”Yu Qi, someone from Bai Group wants to meet with the founder of Qi Qi Skincare. ” Su Yu Hi suddenly brought out the topic after meeting with staff. 

”Bai Group? ” Yu Qi stopped in her steps and narrowed her eyes.

They probably want to discuss a deal with us. ” Su Yu Hi made a casual remark.

Yu Qi chuckled.
”They are dreaming. ” 

Su Yu Hi also chuckled.
”They are for sure dreaming.
I will reject them. ”

The staff looked at the Yu Qi and Su Yu Hi.
Both of them were wearing the same expression on their faces.
Then the staff looked at each other.
After working for quite some time with Yu Qi and Su Yu Hi, they knew that the two of them had the same thoughts about handling the business.

”I will go to Fanghai Nation for about three days. ” Yu Qi informed Su Yu Hi.

”Is there any problem with greenhouse construction? ” Su Yu Hi had already read the report that Yu Qi had written while visiting Fanghai Nation not long ago.

”Oh, no…
It is my personal matter. ” Yu Qi denied it.

”Oh, okay. ” Su Yu Hi would not probe much about the girl ’s personal matters.
”Who will accompany you? ” 

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”Don ’t worry about her.
She will be safe with me beside her. ” Long Hui came forward and stood beside Yu Qi while his hand shamelessly resting on her waist.

”I see.
Well, then, enjoy your trip this time. ” Su Yu Hi lifted up his file and made some movements before he left the love birds.

”Ah, Brother Hui, what are you doing here? ” Yu Qi was very surprised to see Long Hui here.

”Of course, to surprise you. ” Long Hui grinned.
”Do you miss me? ”

”Of course.
Day and Night, I am just thinking about you. ” Yu Qi also grinned.

”Then, let me give you some reward. ” Long Hui bent down and gave a quick kiss. 

He then saw the unsatisfied expression on Yu Qi.
He bent down again.
This time, near Yu Qi ’s right ear.
”Don ’t worry.
I will give some more.
But only when two of us are present.
Right now…. ” Long Hui looked around.

Yu Qi also looked around.
’Ah!!! ’ Actually she had forgotten that they were still in the middle of the office with her employees standing around her and watching them.
Some of them showed a shocked expression on their faces.

The employees who were watching all of the things had very mixed feelings.
One, they were very shocked when a handsome man walked into their office.
Two, they even felt stunned as the man casually kissed their boss.
And third, they felt that they had been fed with dog food. 

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Continue your work. ” Yu Qi faked some cough to cover the embarrassing feeling.

Yu Qi pulled Long Hui and walked out from her office.

After Yu Qi and Long Hui were out of their sight, the employees were excited to talk among them.

”Kyaaa!!! What a PDA!!! ” 

”Our boss is very cute when she is with her boyfriend. ”

”Yeah, we have usually seen her with a serious expression.
Just now was very epic. ”

”Her boyfriend is also quite domineering. ”

”I like our boss ’s expression just now when she shows unsatisfied expression with the kiss. ”

”It is totally a moe. ”

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”I ’m full of their dog food. ”

”I should record this scene.
I regret. ”

Yu Qi ’s employees were chatting more about her and her boyfriend.
It was a hot topic among them. 

”It is so embarrassing. ” Yu Qi said after they were out of the office.

”Embarrassing? What? ” Long Hui acted the ignorant.

”You kissed me in front of my people. ” Yu Qi pouted.

”I have kissed you in front of people before. ” Long Hui replied.

Yu Qi could not retort back because he was right.
But it was still embarrassing.
They were her employees. 

”What? You don ’t like my kiss anymore? ” A question from Long Hui made Yu Qi looked up at Long Hui.

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”Of course not.
I like it…
No, I love it. ” Yu Qi answered him quickly.
The moment she finished that last sentence, her blood rushed to her face.
Yu Qi closed her face using her hand wanted to hide her red face.

”I ’m actually glad my beloved Qi Qi loves my kiss.
I should do more then. ” Long Hui pulled Yu Qi ’s hands which was hiding her face and gave a deep kiss to her.

It was a very deep kiss that Yu Qi thought could suck her soul.
Yu Qi let Long Hui ’s tongue to play with her tongue before letting out some m.o.a.n.
Long Hui attacked Yu Qi more when he heard the m.o.a.n from his beloved Qi Qi.

After 15 minutes, only then, Long Hui let his beloved Qi Qi go.
Yu Qi was catching up her breath. 

”Satisfied? ” Long Hui asked.

Yu Qi could not feel angry with that question since deep in her heart, she was very happy receiving the kiss.

”Let ’s go somewhere.
We can have our date now. ” Long Hui suggested.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi agreed.

”So, what ’s about the trip to Fanghai Nation? ” Long Hui opened the topic that he wanted to know.

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He could not help to feel worried about his beloved Qi Qi since they had been attacked by their local gang.

”Its purpose is to treat someone. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Oh, then let ’s go together. ” Long Hui nodded.

”Eh, together? ” Yu Qi stared at Long Hui foolishly.

”I have told that man earlier that you will not be in any danger if I come with you. ” Long Hui caressed his beloved Qi Qi ’s cheek.

”Oh, then, what about your work? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I have taken a holiday. ” Long Hui quickly answered it.

Yu Qi did not seem to believe that.
However, Long Hui would not let her go alone.

Let ’s go together. ” Yu Qi finally agreed.

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