Yu Qi ’s eyes lifted up.
She was interested to know which artists had caught the attention of Su Yu Hi.
The person who had caught Su Yu Hi must be good since Su Yu Hi was good at judging other people ’s character.

Everyone also looked at Su Yu Hi wanted to listen to his choice.
Su Yu Hi always gave a good suggestion.
They would consider his choice.
So that they would not brain themselves thinking which artist that they needed to choose.

”You. ” Su Yu Hi pointed straight to Yu Qi.

”Eh? ” Yu Qi was blinking several times.
’ ”Me? ” She pointed at herself.
She did not expect that Su Yu Hi would suggest her.
’Am I that good for brother Yu Hi? I don ’t think that my character is good, though. ’

”You are the most suitable for the image of our brand. ” Su Yu Hi said confirming his choice.
He did consider all the factors.
If she became the spokesperson of their Qi Qi skincare brand, they would not have to worry about the budget to pay the spokesperson.
Their big boss was a good person too.
It was a pretty good suggestion.

Other staff thought so too.
They nodded.
Their thoughts were particularly same as Su Yu Hi ’s thought.

”Yeah, our Miss Yu Qi is suitable for our Qi Qi skincare brand. ”

”Yeah, not to mention, Miss Yu Qi is young and beautiful. ”

”Yeah, as Brother Yu Hi said, Miss Yu Qi is a good choice. ”

”Miss Yu Qi should be our spokesperson for the Qi Qi skincare brand. ”

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Everyone seemed to agree with Su Yu Hi ’s choice.
Yu Qi glared at Su Yu Hi.
She thought he wanted to mess with her.

”Brother Yu Hi, don ’t joke around. ” Yu Qi said.

”What? You have told me to suggest.
I have just made my suggestion. ” Su Yu Hi smiled.
”In fact, I really think that you are suitable. ”

We agree. ”

Her staff started to say that.
Yu Qi sighed.

”Sorry to disappoint you, everyone.
But, I don ’t think that I will be the spokesperson.
As you know, I ’m a medical student.
I don ’t think I will have time to do the spokesperson ’s job. ” Yu Qi declined.
She did not have any intention to be famous.

”Oh, we forget about it. ”

They actually forgot that their big boss was still a student, a medical student.

”So, back to our suggestion just now, everyone can consider one candidate. ” Yu Qi said.

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”How about we do an interview? We can choose from there. ” One of them suggested.

”Then, do you know what kind of interview, we should conduct? ” Yu Qi asked.

The person was silent.
She did not know what kind of interview should they conduct.

I don ’t know. ” The person apologized.

”Never mind. ” Yu Qi smiled.
She also did not have an idea of how to conduct the interview for this occasion.
”As I have said before, everyone can consider one person.
One week from now, we will have one meeting to discuss the most suitable person.
And the person that suggests her will be the person that will go and negotiate with her. ”

”What if the person that we choose does not want to join us? ” One asked.

”In the meeting, we will rank the person.
If the first person did not agree, we will go to the next person.
But remember, everything that she wants, you need to tell us, and we will discuss whether to agree or not.
Don ’t make your own decision.
Understand? ” Yu Qi looked at her staff.

”Yes, Miss Yu Qi. ” Everyone answered.

Meeting adjourned. ” Yu Qi finally ended the two hours meeting.

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Everyone seemed excited about deciding the person that was going to be their spokesperson.

”I still think that you are the most suitable person. ” Su Yu Hi said when they went out together from the meeting room.

I agree too. ” Ming Xuehai also joined.

”I can ’t.
I don ’t plan on going to that direction. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

Seriously, she never considered that path.
She did not like it.
And someone also would not like it.
He might produce gallons of vinegar if she was going to be a spokesperson for her skincare brand.

”Well, I am just suggesting. ” Su Yu Hi said.

”Brother Yu Hi, you… ” Yu Qi gave a pat on Su Yu Hi ’s shoulder.

”What are you thinking, hum? ” Su Yu Hi asked when he looked at the look given by Yu Qi.

”You shall find a girlfriend. ” After saying that, Yu Qi quickly ran away.

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”You brat!!! ” Su Yu Hi shouted angrily.

Yu Qi already knew Su Yu Hi for a long time.
She could tease Su Yu Hi.
She always liked to joke around with Su Yu Hi.

The other employees knew that their big boss liked to mess with Su Yu Hi.
They were already in a close relationship like that of a brother and sister.
They always watched that Su Yu Hi liked to shout at their big boss.

”Brother Yu Hi, I have just told the truth.
You shall get married soon. ” Yu Qi shouted as she grinned to Su Yu Ji.

”Humph!!! ” Su Yu Hi rolled his eyes at the girl.

This girl always reminded him about getting a girlfriend or marriage.
She seemed to like that topic very much.

”You shall get married since you already have a boyfriend. ” Su Yu Hi said.

”Well, we will.
But not now.
Since I ’m still a student. ” Yu Qi replied.

Su Yu Hi could not rebuke it.
This girl always knew what to reply.

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