The night time.

After dinner, the couple decided to relax in the hot spring in their room.
When Yu Qi suggested that, Long Hui looked at her.

Yu Qi seemed to understand his look.
”Spare me.
I ’m still hurt. ” 

Long Hui did not say anything but from the look in his face, he was quite disappointed. 

Long Hui went into the hot spring first.
Then Yu Qi followed him later.
Yu Qi sat beside Long Hui but there was a distance between the two of them. 

The sky looked very clear as usual.
There was a moment of silence.

”Hui, do you believe in the miracle? ” Yu Qi suddenly asked Long Hui.

Long Hui did not respond immediately.
He remembered what happened at the shrine earlier when he read the old man ’s lips.

I believe in the miracle. ” How he could not believe that after witnessed the space? 

”Why? ” Yu Qi asked that question.

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”Well, after seeing your space, I think everything is possible. ” Long Hui replied.

Yu Qi chuckled.
”Oh, I forget that you know about my space. ” Yu Qi paused. 

Yu Qi thought she should talk about her rebirth to Long Hui.
He already knew about her space.

”What do you think if you can reset your whole life? ” Yu Qi was about to reveal the biggest secret in her life.

Long Hui turned to his beloved Qi Qi.
Yu Qi seemed to notice that Long Hui turned and looked at her.

”It would be nice but I don ’t think that I want to reset my life right now.
I ’m quite happy with my current life right now. ” Long Hui gave an honest answer.
He liked his current life because he had his beloved Qi Qi right now. 

Yu Qi smiled as she listened to Long Hui ’s response.
Yeah, she also liked this current life. 

”I want to get out of the onsen first.
I feel dizzy.
Can you turn around first? ” Yu Qi still felt shy even she already together with Long Hui.

Long Hui chuckled.
His beloved Qi Qi was still shy.
Even so, he turned around.
After that, he also followed his beloved Qi Qi. 

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They wore comfortable clothes and sat at veranda as they were viewing the scene of the night mountain.
The stars shined brightly at the clear sky.

”Then you believe in the past life? ” Yu Qi gave a vogue question again. 

”Well, I can ’t think about that. ” Long Hui could not express his opinion about that since he did not experience something like that.

”I do.
Since I had experienced myself. ” Yu Qi revealed the secret.

Long Hui opened his eye widely again as he looked at his beloved Qi Qi.
He did not hear it wrong, right? She had experienced herself; she did tell him that, right?

”I had reborn.
I also remembered my memories of my previous life. ” Yu Qi ’s voice seemed to tremble. 

”Qi Qi… ” Long Hui was shocked.
It was more shocking than knowing that she had a magical space.
”Then, …
Did we meet in your previous life? ”

I did not even know your name. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

”Oh… ” Long Hui did feel slightly disappointed.
”Can you tell me about your previous life? ”

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”Of course. ” Yu Qi took a breath before started to talk.
”As you know, I ’m an orphan.
I grew up in Wang Family.
Sacrificed my life to make Wang Family lived better.
At that time, I did not even know that I was an orphan.
Until I met up with my real grandfather which is Grandpa Mu. ” 

”So, you did not meet with Elder Tang in your previous life? ” 

Even Grandpa Feng and Feng Yue.
I did not know them. ”

”Oh, no wonder. ” Long Hui nodded.
They knew each other because of Feng Yue.
Feng Yue knew his beloved Qi Qi because of Grandpa Feng.
And Grandpa Feng met her because of Grandpa Tang.
Since she did not know Grandpa Tang in her previous life, so they did not meet each other. 

”How did you meet Elder Mu in your previous life? ” Long Hui asked.

”I worked at the hotel.
That hotel was exactly located at my current hotel.
He came for his business plan.
Like I told you before, he recognized my face.
He had a suspicion and took me for the DNA test. ” Yu Qi smiled as she remembered about that.
How Grandpa Mu was happy when he found about her.

”Then, Grandpa Mu took me back to Mu Family.
I was happy since I found my real family but others were not so happy about my return.
Grandpa Mu groomed me as his heir making others hated that.
Grandpa betrothed me with a man.
He entrusted me with that man hoping that the man would take care of me.
Instead, he cheated with the person that I thought a friend. ” Yu Qi clenched her fists.

Long Hui grabbed her hand.
Unclenched her fists. 

”They brought me into a jungle.
They ordered some men to cut my arms and legs as they forced me to be awake and to see the process.
They even brought a doctor. ” Yu Qi was about to cry. 

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Let go her hand, Long Hui brought his beloved Qi Qi into his hug.
”No need to tell me if you think it will sadden you. ”

”No, I need to tell you.
At that time, I asked them why they did something like that.
They told me that they were in love with each other.
They should tell me about that.
I would let them be together.
But they just wanted to kill me and even plotted with other members of Mu Family to kill my grandpa.
They gave a slow-acting poison to my grandpa.
After telling me the truth, the bastard and bitch couple told people to throw my limbless body into the jungle for death.
My body itched everywhere because of the insects eating my body and I even couldn ’t do anything to stop it. ” Yu Qi already cried as she sobbed and continued to talk.

Long Hui only could give some comfort to his beloved Qi Qi by hugging her body.
Yu Qi continued crying for a while. 

After Yu Qi calmed down, she started to continue, ”That night, I know it was the end of my life.
However, suddenly, when I woke up, I noticed something strange.
The place was very familiar to me.
It was my bedroom when I still lived with the Wang Family.
At the same moment, I found out that I have space. ” 

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