Yu Qi sat in front of Jian Nie in Jian Nie ’s office after the incident.
Jian Nie already went to the police station to give her statement regarding the incidents.

The police officers concluded that someone probably was jealous of the success of the shop and decided to destroy the reputation of the shop.
They would be trying to investigate the person behind Qian Xiao Mi. 

”What do you think about this incident? ” Yu Qi asked Jian Nie.

”As the police officers have said, someone is jealous of us since we are going up on the chart of the skincare brands.
” Jian Nie agreed with the police officers statement. 

Yu Qi nodded.
But she thought it was more than that.
She could not conclude since there was no evidence about it. 

”You control the situation very well.
You don ’t panic when facing this kind of situation which is very good. ” Yu Qi praised Jian Nie.

”I have just done my job, Miss Yu Qi. ” Jian Nie was humble.


”The plan has failed, Sir. ” A young man informed something to the middle-age man that stood seeing the view outside his office. 

”It ’s okay.
It is not considered to fail yet.
When something like that happens, it is bounded to spread.
A little crack can do some damage. ” The middle-aged man was watching the view said.

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The middle-aged man smiled.
”How is my son? ”

”Young Master is currently at our branch.
He is doing great. ” The young man reported.

”Call him back. ” The middle-aged man ordered.

”Yes, Sir.
I will call him right away. ” The young man bowed and left the room.

No one knew what was in the middle-aged man ’s thoughts. 

Yu Qi got the call from Mu Li Zei regarding Mu Rong Xie ’s matter.
Yu Qi seemed to forget about her. 

Yu Qi smiled.
It was about time for her to give the medicine to Mu Rong Xie.
Yeah, medicine. 

So, Yu Qi decided to fly over to Fanghai Nation for that reason.
So for the next weekend, she went to Fanghai Nation.

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Yu Qi gave the medicine to Mu Rong Xie.
When Mu Rong Xie used the medicine, she became better and better.
The Mu Family was obviously happy with this result especially Su Yu Qing. 

Su Yu Qing thanked Yu Qi so much for treating her daughter.
Mu Yian did not say anything about it.
She actually did not like to be owed to Yu Qi. 

Yu Qi told them that the treatment was not done yet as Mu Rong Xie still needed to take the medicine.
She gave out one small container to Mu Family and said that it was after treatment medicine that Mu Rong Xie needed to take.

Su Yu Qing did not think for a long time and took the container.
Yu Qi explained about the things in the small container. 

Actually, the thing inside the small container was a medicine but a slow-acting poison.
Since Mu Family gave a slow-acting poison to Grandpa Mu in her previous life, she wanted one of them to experience the slow-acting poison themselves. 

Yu Qi still remembered it.
She did not forget how Fung Meng Xuan told that the Mu Family had poisoned Grandpa Mu in order to take control of the Mu Family ’s business and power. 

Since it was a short time, Yu Qi did not manage to see Grandpa Mu.
Grandpa Mu also was out of the station.
He had work outside.
So he was not in the town.

She did not hear the news from Long Hui for about months.
She assumed that he was going on the mission.
She missed him so much. 

The thoughts about which she had experienced in Japan made her blush.
She did take some precaution.
She also did not want to get pregnant yet.
That could wait until both of them got married and have a stable life.

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Her study was going just great.
She participated in many live surgeries since the university itself had its own hospital.
The medical students could feel the feeling of being a doctor.

Since she wanted to be a surgeon, that was why she participated in many live surgeries.
By watching the surgery in close up, she could see and learn about the techniques that the doctor performed in the surgery. 


”I suggest having a spokesperson for our Qi Qi Skincare brand will be showing increasing in our sales. ” One of the managers said at the meeting. 

”However we already meet to consider the fee of a spokesperson.
If we use someone who is famous, the fee is probably high.
It will be contra with our sale.
If we use non- famous one, there will not be much difference using the spokesperson or not. ” Another one gave out his opinion. 

Some of them agreed with the first one.
Others seemed to agree with the second opinion.
Everyone looked at Yu Qi.
They were waiting for their big boss ’s opinion. 

Yu Qi thought about that.
The suggestion did feel good at the same time, she also thought about the second opinion.
However, she thought with a correct way, a spokesperson was a good strategy on making the sales of the Qi Qi skincare increased.

I agree on having a spokesperson for our Qi Qi skincare but we need to choose someone with great consideration.
As for who, everyone can come out with one person that is suitable for our Qi Qi skincare ’s image. ” Yu Qi made the decision.

”Then, I already consider one. ” Su Yu Hi suddenly spoke.

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