Qian Xiao Mi was trembling while facing Yu Qi. 

”You know, the Qi Qi Skincare has a special word on its bar code.
It determines whether it is the genuine one and the forgery one.
And the one that you have given to me earlier doesn ’t have that special word. ” Jian Nie explained.

It shall not be like this. ” Qian Xiao Mi mumbled on her own.

The words that she mumbled caught on the ear of the two young girls.
They looked at each other and understood something.

”Miss Qian Xiao Mi, we will send you to the police station. ” Jian Nie said.

You can not send me to the police station.
I have not done anything wrong. ” Qian Xiao Mi shouted.

”One, you have lied to get some money from us by saying our product has damaged your face but it is not. ” With a swift move, Yu Qi managed to remove the mask that covered Qian Xiao Mi ’s face.

Qian Xiao Mi screamed horribly. She did not manage to protect the mask from being taken from Yu Qi.
All the people in the shop could see that Qian Xiao Mi ’s face had not been damaged at all.
Her face was fine.

”Two, you have claimed that the product has come from us.
Third, you have slandered our good reputation.
That all is enough to put you into the jail. ” Yu Qi threw the mask into the dustbin.

”No, don ’t bring me to the police.
I beg you. ” Qian Xiao Mi begged.
She even kowtowed in front of Jian Nie and Yu Qi.
She kowtowed a few times until others could see the blood.

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Others began to pity Qian Xiao Mi.
Yu Qi observed others.
Even her staff also felt that way.
However, someone seemed was not moved by Qian Xiao Mi ’s act.

”Stop. ” Jian Nie ordered.

Qian Xiao Mi stopped.
She looked up at Jian Nie as she saw an angel that would save her from all of this. 

”Do you think that I have stopped which means you can escape the police? Don ’t dream.
Even if you kowtow until you die, I will still send you there.
You have come here with a bad motive.
Now you have been caught.
You dare to beg? ” Jian Nie mocked Qian Xiao Mi.

Yu Qi was smiling.
This girl was a good seedling.
She knew that sometimes, mercy would not be given to someone like Qian Xiao Mi.

”Please. ” Qian Xiao Mi begged while crying.

”Call the police. ” Yu Qi told the staff who was standing at the counter.

The staff looked at Jian Nie.
Seeing Jian Nie nodded, the staff reached out to the phone and called the police station.
She asked for the police to come to their shop. 

Yu Qi was not angry when the staff ignored her.
They did not know that she was their big boss. 

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Qian Xiao Mi cried while sitting on the floor.
Everyone did not dare to comfort her.
They were pitying her earlier but after listening to Jian Nie ’s word, they realized that Qian Xiao Mi was a bad person.

After 15 minutes, two police officers came.
They saw a woman sat on the floor crying.
The police officers asked for what happened.
Jian Nie stepped forward and explained the whole situation to the police officers. 

The police officers frowned as they were listening to the story.
The look that they gave to the woman who was currently sitting on the floor changed.
Earlier, it was curious and pity.
Now, it already changed to disgust.

”We will bring this woman back to the station first.
But Miss, you still have to come to the police station for us to collect your statement. ” The police officers said.

”Okay, sir.
I will be there. ” Jian Nie nodded.

One of the police officers tried to grab the Qian Xiao Mi, wanted her to stand up.
Suddenly, Qian Xiao Mi acted aggressively by slapping the police officer who had grabbed her.
It was loud.

”You dare to attack the police officer? ” The police officers were angry.

Two of them grabbed both of Qian Xiao Mi ’s hand.
Qian Xiao Mi struggled. 

”Let go.
Let me go. ” Qian Xiao Mi screamed.
”Wait, someone wanted me to do this. ” 

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The sentence caught Yu Qi ’s attention.

”Sir, wait. ” Yu Qi said.
She looked at Qian Xiao Mi.
”What did you say just now? ” 

”Someone give me some cash to make some troubles in this shop.
They also prepared the bottle.
I swear. ” Qian Xiao Mi said.
She did not expect that easy money that she got, she would end up in this situation. 

”Do you know them? ” Yu Qi asked.

”No. ” 

”Do you remember them? ” Again, but the question changed.

”No. ”

”So, you don ’t have evidence to support what are you saying? ” Yu Qi glared at Qian Xiao Mi.

”No. ” Qian Xiao Mi ’s voice became slow.
Yeah, she did not have evidence.
But she had the money.

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I have the money given by them. ” Qian Xiao Mi was suddenly excited.

”That can not be used as evidence, right, Sir? ” Yu Qi asked the police officers.

That ’s right.
Let ’s go. ” The police officers brought Qian Xiao Mi out of the shop.

”Sorry for the disturbance.
Well, for today, you can enjoy 20% discount off on each of the purchase. ” Yu Qi looked at the current customers who were still in the shop after the things happened.

”Really? It will be great.
The Qi Qi skincare is very expensive but so effective.
Discount 20% off is indeed good. ”

I shall buy a lot today since they have a discount of 20%. ”

The staff were shocked.
They did not understand what this young girl was saying.
How could she just say something like that?

”Miss Jian. ” The staff called Jian Nie.

”What? ” Jian Nie turned.

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”Miss Jian, you just explain to the customers that there is no 20% discount. ” The staff were in panic.

”Eh, why? ” Jian Nie did not understand. 

”That young girl said that.
Why is she say something like that? ” The staff whispered to Jian Nie.

”Oh, I forgot that you don ’t know her. ” Jian Nie understood the situation right now.
”Let me introduce to you the owner of our Qi Qi skincare brand, Miss Tang Yu Qi.
You can call her Miss Yu Qi. ” Jian Nie introduced Yu Qi to the staff.

The staff were dumbfounded while looking at Yu Qi who was smiling widely.
They did not expect that this young girl was their big boss.
And she was so young.
The Qi Qi skincare brand had just started this year.
So, it was not an inheritance business.
Meaning this young girl in front of them started this business.

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