”What are you doing here? ” Su Yu Qing shouted angrily at the couple who had suddenly popped out of nowhere.

”Sister in law, we just want to visit our niece. ” Mu Li Zin smiled.

”That ’s right, Sister Yu Qing.
Look, I have brought some fruits for Rong Xie. ” Jiang Na Na lifted up the fruit basket in her hand.

”Humph!! We don ’t need it. ” Su Yu Qing rolled her eyes.

”Sister In Law, we just want to visit her, that ’s all. ” Mu Li Zin said again.

I will not let you disturb my daughter ’s rest. ” Su Yu Qing would not let those people see her daughter.
Not in this terrible state.
They would make fun on it.

”What ’s going on here? ” Mu Li Zei walked towards them.

”We have heard that Rong Xie is sick.
So, we want to visit her. ” Jiang Na Na answered on her husband ’s behalf.
”Right, Husband? ” She turned to Mu Li Zin.
However, she saw Mu Li Zin looking froze with his eyes widely opened.

”You are a ghost. ” Mu Li Zin pointed at the person behind Mu Li Zei.

The person behind Mu Li Zei was Yu Qi.
She came together with Long Hui.
She narrowed her eyes when someone pointed his finger at her and shouted ’ghost ’ at her face.

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”Mu Li Zin, you better watch your language.
She is my guest. ” Mu Li Zei glared at Mu Li Zin.
He would not let Mu Li Zin ruin the whole thing.
It was difficult enough to invite this Goddess to come and treat his daughter.

However, Mu Li Zei also knew why Mu Li Zin shouted ’ghost ’ out of sudden.
Both of them were familiar with Yu Qi ’s face since both of them grew up with their mother who had always shown the pictures of that woman.
Their mother also told them that woman had finally died. 

Mu Li Zin was still in shock while looking at the woman.
After a while, he finally realized something.
The woman behind his brother was not a ghost but a living human.
She just had a face that very similar to that woman who had died years ago. 

”Brother, she is… ” Mu Li Zin asked.

”She is the doctor who will treat my daughter.
Move. ” Su Yu Qing had already changed her attitude towards Yu Qi ever since his husband told that the medicine which helped her daughter another day had come from this young girl here. 

Jiang Na Na looked at the young girl.
”Sister in law, you shall be careful since there are a lot of frauds rooming around, waiting for their victims to fall into their traps. ” The girl looked very young.
It was impossible for her to become a skilful doctor at a young age.

”Shut down! Will you? ” Mu Li Zei scolded Jiang Na Na.

”Big Brother, I think that you shall consider.
Don ’t let them deceive you. ” Mu Li Zin nodded agreeing with his wife. 

”Excuse me? Do I need to listen more to this crap? ” Yu Qi posed a question.
How dare these stupid people had called her fraud in front of herself?

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”Miss Tang, please.
Don ’t listen to them.
I know your ability. ” Su Yu Qing spoke in panic.
She was afraid that the girl would change her mind on treating her daughter.
She could not allow that to happen again. 

”Well then, let me go in.
Who is in the room other than your daughter? ” Yu Qi asked.

”It is a nurse. ” Su Yu Qing answered.

”Okay. ” Before that, Yu Qi turned and looked at Long Hui who was silently watching the scene.
”Wait for me.
I will back later. ” 

Su Yu Qing also came in.
Others wanted to follow.

However, Yu Qi blocked them by saying, ”No need of more people inside the room.
Only her mother can enter with me. ” 

”Wait, why can ’t we enter too? ” Jiang Na Na asked.

”Your mouth stinks. ” Yu Qi closed the door and locked it.

Jiang Na Na felt very angry when she heard the rude remark from Yu Qi.
”What a rude girl.
Where does this unpleasant girl come from? ”

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”You better shut up your mouth. ” Long Hui stared at Jiang Na Na murderously.

Jiang Na Na gulped.
She hid behind her husband ’s back.
’This man is dangerous. ’ Mu Li Zei and Mu Li Zin had also been affected by the man.
Where did this man come from? 

”Big Brother, where have you found the young doctor like her? You shall check her identity before letting her treat your daughter.
You know, she can be a fraud like Na Na has said. ” Mu Li Zin asked Mu Li Zei by whispering, afraid that the young man who stood over there might hear their conversation. 

”I have already checked her identity.
She is a good doctor. ” Mu Li Zei glanced at Mu Li Zin and then turned to Long Hui.

”But… ” Jiang Na Na wanted to add something.

”Shut up.
It is not your business.
Don ’t pop in here. ” Mu Li Zei blocked her.
He felt this sister in law was very annoying and liked to interfere with others affair. 

”Big Brother, she has that face.
Is she a relative of that woman? ” Mu Li Zin was back to the main question which he had wanted to ask his brother the most.

Mu Li Zei knew who Mu Li Zin meant to.
”No, it is just a mere coincidence. ” He had already investigated. 

”Oh, I see. ” Mu Li Zei nodded.
He indeed was very surprised when he after seeing the young girl who walked behind Mu Li Zei. 

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He really thought that it was a ghost.
It scared him a lot. 

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