The two people were catching their breath after a long fight.
Long Hui was currently laying beside his beloved Qi Qi. 

”Qi Qi, it is amazing.
Thank you. ” Long Hui kissed his beloved Qi Qi ’s cheek.

”It is a pleasure for me too.
Thank you. ’ ’ Yu Qi smiled weakly to Long Hui.

After Yu Qi said that sentence, she felt something again and looked at Long Hui as her eyes had opened wide .
”Wait, it is getting bigger back. ”

Actually Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’ was still buried in his beloved Qi Qi ’s ’place ’.
When he heard his beloved Qi Qi ’s voice, his ’little brother ’ started to give a reaction.
It was getting bigger and bigger.
Telling them that it was still not enough.

”Qi Qi, can I do it again? ” Long Hui was particularly begging his beloved Qi Qi with a begging look like a cute puppy-like Aoi.

Aoi: ’Master, this man is not like me.
Don ’t put us together. 

Yu Qi could not reject when Long Hui begged like that.
Well since it was already in there, a couple of more times would not hurt.

”Okay… ” It was a small whisper from Yu Qi but Long Hui managed to catch it.

Listening to his beloved Qi Qi ’s answer, Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’ was very happy so that it gave a response by getting bigger.

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Yu Qi opened her eyes when she felt the light on her eyes.
She was very tired.
Last night, she did not even know when she had finally fallen asleep. 

They did it many times.
She had even lost the count of how many times she had reached the orgasms.
She thought that she would probably faint in the middle because she was too tired.

Long Hui ’s last night was like a berserk beast.
He had finally tasted something that he wanted so much.
Yu Qi felt her body was very very tired due to the last night ’s action.

’That man has done it many times.
My body is still tired.
I can ’t move my fingers. ’ Yu Qi was crying inside.
She thought that she had already trained her body but it was still not enough.
She needed to train more.

Author ’s thought: ’So, Yu Qi has trained her body for making her body stronger in lovemaking? I don ’t know about this. ’

”Qi Qi, you are finally awake. ” Long Hui entered the room and saw his beloved Qi Qi had woken up.
He kissed her forehead.

”Is your body okay? Sorry, I was too rough yesterday. ” He looked worried.

”I can ’t move my body. ” Yu Qi said in a weak voice.

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”Sorry. ” Long Hui apologized.
He did not mean to hurt his beloved Qi Qi.

”Don ’t apologize.
I ’m actually happy that I have finally become one with you. ’ ’ Yu Qi did not get angry with him. 

”Don ’t worry.
I will become your hands and legs for today. ” Long Hui said.

Yu Qi did plan on going somewhere for today but she guessed it had to be cancelled since she could not even move her hands.
Going out? That could not be happening.

”Let ’s stay in for today, okay? ” Long Hui said.

But first, I want to have a bath. ” Yu Qi looked at Long Hui.

”Okay, I will give a bath to you. ” Long Hui lifted up his beloved Qi Qi and carried her to the bathroom.
He gently put his beloved Qi Qi into the bathtub.

Yu Qi felt very embarrassed since Long Hui lifted up her n.a.k.e.d body.
But to think of, Long Hui had already seen and touched her n.a.k.e.d body but it was still too embarrassing.

Long Hui said that he would give a bath to his beloved Qi Qi, he was indeed intending to do so.
He washed his beloved Qi Qi ’s body with gentle scrubbing.
He also uses the shampoo and gave some massage on her head. 

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Yu Qi felt like she was somehow in the body spa.
She forgot that she was embarrassed earlier when Long Hui looked at her n.a.k.e.d body.
It was so relaxing. 

Long Hui did a good job massaging her body and head.
It was not that Long Hui did not feel anything.
He was a normal man.
When facing someone whom he loved so much, and that woman was n.a.k.e.d, it would be weird if he did not feel anything.

Long Hui actually was holding back.
He wanted to do that with his beloved Qi Qi right now, in this bathroom.
However, he was thinking about his beloved Qi Qi ’s condition.
She was telling him that she could not move her body.

Yesterday, they did it so many times.
She had even fainted in the middle of it.
If he took her right now, it would be bad for her body.
He did not want that to happen.
So that was why he was holding back. 

Long Hui was secretly imagining that somehow in the future, they would do the lovemaking in the bathroom.
He felt it would be exciting.

Yu Qi did not think that Long Hui would think something like that.
Since he looked so serious during washing her. 

Long Hui finished giving her bath.
He dried her up and brought back to the room.
She was put on to the cosy chair.

”Let me take some clothes for you. ” Long Hui opened Yu Qi ’s bag.

Yu Qi did not manage to stop Long Hui on opening her bag.
Yu Qi forgot to hide it.

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Long Hui had widely opened his eyes.
The first thing that his eyes caught was a pair of s.e.xy black lace underwear.
The pupil in his eyes shrank for a moment.
He coughed adjusting his voice.

”Bring the bag to me.
I will take the clothes. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay. ” Long Hui followed her order.

”Don ’t look at me.
Turn around. ”

”Okay. ” He followed again.
”I will ask the ryokan to bring breakfast here.
You can put the clothes first. ” Telling that, Long Hui stepped out of the room.

Yu Qi quickly hid that s.e.xy black lace underwear somewhere else in the bag.
She took the clothes that she wanted to wear.
She quickly wore the clothes.
She managed to put the clothes after she had struggled too much. 

Not long after that, Long Hui came back.

”Qi Qi, are you done? ” Long Hui asked.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi answered.

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Long Hui stepped in with the staff behind him, had brought the breakfast into the room.
The staff set up the table and put the breakfast on it.
After setting up, they left the room leaving the couple.

”Let ’s eat. ” Long Hui said.

”Okay. ”

They started to eat.

”It is very delicious. ” Yu Qi commented.

”It is indeed delicious. ” Long Hui said.

Yu Qi did not realise that Long Hui was not talking about the food but her.

”Eat more.
You need to refill your energy. ” Long Hui said.

”Cough…cough… ” Yu Qi coughed.
She did not think that Long Hui would be saying something like that.

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”Drink the water. ” Long Hui offered the drink. 

Yu Qi took and drank it.
Her Long Hui really knew how to make people feel speechless.

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