”Did he already leave? ” 

The two aunties that stayed at the garden stood up when seeing their niece walked towards them. 

”Aunties, I ’m okay.
He was not hard on me since he is in our territory. ”

”Then, how did you settle him? ” Su Xiao said.

”I told him that my Grandfather is already old and needs some rest.
He would not involve in this anymore. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Did he buy it? He seemed hard to convince. ” Ming Yue asked.

”Of course.
Even so, I expressed that it is hard and telling him that I can treat her daughter. ” Yu Qi told the two of them.

”You will treat his daughter? Can you do it? ” Not like Su Xiao did not believe in Yu Qi but sometimes it needed confirmation from that person ’s own mouth.

”Auntie Su Xiao, I learn from the best. ” Yu Qi lifted up her face.

I forget about that. ” Su Xiao laughed.

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”But Yu Qi, if your grandfather hears that you said he is already old and needs some rest, I bet he will catch you and make you listen to his lecture about how strong his body is. ” Ming Yue also laughed.

”I can imagine that. ” Su Xiao continued to laugh.


Not long after that, Yu Qi received a call from Mu Li Zei.
He told Yu Qi that the medicine did help improve Mu Rong Xie ’s condition.
One of the wounds on which Mu Li Zei applied the medicine on it looked better than others. 

Seeing this result made Mu Li Zei believed that Yu Qi might be able to treat his daughter.
Yu Qi responded that it would be successful since it was her research.
However, that wound would return back to its original state after a week.
It had been informed to Yu Qi.
Mu Li Zei invited Yu Qi to come to Fanghai Nation to treat his daughter.

Yu Qi did not immediately agree with it.
She told him that she was a student and busy with her own business.
Her semester break was going to end soon so, she had to return to her study.
She could not casually go to Fanghai Nation.

At first, Mu Li Zei wanted to force her but thinking she was the one who probably could treat his daughter, so he held back.
He told her that she could come whenever she was able to. 

Mu Li Zei ended the call. 

”How? Will she come? ” Su Yu Qing had also been there listening to Mu Li Zei.
She was happy that finally her daughter would be cured. 

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”No. ” Mu Li Zei was not in a good mood so it sounded that he was angry.

”What? She would not come? Why? She needs to come and cure my daughter. ” Su Yu Qing became agitated.
She started to shout.

”Shut up! ” Mu Li Zei banged the table in front of him making Su Yu Qing keep her mouth shut.

”Father, why is that person not coming here? ” Mu Yian calmly asked her father. 

”She is busy. ” Mu Li Zei said.

”Father, we can increase the amount of the reward if she thinks it is not enough. ” Mu Yian thought that it was probably a doctor who had demanded a high price for her treatment.

It was because Mu Li Zei did not tell them who that person was.
Mu Li Zei told them that he would be going to Binhai Nation to meet Grandpa Tang.
Mu Li Zei also already informed them that Grandpa Tang did not work anymore and would not treat anyone.

After that Mu Li Zei returned with a vial.
He asked Su Yu Qing to rub it around the wound.
At first, nothing changed.
The next day, when Su Yu Qing came and took a look at Mu Rong Xie, she noticed that wound had changed a little.
She was very shocked when she saw that change.

Su Yu Qing quickly called Mu Li Zei and told him about that.
Mu Li Zei went to the hospital to see her.
When Mu Li Zei saw that, he was very worried.
In his heart, he did not believe that such a young girl could develop something while none of the experts could do it.

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Father… ” Mu Yian waved her hand in front of Mu Li Zei since her father did not answer her question.
And her father seemed to be in deep thinking.

Mu Li Zei finally gave a response to Mu Yian by looking up at Mu Yian.
”What? ” 

”I suggest that we can give a high reward to that person if she can treat Rong Xie.
Rong Xie has suffered a lot from this strange illness. ” Mu Yian said.

”Yian, this person ’s identity is not that simple. ” Mu Li Zei sighed.

”Not simple? ” Mu Yian was curious about that person ’s identity when her father mentioned like that. 

She is Tang Yu Qi. ” Mu Li Zei revealed the truth to Mu Yian.

”What? It is her? ” Mu Yian was stunned to know about that.
”How… ”

”She has blocked me from meeting her grandfather.
Then she told me that she has done some research about Rong Xie ’s illness and has given me a small vial. ” Mu Yian explained.

”I see. ” Mu Yian nodded several times.
”Then, why can ’t she come here to treat Rong Xie? ” 

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”She is busy.
She is also a student.
She told me that her semester break would end soon, she would have to return to her study. ” Mu Li Zei said.
He could not say anything since they were the ones who wanted to ask for her help.

Mu Yian also could not say anything.
She did not believe that Yu Qi did not want to help just because of her study.
It must be something else. 

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