”Try not to hurt her. ” Bai Shu Jin ordered.

The bodyguards felt it was not easy to do so.
The girl seemed harmless but somehow had a murderous aura around her. 

One of them tried to grab Yu Qi but she slipped away and gave a kick on the man ’s chin.
The man flew up and dropped like garbage. 

”I don ’t have time to deal with you.
Step aside. ” Yu Qi glared to the bodyguards. 

”What is happening here? ” A man came and shouted.
”Oh, it is Young Master Bai.
What is happening here? ” The man recognised the young master behind the group of the bodyguards.

”Nothing, I just want to invite my friend to talk. ” Bai Shu Jin smiled.

”Oh, ” The man looked at the girl who was standing alone facing the bodyguards.
He then turned to the girl.
”Young miss, you better follow Young Master Bai.
You will not regret it. ” The man told the girl. 

The man wanted Yu Qi to follow Bai Shu Jin.
It was her privilege that someone like Bai Shu Jin fancied her. 

”Follow him? Are you an idiot? ” Yu Qi asked the man.

”What? ” The man was dumbfounded.
He could not understand why this girl did not want to follow Young Master Bai. 

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”Bai Shu Jin, I have already told you that I ’m not interested in you.
Don ’t waste your time. ” Yu Qi rolled her eyes and with the expression that she was annoyed with the man.

”Wow, the girl sure has guts.
From what I can see, the handsome man comes from a rich family and he likes the girl.
Unfortunately, the girl doesn ’t like him. ” One of the onlookers made an assumption.

”That man is handsome and rich.
I don ’t understand why is the girl does not like him. ” Another one said.

”She probably already has a boyfriend. ”

”Then this man is trying to snatch her? ”

”Probably. ”

”Usually, a woman will just leave her boyfriend if she can have someone handsome and rich man like him. ”

”That is you. ” 

”So, what? ”

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The onlookers argued among each other.

On another side, Bai Shu Jin had frowned when he listened to the onlooker ’s words.
The girl in front of him indeed already had a boyfriend.
But he wanted the girl so much. 

”Miss, Young Master Bai just wants to invite you to have some talk.
You should not delay and disturb the peace of this place. ” The man who had come just pushed the blame on Yu Qi.
He wanted to gain some favour from Young Master Bai so that Young Master Bai would remember this and reward him on another time. 

”Disturb the peace of this place? ” Yu Qi glanced coldly at the man who had just talked.

The man stepped back.
’The girl…
Why is she so terrific? ’

”Tang Girl? ” There was one voice who had called for her.

Yu Qi turned and saw Grandpa Long with two men behind him.
Grandpa Long approached Yu Qi. 

”What are you doing here? ” Grandpa Long asked.

Before Yu Qi could manage to answer him, someone shouted.
It is our Great General Long. ” 

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The onlookers suddenly looked at the man who had approached the girl.

”Great General Long? Really? ” One of them did not seem to believe him.

”Of course.
My father is a soldier.
My house has a portrait of the Great General Long.
And the man in the photo is indeed him. ” The onlooker from the earlier talk rebutted. 

”He is so young and handsome. ” There was a girl ’s voice.

”I want to be his second wife if he wants too. ”

”Keep dreaming. ”

”Great General Long. ” Bai Shu Jin whispered.
He did not expect to see the Great General Long here.
It was the Grandfather of Long Hui, the boyfriend of Yu Qi. 

”I have just come back from holiday. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Holiday? Where have you come back from? ” Long Fei Yi inquired.

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”Japan. ” Yu Qi answered short.

”No wonder…
No wonder. ’ ’ Long Fei Yi played with his chin.
”Well, but what has happened here? ” 

”Someone has blocked my way. ” Yu Qi was being honest.

”What? Dare you block my people? ” Long Fei Yi did not say much but his loud voice could be heard.

The man who had asked Yu Qi to follow Bai Shu Jin was dumbfounded with this situation.
He did not expect that the young girl had some connection with the Great General Long and it was quite a close relationship.

”Great General Long, Miss Tang and I are from the same university.
We are friends. ” Bai Shu Jin tried to explain.

”Who is friends with you? ” Yu Qi rebuked.
’Friend? Don ’t be kidding with me? I don ’t want to die yet. ’ 

Bai Shu Jin hoped that Yu Qi would understand his meaning.
But the girl did not seem to want to cooperate with him. 

”Young man, let me advise you something.
Don ’t covet something that does not belong to you. ” Grandpa Long said.

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He knew that the young man in front of him had feelings for Yu Qi.
But he could not ignore his grandson.
That boy just came out from his nest when he met this young girl.
This young girl made him more like a human being.
He did not want Long Hui to return back so, the young girl must be with his grandson.

”Tang Girl, let ’s go. ” Grandpa Long said to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi followed Grandpa Long together with the two men who stood behind Grandpa Long earlier.

”Young Master? ” One of the bodyguards called their young master. 

”Let them go. ” Bai Shu Jin clenched his fists.

That Long Hui just knew her earlier.
If she knew him earlier than Long Hui, she would be with him, not that Long Hui.

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