Yu Qi woke after 6 hours of sleep.
She stood up and stretched her body to loosen up her muscles.
When Yu Qi climbed down from her bed, her two little cuties had also woken up.

”Good morning, Master. ” Bo Ya said while rubbing his eyes.

”Good morning, Master, ” Aoi said after Bo Ya.
He was doing the same things as Bo Ya.

Yu Qi laughed when seeing her two little cuties behaving like that.
”Morning to you too, my little cuties. ”

Yu Qi yawned first, following by Bo Ya and Aoi.
Yu Qi went to take a shower and then made some food for her two little cuties.
After they ate, Yu Qi grabbed Aoi and went out of her space.

The outside world was blanketed in the early morning light of dawn.
She went to the living room to see her grandfather already outside.
He was doing tai chi in his herbal garden.

”Good morning, grandfather. ” Yu Qi greeted her grandfather.

”Where are you going? ” Grandpa Tang asked when he saw Yu Qi currently wearing a pair of shoes.
Well, sports shoes actually.

”I am going on a morning jog.
I will be back in one hour. ” Yu Qi answered.

”Be careful. ” Grandpa Tang reminded Yu Qi.
The sky was still dark even though it was already dawn.
He could not help but worry about his granddaughter.

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”Don ’t worry, grandfather. ” Yu Qi waved her hand to Grandpa Tang.

Yu Qi went out for her run, her bodyguard, which was her little Aoi followed beside her.
Some of the elderly people had already started their workday.
Someone of them greeted Yu Qi since Yu Qi was somehow a famous person in Shiwa Town.

Then, out of nowhere, when she was running, someone bumped into her.
Yu Qi managed to keep herself from falling to the ground.
The person who bumped into her also held her arm supporting Yu Qi from falling.

Feeling her self already stabilized, Yu Qi distanced herself from the person.
”Thank you very much for supporting me. ” Yu Qi bowed a little bit and said thank you because the person saved her.
Then she looked up and saw the person.

When Yu Qi saw his face, she could feel some pain in her chest.
What? Why did she feel pain when looking at this person? She knew that she had never seen this person before.
Then why? His face was very handsome, but Yu Qi thought her Long Hui was much better from this man.

”Are you okay? ” The man asked.

Strangely, when the man asked Yu Qi, the pain that she felt before vanished.
She looked up again.
The man was smiling at her with a gentle smile.

”I ’m okay. ” Yu Qi replied.

Aoi quickly stood in front of Yu Qi and growled to the man.
This person was weird.
Aoi could feel something about this person.

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”What a cute puppy. ” The man commented.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi smiled.

The man bent down and placed his hand on Aoi.
Aoi wanted to bite his hand, but when the man ’s hand laid down on his head, he suddenly forgot the anger.
Aoi was blinking several times as he looked at the man.

Yu Qi also felt very strange.
Aoi usually did not like strangers pet his hand, it took him a long time to warm up to strangers and allow them to pet him.
But this time Aoi did not attack the man and just stood there, blinking.

The man stood up again and facing Yu Qi.
With a gentle smile, he said.
”I ’m so sorry.
It was my fault for bumping into you.
I hope you will forgive me. ”

”It ’s okay.
I was also not careful. ” Yu Qi accepted his apologies.

”How about a cup of coffee? ” The man invited Yu Qi for a drink.

Yu Qi, however, not so stupid to accept an invitation from a total stranger.
So, Yu Qi firmly rejected the man ’s invitation.

”Sorry, I can ’t. ” Yu Qi said.

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The man did show some disappointment on his face.
”Oh, okay.
By the way, I ’m Qin Xia. ” The man introduced himself.

”Oh, I ’m Tang Yu Qi. ” Yu Qi also introduced herself to Qin Xia.
Yu Qi actually thought that she might have heard that name before, but she could not recall where.

”Then we are now acquaintances. ” Qin Xia smiled again at Yu Qi.
He added.
”I just moved into the Shiwa Town.
We might see each other around. ”

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Then see you around. ” Qin Xia said as she left the place.

Yu Qi realized that Qin Xia also in sports attire.
’So, he also running too. ’

”Master, that man felt weird, ” Aoi said.

Yu Qi looked to Aoi.
”What are you mean by that? ”

”Master, just now I could feel some spiritual energy from the man, ” Aoi explained the weirdness that he got from the weird man just now.

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”You meant he got the spiritual energy? ” Yu Qi was very shocked.

When he pet my head, I could sense it. ” Aoi told the truth.

Yu Qi frowned.
The man that had the spiritual energy, could not determine whether this man was an ally or enemy.
She also did not know whether this man knew about the fact that he even had spiritual energy.
It would be nice to have an ally that knew about spiritual energy and it would be a disaster if he knew about spiritual energy and became her enemy.

”Master, ” Aoi called out to his master when he saw that she was currently lost in her own thoughts.

”Yeah? ” Yu Qi looked at Aoi.

”Is it safe? ” Aoi asked.
He was also worried about the man.

Yu Qi petted Aoi ’s head.
”We just need to see from now on. ”

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