”Brother Hui, you are a flower. ” Yu Qi pouted. 

”A flower? ” Long Hui did not understand why Yu Qi said that.

A flower that the bees really like. ” Yu Qi spoke without facing Long Hui. 

Long Hui was stunned.
Then he understood what his beloved Qi Qi had meant by that.
Oh, his beloved Qi Qi was jealous.
It was very astonishing feeling.
Jealous meant that his beloved Qi Qi really loved him.

Long Hui pulled Yu Qi into his hug.
”My dear Qi Qi, you are the only one that I love.
I will never betray you. ” Long Hui made the vow by whispering in his beloved Qi Qi ’s ear.

Hearing this, Yu Qi somehow felt better again.
She felt that she had become possessive lately. 

”We have a long flight.
You can rest first. ” Long Hui patted Yu Qi ’s head. 


They were about to land at Osaka International Airport.
The couple already woke up and talked among them.
Yu Qi already made the plan for them to enjoy Osaka. 

Yu Qi always wanted to visit Osaka.
In her previous life, she often travelled to Japan but she only went to Tokyo for the official business.
She always wanted to visit Osaka and Kyoto.
After thinking for so many times, she decided to visit Osaka first.
As for Kyoto, it would be the next time.

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The plane landed.
The couple went to the booked hotel which was Amami Onsen Nanten-en Ryokan.
It was a hotel which was famed for being absolutely breathtaking in all seasons.
Nanten-en was also known for its architecture.

The building was a rare surviving example of Japanese architecture designed by KingoTatsuno, a student of the British architect Josiah Conder.
The rooms retain their original design with the warm feeling of the woodwork complementing the elegant simplicity which the Japanese loved so much, termed ”wabi-sabi. ”

Yu Qi and Long Hui headed to the ryokan by train.
When the ryokan came into their sight, they would see the stunning building that surrounded by the forested mountains.
Even though Yu Qi built her ryokan based on her knowledge, this ryokan was indeed amazing more than her ryokan. 

The couple entered the ryokan.
There was a friendly staff at the front desk, greeted the couple with a smile.

The staff greeted the couple with Japanese language and followed by English.
Yu Qi replied in the Japanese language.
Yu Qi confirmed the booking and the staff handled out the key to their room.
The staff praised Yu Qi for her fluent Japanese language.
Yu Qi smiled telling the staff that she had studied the language before. 

The couple left and went to the room.
The staff at the front desk looked at her staff.

”Did you see that? The couple was awesome.
The man is a knight while the woman is like a queen.
It was perfect.
It is like my favourite anime Shirayuki-Hime. ” One of the staff was giggling when she saw the couple.

She had started already. ” Another staff said.

”What? You don ’t agree with me? ” She glanced to her colleague.

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It is indeed true.
The man is so handsome and the woman is beautiful.
They are well-matched each other. ” Her colleague commented.

”I wonder when is my knight would come to my side and protect me? ” She sighed.

Her friend patted her.
”That moment probably would come.
It just not now. ” 

”Well, I can live off with my anime…. ” She laughed.

The couple already arrived at the room that they got.
The room that Yu Qi booked was called ’Seiryuu-tei ’.
It had an open-air hot spring.
So, if they wanted to enjoy the hot spring, they would just dig into it.
They went to the room.
The room had a breathtaking view. 

The room that Yu Qi booked was called ’Seiryuu-tei ’.
It had an open-air hot spring.
So, if they wanted to enjoy the hot spring, they would just dig into it.
They went to the room.
The room had a breathtaking view. 

”Brother Hui, it is very beautiful.
It is amazing. ” Yu Qi behaved like a kid. 

Long Hui was happy to see Yu Qi acting like that.
Meaning the defensive wall that Yu Qi took against him had already crumbled.
Long Hui pulled Yu Qi by her shoulder and enjoyed the view together with her. 

After a while, they took the turns to wash up and changed into comfortable clothes.
Long Hui teased Yu Qi by telling her to wash up together.
Yu Qi ’s face turned red.
She ran away into the bathroom alone.

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Long Hui only smiled when he looked at this.
He still had a lot of time.
So, no need to rush. 

One of the staff members came to the room asking whether both of them wanted to serve dinner now or not.
Yu Qi indeed felt hungry, so she nodded. 

So, the food was served.
The food looked like the art crafted by a famous painter.
It was so beautiful.
It also tasted good. 

”It tastes heavenly. ” Yu Qi praised.
”I want this to be served at my ryokan too. ”

”You should. ” Long Hui agreed.

The dinner had ended with everything which had been served on the table being finished.
Yu Qi who had only eaten a little ended up eating a lot. 

”Let ’s enjoy the onsen. ” Long Hui made a suggestion.

”Oh, yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.
Suddenly she froze.
It meant that they would be n.a.k.e.d together. 

”Qi Qi…
Qi Qi…
Qi Qi… ” Long Hui waved his hand in front of his beloved Qi Qi whose mind was somewhere else.

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”Oh, sorry.
I am just thinking about something. ” Yu Qi ’s mind came back.

”What else do you need to think about, hmm? ” Long Hui ’s voice somehow sounded so s.e.xy to Yu Qi.

You can dig in first.
I will follow after you later. ” Yu Qi ran away to the bathroom.
She tapped her face looking at the mirror.
’I feel something.
Am I horny right now? ’ Yu Qi questioned herself. 

Yu Qi undressed and wrapped her body using a towel.
She then walked out of the bathroom and saw Long Hui.
His back was facing her right now.
He was currently enjoying the onsen and the night view since the onsen was open air.

Yu Qi could see his muscles by his look.
Those were very strong.
It must be strong since he was a soldier. 

”Come in, Qi Qi. ” Long Hui suddenly talked making his beloved Qi Qi to nearly jump in surprise.

Long Hui already knew that his beloved Qi Qi was standing behind him, giving him a stare.
The stare that somehow made him felt hot.
’My beloved Qi Qi has been looking at my body.
Is she desiring my body that badly? ’

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