To a surprise, the Tang Family received a visit from Mu Li Zei.
He suddenly popped out from nowhere.
He requested to talk with Grandpa Tang.
Grandpa Tang was not at the Tang main residence but at Shiwa Town. 

After receiving the call from Ming Yue, Yu Qi dropped all her works and returned back to Finn City.
The Tang Family did not tell Grandpa Tang about this as per Yu Qi ’s request. 

Ming Yue told Mu Li Zei that her father in law was not around.
Then, Mu Li Zei requested her to tell where Grandpa Tang was.
Luckily Ming Yue did not reveal Grandpa Tang ’s place. 

Mu Li Zei asked Ming Yue to tell Grandpa Tang that he wanted to meet Grandpa Tang and ask him for help.
Ming Yue did not have a good impression about this man since her father in law told her about him kidnapping her father in law and Yu Qi in order to ask her father in law to treat her daughter. 

Ming Yue just nodded.
Telling him that she would pass the message to her father in law.

In the evening, the same day on which Mu Li Zei came to Tang Main Residence, Yu Qi arrived.
She already had her own car because Grandpa Tang insisted to give her a car. 

Yu Qi met her two aunties.

”He wants to meet Grandfather. ” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes as she tapped the table with her finger.
”I guess his daughter is still not healed. ”

Yu Qi snorted while she thought about it. That poison could not be treated.
It was a formula from thousand years ago.
If someone wanted to heal it, they needed to do the research about that.
It would take a long time to complete the vial. 

”Don ’t worry, Auntie Ming Yue.
I will handle it. ” Yu Qi gave assurance to Ming Yue.

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”I guess he will come tomorrow. ” Ming Yue said. 

That man already gave the attitude that he would definitely meet with Grandpa Tang.
Yu Qi also thought that he would not leave until he managed to meet with Grandpa Tang.

Yu Qi would never allow him to meet with her grandfather.
She was afraid that he would make the move like the one he made before. 

It would be too dangerous.
She would not allow that to happen.
She would protect the Tang Family. 

Yu Qi gave a call to Long Hui telling him that she was back at the Finn City.
Long Hui understood Yu Qi ’s matter.
He offered his help if she needed.
She thanked him but she said that she would handle it on her own.

The next day, Mu Li Zei still came.
Yu Qi received him.
She invited him to the living room.
The maid served them some soft drinks. 

”Miss Tang, long time no see. ” Mu Li Zei analysed the girl who was sitting in front of him.
He indeed felt impressed with this girl. 

”Mr Mu, I know what you want.
But my grandfather will not treat your daughter. ” Yu Qi stopped Mu Li Zei ’s approach.

Mu Li Zei ’s expression slightly changed.
’This girl really does not give me any face. ’

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”Miss Tang, I apologize for my rude behaviour for the last time we met.
But I sincerely ask for your grandfather ’s help.
I will pay nicely to your grandfather. ” Mu Li Zei said in a humble tone. 

”My grandfather is already an old man.
We do not want him to stress himself much.
You should know that your daughter ’s illness is a strange one.
It would need some research. ” Yu Qi blocked Mu Li Zei again.

Mu Li Zei ’s eyes twitching.
’This girl really does not want to accept my request. ’

”However, I ’m interested in your daughter ’s illness. ” Yu Qi said.

That sentence made Mu Li Zei stunned as he looked up to Yu Qi.
The girl still wore the same expression as she first sat in front of him just now.

”You? ” Mu Li Zei realized that he was staring at Yu Qi spoke.

You probably don ’t know.
I ’m a disciple of my grandfather.
He has taught me everything that he knows.
” Yu Qi gave a faint smile.

Mu Li Zei did not respond immediately.
He did investigate this girl ’s education and background.
She was indeed studying the medical course.

”This is one of my research about your daughter ’s illness. ” Yu Qi put one small vial onto the table.

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”This is… ” Mu Li Zei ’s eyes opened widely staring to the small vial.

”This is the prototype of a cure for your daughter ’s illness. ” Yu Qi said.

”Prototype? ” 

Yu Qi nodded.
”I managed to get some sample of your daughter ’s wound and did some research on it.
However, it is just a prototype.
I am not sure whether it would work on human or not.
I need some sample to do some more research on it. ”

”You mean? ” Mu Li Zei understood Yu Qi ’s meaning but he still wanted to ask about it.

”I want some of the wound from your daughter. ” Yu Qi said.

Mu Li Zei was once again in deep thoughts.
This girl meant that she needed to research about the wound.
So she needed the sample.
But the wound needed to be collected from his daughter.
He was afraid that it would be difficult for her since Mu Rong Xie was very agitated if someone approached her.
Even when she was in sleep, she would wake up.

”Well, you can try this medicine on one of the wounds. ” Yu Qi pushed the vial to Mu Li Zei.

”Is this medicine tested? ” Mu Li Zei asked.

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”It is tested on the animal that has the same type of skin as that of a human. ” Yu Qi made a lie with open eyes.

The vial actually contained the antidote that she already modified.
The effect would make the wound heal, not completely healed. 

”This… ” Mu Li Zei hesitated whether to believe this girl or not. 

”Well, if you don ’t want it, then it is okay.
But please leave.
We will never allow you to meet my grandfather. ” Yu Qi urged Mu Li Zei.

I agree.
You can get the sample but you have to do on your own.
Others are already afraid of approaching my daughter. ” Mu Li Zei finally agreed about that.

”Don ’t worry, Mr Mu.
I will try my best in treating your daughter.
After all, we are acquaintances. ” Yu Qi ’s lips curved upwards. 

Mu Li Zei felt restless when he saw the smile on Yu Qi ’s face.
He did not know why he felt that way.
If it was old him, he would not even sit down and have this kind of talk with Yu Qi.
Because he already tried everything and it did not work at all, so he had put the trust onto the young girl in front of him right now.

”You can return first.
Remember to apply the medicine around the wound.
Just one wound.
And tell her condition after two days. ”

”Okay, ” Mu Li Zei stood up and requested to leave.

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Yu Qi just nodded.

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