After lunch, Yu Qi wanted to take a dig into the hot spring.
This time, she did not want to go into the one in their room.
She wanted to go to the female section.
She was afraid that she would not able to enjoy the hot spring if Long Hui was there.

Long Hui agreed to let her go even though he was reluctant to since he knew that she did not enjoy the hot spring last night. 

Yu Qi was enjoying the hot spring alone.
She did think that the onsen helped her body to relax after the last night ’s battle.

After two hours of soaking in the hot spring, Yu Qi came out from the hot spring and walked towards their room.
When she opened the door, she could see that the handsome man was looking around the view.
Making the scene looked more beautiful.

”Hui… ” Yu Qi called Long Hui.
She already liked to use Long Hui ’s first name. 

”Have you finished? ” Long Hui turned around and asked.

It was great. ” Yu Qi nodded.


The next day, the couple finally went out of the ryokan to go somewhere else. 

Long Hui did not do anything to her last night.
He did not want her to think that he just wanted to do that thing only.
And also he thought about his beloved Qi Qi ’s body.
If he started doing that, he was afraid that they would not able to go outside on the next day. 

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The place that Yu Qi wanted to go was Tsuyu-no-Tenjinja Shrine.
Tusyu-no-Tenjinja Shrine was the guardian shrine of the Umeda area and was said to have been founded 1,300 years ago on an island in what was then a marshy bay. 

The shrine took its name from a poem by the great Heian era scholar Sugawara Michizane.
In the year 901, having been exiled from the Imperial court in Kyoto, Michizane stopped at the shrine and wrote:

dew falls

with tears my sleeve

is soaked

when I think back

on Kyoto

The Japanese word for ”dew ” is ”tsuyu ”, and after his death, Michizane was deified into the Shinto pantheon as the god of learning, Tenjin.
That was why the shrine was called Tsuyu-no-Tenjinja, or often just Tsuyunoten.

This shrine was known for its romantic associations because of one story of puppet play, The Love Suicides of Sonezaki.
This story was about a geisha who had fallen in love with an apprentice trader but their love story did not end nicely.
They decided to take double suicide at the shrine.

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In the play, it told that love was not enough to stay happy, an unfortunate combination of family pressures, financial misfortune, and the betrayal of a friend had threatened to keep the lovers apart.
Since they could not live without each other, the couple went to the shrine and took their own lives.

”It is very sad, right? ” Yu Qi said to Long Hui after explaining the origin of the shrine.

”It is indeed sad.
If we come across those problems, I swear that I will fight that problem and be with you. ” Long Hui gave a grip on Yu Qi ’s hand that he had been holding.

”Yeah, me too. ” Yu Qi nodded while smiling as she looked at Long Hui.

The couple walked until they found a pair of stone statues.
It was the status of the young girl and the young man who sat together while holding hands and looked at each other.

”They made the status of the couple.
So that the visitors can pray for the couple. ” Yu Qi said.

She placed her hands together and prayed for the poor couple.
Long Hui followed Yu Qi ’s lead.
After that, they went to buy the special wooden plaques called ema that people usually wrote their prayers for success in their love.
Yu Qi and Long Hui wrote their wishes and hang the wooden plaque at the arranged place. 

When Yu Qi was passing someone, that someone stopped her.

”Miss, wait. ” There was an old man dressed in traditional clothes.

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Yu Qi stopped and looked at the old man.
”Yes? ”

”It has been a while since I see someone surround with a bright white aura around their body. ” The old man suddenly told to her.

”Huh? ” Yu Qi did not understand.

”It seems there is really a miracle.
I ’m very happy to see such a miracle.
I hope you will live happily. ” The old man said and he walked closer to Yu Qi.
”Rebirth is a miracle.
You have to lead a good life. ”

Yu Qi was stunned.
This old man knew.
Yu Qi looked at the old man with her eyes widely opened.
”You!!! ” She did not know how to express her thoughts. 

The old man just smiled and walked away. 

”Qi Qi. ” Long Hui called her.

Yu Qi looked at Long Hui.
Seeing his beloved Qi Qi frowned, Long Hui gripped Yu Qi ’s hand.

”Qi Qi, you will be fine. ” Long Hui smiled.

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Long Hui ’s smile made Yu Qi to feel better. 

I ’m okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.
As for that old man, she would not think much about that.
The old man seemed would not tell anyone about that. 

She saw the clothes that the old man wore.
It was clothes that a kannushi, which was a person responsible for the maintenance of a Shinto shrine as well as for leading worship of a given God for the shrine.

As for how he knew about her rebirth, she did not know.
Perhaps his worship of God made him could see what normal people could not see.

Long Hui also looked at the direction where the old man went.
When the old man whispered something to his beloved Qi Qi, he managed to read his lips.

The sentence that the old man said to his beloved Qi Qi was ’Rebirth is a miracle.
You have to lead a good life. ’ He did not know what that old man meant by that.
And what had been more surprising thing was when his beloved Qi Qi seemed to be shocked when she heard that sentence. 

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