As Yu Qi dealt with her study, she also needed to deal with her work.
Her staff already went to negotiate with the artist that they wanted her to be a spokesperson.
The artist ’s name was Song Su Jin. 

So, she was about to sign the contract.
Su Yu Hi invited her to sign the contract at the company.
He informed Yu Qi about it and asked if Yu Qi wanted to attend that too.
Yu Qi was interested to attend that too.
So she told Su Yu Hi that she would be attending too.

On that day, Yu Qi went to the company with Aoi.
When they arrived, the employees came to get Aoi.
Aoi was already used to the people.
Escipeally when people gave him the food.

Song Su Jin would come with her manager, Xiu Mi Lan.
Since they did not come yet, Yu Qi settled her work in her room.
Aoi was in the pantry eating something that Yu Qi ’s employees had offered him.

After half an hour, Song Su Jin and Xiu Mi Lan came.
They entered the office.
The staff who went to negotiate with them invited them to the meeting room asking them to wait for a moment. 

Then he went to inform Yu Qi, Su Yu Hi and Ming Xuehai.
Ming Xuehai was the in charge of making the contract.
He brought out the contract. 

Song Su Jin and Xiu Mi Lan talked to each other while waiting for signing the contract.

”I ’m glad that they actually exist.
When that man came and approached you to become the spokesperson, I thought that he was a scammer. ” Xiu Mi Lan said while looking around. 

The company looked decent.
Hopely her Song Su Jin would not be tricked by them.

”Sister Mi Lan, watch your mouth.
They are very good for offering this job to me.
I have already heard about their products.
The brand is rising very quickly.
The products are actually very good. ” Song Su Jin warned Xiu Mi Lan and praised Qi Qi skincare brand.

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”I really hope that your fame will rise quickly as well. ” Xiu Mi Lan said.

Song Su Jin was not so popular but still had her own fan base.
She fought for the resources very hard.
But still lost to the artist who had debuted at the same time as her. 

”I will try harder.
Don ’t worry, Sister Mi Lan. ” Song Su Jin smiled and nodded.

At that time, the door had opened.
They could see that there were four people who had entered the room.
Three of them sat in front of Song Su Jin and Xiu Mi Lan.
As for the other one, she put the drinks on the table and left the room.

Yu Qi glanced at Su Yu Hi, asking him to start the meeting.
Su Yu Hi thought that she wanted to be the person who would talk to them. 

”First of all, thank you for coming here to sign the contract.
I ’m Su Yu Hi.
This is Mis Tang Yu Qi and our lawyer, Mr.
Ming Xuehai.
We are glad that you have been selected to join us by being our spokesperson. ” Su Yu Hi opened the talk.

”It is our honour to become your spokesperson.
Su Jin and I have heard about your products.
We have tried it once.
They are great.
But the price is a little high. ” Xiu Mi Lan said.

”We know that.
But our product works perfectly.
For someone who wants beauty, I think that it is cheap for them.
And we have already made a system for our customers.
Becoming a member will give them a lot of benefits. ” Su Yu Hi explained. 

”By the way, you have automatically become our member. ” Su Yu Hi added.

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”What? Me too? ” Xiu Mi Lan pointed to herself.

”Yes. ” Su Yu Hi nodded.

”Oh, thank you. ” Xiu Mi Lan smiled.

”Let ’s move to our main topic for today. ” Su Yu Hi turned to Ming Xuehai.

Ming Xuehai understood the look given by Su Yu Hi, so he replaced the doc.u.ment on the table.

”This is the contract.
You and your manager can read.
If you have something that you don ’t understand or want to change it, please free to tell me. ” Su Yu Hi pushed the doc.u.ment.

Song Su Jin took the doc.u.ment and read it.
Xiu Mi Lan also read it.
She tried to explain to Song Su Jin.
Song Su Jin nodded.

Xiu Mi Lan was an experienced manager.
So she knew how to negotiate the terms and made sure that her artist got the benefits a lot. 

Ming Xuehai wrote down the terms that he needed to change.
After one hour of negotiating about the terms, the draft of the contract had completed. 

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Ming Xuehai excused himself to make the new contract based on what they had discussed just now.

”Why have you joined the entertainment world? ” Yu Qi suddenly asked Song Su Jin.

Song Su Jin was startled for a second.
The girl beside Su Yu Hi did not open her mouth when they discussed the things earlier.
But she responded to Yu Qi.

”When I have become an artist, because of the money.
I have no money at that time.
After a while, I think this world is not so taunted and I love this job. ” Song Su Jin told them the truth.
She was not scared of telling them the truth. 

Yu Qi smiled.
She liked the answer that Song Su Jin gave her.
She knew that the entertainment world was hell.
But she decided to give all of her best. 

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