one month.
She was kind of missing him.
She remembered that he had told her that he would be going on the mission.
She guessed that he just returned from it. 

”Qi Qi. ” Long Hui ’s voice seemed to play nicely into Yu Qi ’s ear.

”Brother Hui, how are you? Are you okay? You are not injured, right? ” Yu Qi was very concerned about Long Hui ’s wellbeing. 

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He was a soldier.
Going on the mission would be dangerous. 

”I have just returned from the mission.
I ’m fine.
Don ’t worry about me. ” Long Hui answered his beloved Qi Qi ’s question.
He was glad to hear his beloved Qi Qi ’s voice.

”I see.
I ’m glad that you are safe. ” Yu Qi took a relief breath. 

”Where are you right now? ” Long Hui asked.

”Well, I am in my room at university. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Is it not your semester break right? ” Long Hui asked.
He actually calculated the time for his beloved Qi Qi.
So, he knew when his beloved Qi Qi ’s semester break would start or end. 

”Yeah, but I am staying in my room here because of my business.
It is safer than to stay outside. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, it is good then. ” Long Hui agreed.
Staying at the dormitory was a lot safer than outside.
”Your dog is with you right? ”

Aoi is with me. ” Yu Qi glanced to Aoi who was currently resting on her bed.

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He could protect you if something happens. ” Long Hui said.
He always knew that Aoi was not a normal dog. 

”Don ’t worry about me.
I will take care of myself. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”We will be going to meet later in a few days. ” Long Hui made a promise.

I will wait for you. ” Yu Qi smiled when Long Hui told that they would be going to meet later.

”Bye, Qi Qi. ” Long Hui said.

”Bye, Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi said.

The call ended there.

”Is that Long Hui? ” Aoi opened his eyes.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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Aoi just nodded.
He knew that only Long Hui could make his master smiled like that. 

”We are going to meet in a few days. ” Yu Qi stated happily. 

”So, you will stay at the hotel? ” Aoi asked.

Yu Qi felt something was weird with Aoi ’s question.
However, she ignored it.
He could not stay here, though. ”

”I will stay inside the space, then, ” Aoi said.
He already knew that Long Hui would be also staying in the space too.

”Okay, my dear.
Let ’s go inside.
I bet Bo Ya must be waiting for us already. ” 

”Master, you have promised that you will cook if I will behave at your company. ”

”Yeah, my dear.
I have not forgotten about that. ”

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