”Master, you just listened to one recording.
You must listen and read the others too.
Maybe you will find something and can help you.
If not, you can think another way. ” Bo Ya reminded Yu Qi.

Yu Qi thought that Bo Ya ’s thinking was indeed true.
She was just only listening to one recording, she had not listen to others.
So, Yu Qi decided to go through all the messages.
There were actually a lot of them to listen to.

Many of them were from his girlfriend that studied at the Hanwei University.
There were also the messages from the girl that he supposed to sell.
This Wen Ji San really made a lot of effort to win the girl ’s heart.
The girl already loved Wen Ji Sang with everything that she was.

Yu Qi felt pity for the girl.
She was thinking that the man was in love with her but he just playing with her feeling, in order to make the girl obey his words to become the s.e.x slave for men.

Then Yu Qi listened to another call recording.
It was also from an unknown number.

Wen Ji Sang: ’Hello, Sir. ’

Yu Qi thought Wen Ji Sang was very polite to this person.
It made Yu Qi curious about this person ’s identity.

Unknown: ’What? You ’ve already finished your supply? ’

Yu Qi ’s eyes became bigger.
She actually recognized this voice.
It was the voice from the man that she saw together with Wen Ji Sang when she first met Wen Ji Sang.
It was the white powder supplier.

Wen Ji Sang: ’Yes.
I am almost finished it, so I want to order the new batch.
This time, I want to add more. ’

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Unknown: ’I don ’t mind but the price will be increased as the weight will be increased as well. ’

Wen Ji Sang: ’I don ’t mind. ’

Unknown: ’Where do you want to meet this time? ’

Wen Ji Sang: ’You can decide. ’

Unknown: ’Okay.
I will let you know you soon.
Bye. ’

The call ended.
Yu Qi was very happy with this discovery.
Her fingers danced on the keyboard.
She wanted to know this man ’s identity.
From the call, Yu Qi got his number.
So from his number, she could find out who he was.

The number belonged to a person named Dong Ling Ha.
He was 30 years old and from a city named Hinna City.
His registered job was a salesman.

’Salesman? Yeah, he is indeed a salesman.
Well, the successful one. ’ Yu Qi thought.
He was selling something that made women weak and became depended on men.
Yu Qi got the new lead on how to get the white powder.

Yu Qi installed the call recording into Dong Ling Ha ’s phone like she had done to Wen Ji Sang ’s phone.
She was smiling.

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As for the meeting between Wen Ji Sang and the woman, she was going to alert the police about that.
She would give the recording to the police as evidence, however, she would be anonymous.
She did not want to expose her identity.
Because the police would be questioning the recording.
How did she suppose to answer that question? She might be arrested for just that reason.

Then the topic of the white powders was closed for now.
The next one was Wang Fu Ya.
The woman challenged her many times.
Although Yu Qi was quite merciful, she was not going to be merciful at all anymore.

Wang Fu Ya already went beyond Yu Qi ’s limit.
How dare she ask someone to get her by threatening her family ’s safety? Since Wang Fu Ya did not love her life, Yu Qi would be glad to take it from her.

Yu Qi assumed that people in the town did not know Wang Fu Ya ’s actual job.
People just thought she got a well-paid job in the neighbor town.
If not, people would have already given a dirty look to Wang Fu Ya.

Yu Qi thought of a good idea on how to destroy Wang Fu Ya.
Since Wang Fu Ya did not want people to know about her job, she would be the informant for the people to inform them about Wang Fu Ya.

Yu Qi hacked to the old man ’s phone that kidnapped her.
The phone already in the police ’s hand.
Well even though the phone was already in the police ’s hand, the number was still okay.
The police might still investigate the old man thoroughly.

Yu Qi felt lazy to go through one by one about the information inside the old man ’s phone.
So, she decided to copy all the data.
After about the 10 minutes, all the data successful copied to Yu Qi ’s computer.

She took a look at the pictures taken in the old man ’s data.
’Wow, this old man really strong in that aspect.
How can he satisfy so many women? ’ She saw pictures of many women in the data.
Well, not the dirty pictures.
Just a normal picture like accompany the old man drink.
But Yu Qi was pretty sure that she would find the dirty pictures.

She started to yawned and realized that she was tired.
She was looking at the screen for quite a long time.
Her eyes were tired.
She closed the computer.

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”Master, you want to rest? ” Bo Ya asked when he saw her master was yawning.

I ’m tired already.
I want to sleep inside the space.
I assume it was 3 a.m outside.
If I go outside, I can not sleep longer. ” Yu Qi answered while climbing to her bed.

”Owh okay.
I want to sleep with you too. ” Bo Ya smiled.

”Me too.
Me too. ” Aoi wagged his tail.

Come and sleep with me. ” Yu Qi invited her little cuties to sleep with her.

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