Yu Qi did not have many criteria about the spokesperson for her skincare brand but one.
The spokesperson must have a good character.
That was the only criteria that Yu Qi had in her mind about her spokesperson.

Her staff gave numerous candidates that they thought were suitable for their skincare brand.
Yu Qi looked at the list of the candidates.
Su Yu Hi came to the university and gave the list to her.

About twenty candidates that her staff had sent.
How could she choose one out of these twenty candidates? Yu Qi pinched her forehead. 

She currently sat at the chair near her dormitory.
When suddenly, someone patted her from behind.

”Hey, what are you doing? ” So Pang Lim looked at the paper that Yu Qi was holding.

”Wow, these names are the artist ’s names.
What are you doing to do with them? ” Mei Lilli recognised the names on the paper since one of her favourites celebrity was there. 

”Wait, Yu Qi, is this a hit list of yours? ” So Pang Lim opened her eyes wide. 

Yu Qi and Mei Lilli threw a look at So Pang Lim like saying, ’Are you stupid? ’ 

”Hey, I ’m just joking, okay? ” So Pang Lim pouted.
She was just joking.

”What are you doing with this, Yu Qi? ” Mei Lilli asked again.

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”Choosing my spokesperson for my skincare brand. ” Yu Qi told them.

”Why are you bothering about it? You can be the spokesperson for your own skincare brand. ” So Pang Lim said.

I also think that it is a great idea. ” Mei Lilli also thought that it was a good idea. 

”No, I can ’t. ” Yu Qi rejected that idea.

”Why? ” Mei Lilli genuinely felt that Yu Qi was the most suitable person to be the spokesperson for her own skincare brand.
It also would cut the cost for the spokesperson.
Even she was not a businessman, she knew as it was basic knowledge.

”To avoid future trouble. ” Yu Qi answered.

”Trouble? ” So Pang Lim did not understand.
What kind of trouble, Yu Qi would have if she became the spokesperson.

”Oh. ” Mei Lilli suddenly understood what Yu Qi meant.
She laughed at Yu Qi.
”I see. ” She nodded.

”What? What? ” So Pang Lim asked her two friends.

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”Usually you are the first one to understand.
Why today you seem to be stupid? ” Mei Lilli said.

”Yu Qi, tell me, please? ” So Pang Lim really wanted to know.

”I don ’t want to be a spokesperson as it will put me onto the limelight.
Someone will not like it. ” Yu Qi gave the hint.

So Pang Lim thought about Yu Qi ’s talk.
”Oh. ” She finally understood that. 

”He is really like that? ” Mei Lilli asked.

”He is basically a vinegar producer. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

So Pang Lim and Mei Lilli laughed. 

”So, you need to choose your spokesperson from the list? ” Mei Lilli asked.

But, to be honest, I don ’t know about them. ” Yu Qi sighed.
She did not pay much attention to the entertainment world. 

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”Don ’t worry about it.
You have your friends. ” So Pang Lim grinned.
She knew about the people on the list.
Since she looked up to them.
She studied them because she wanted to know about their skin.
She ended up reading a lot about them.

”Great. ” Yu Qi said.

So, So Pang Lim started to tell Yu Qi about them.
Mei Lilli also interrupted when came to her favourite artist.
They talked for about 3 hours.
Yu Qi took notes about the artists that they had talked about.

This really gave good knowledge about the artists.
Yu Qi would use this information on her next meeting with her staff.
They would have another meeting to choose one spokesperson from the list. 

So, the next weekend, they had a meeting.
Her staff seemed excited to have this meeting.

Everyone already in the meeting room.
So, Yu Qi handed out the paper.
When her staff read the information on the paper, they were shocked.
They then looked at their big boss with widely opened eyes. 

”Miss Yu Qi, where did you get this information? ” One of her staff asked.

”Oh, this? My friends told me about them. ” Yu Qi told them.

This information was basically a complete detail about the artists especially their skin complexion.
They wondered why would someone had this kind of information.

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”My friend is studying to become a dermatologist.
She has studied the artists ’ skin. ” Yu Qi explained when her staff seemed to wonder about it. 

”So, let ’s start the meeting. ” Yu Qi started the meeting. 

They discussed who to choose among the list.
Yu Qi listened to their explanation comparing with the information that the one she had. 

After a long discussion, probably about two to three hours in the meeting room, they made the decision.
There was a rank list for it. 

They made the rank list so that in case the one that they first chose could not accept their terms, they could move to the next one. 

All of them were satisfied with the rank list that they had made.
So, the one that submitted the name in the first place, would be the one that would go and negotiate with the artist. 

”I still think that you are the best choice. ” Su Yu Hi said. 

”Brother Yu Hi, I think you shall get the girlfriend first. ” Yu Qi said.

”You!!! ” Su Yu Hi rolled his eyes.

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”Miss Yu Qi, your boyfriend has come. ” Someone came and informed Yu Qi.

”Oh, he has arrived. ” Yu Qi smiled happily.
Turned to Su Yu Hi, she said.
”Listen to my advice.
Find a girlfriend. ” After finished saying it, she ran away.

”That girl. ” Su Yu Hi sighed.

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