Yu Qi, Su Yu Hi, and Ming Xuehai read the report given by Song Tai.
Su Yu Hi already frowned when he read the first page as well as Ming Xuehai.

In the report, it was stated that a spy had intruded into their factory.
He or she had been trying to break through Song Tai ’s room.
They probably think that the secret recipe of Qi Qi skincare was in that room.

However, they did not manage to break through the room since there were multiple locks that Song Tai had installed on that door.
So, because of the multiple locks, the spy believed that Song Tai had stored the secret recipe in that room.

Song Tai did not manage to identify the spy.
The spy was very clever since when he or he did it, the CCTV camera on the hallway was not functioning at that time.
Obviously, the spy did something to the CCTV camera. 

Yu Qi ’s lips curved up.
Someone wanted to steal the recipe that Qi Qi skincare used.
She really wanted to laugh.
Someone thought if they stole the recipe, they could use and imitate the Qi Qi Skincare.

Humph!!! They could dream.
The herbs and ingredients that she used to make the Qi Qi skincare were from her greenhouse whicwasre already mixed with the water inside her space.
The water was a special ingredient.
Even though they used the herbs, the final product would never have the same effect as Qi Qi skincare. 

”You can still smile? ” Su Yu Hi glanced to Yu Qi.
The girl did not show many reactions when she heard about this.

”Brother Yu Hi, Brother Xuehai, don ’t think much about this matter. ” Yu Qi said. 

”Really? This might affect our sales as the same product will appear. ” Ming Xuehai stated his opinion. 

”It will not.
Don ’t worry.
Ask Brother Tai to try to catch the spy.
If he could not, then it ’s okay. ” Yu Qi did not want to pay much attention to this matter.

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”Really? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”I still did not succeed even though, I tried many times. ” A man spoke through the handphone.

”You fool.
You should try until you succeed.
Don ’t call me until you succeed.
Remember, your wife and daughter are in my hands.
” The person whom he called said.
”I will give you three more weeks.
Otherwise, you know what will happen.
Don ’t say, I don ’t warn you. ” He added. 

The man wanted to rebuke but he could not.
He must hold back now.
He must not let the man hurt his wife and daughter. 

”Okay, Sir. ” The man said.

Then the call was ended by another man on the other side. 


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Yu Qi visited the shooting club after a while.
Since the semester had started, she did not go to the shooting club but the numbers could be calculated with the fingers.

”Oh, our goddess is here. ” One of the club members said when he laid his eyes on Yu Qi.

”Hi everyone. ” Yu Qi greeted.

”Yu Qi, you sure missing many days of our of training.
I wonder if your skill is up to date right now. ” Vice captain Shi Man Xie said smugly.

”Oh, Senior Shi wants to try me? ” Yu Qi ’s eyes showed a glint.
”Why don ’t we compete with each other? ” 

”I want to see that too. ” Zhu Xiao Ling said.

”Yu Qi, are you sure? You may lose your face. ” Vice captain Shi Man Xie grinned. 

”Oh, really? Let ’s see it then. ” Yu Qi smirked.

”Before that, let ’s make some bet. ” Vice captain Shi Man Xie grinned.

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”A bet? ” Yu Qi looked at Vice Captain Shi Man Xie.
”What are we betting for?

”If you lose to me, you have to complete a task given by me. ” Vice Captain Shi Man Xie raised his eyebrows multiple times as he was provoking Yu Qi. 

”What will you do if you lose to me? Hmmm…. ” Yu Qi was thinking.

”Yu Qi, why not ask him to wear a t-shirt which stated, ’I ’m gay and make him shout, I ’m a gay ’ three times in a loud and clear voice at the third cafe. ” A club member suggested.

”Wow, that is totally hilarious. ” Another one added.

”It is a good idea though. ” A club member laughed.

”Well then, let ’s use that as a punishment. ” Yu Qi seemed to like that idea.
As they said, it would be totally hilarious. 

”You… ” Vice Captain Shi Man Xie looked at the other club members.
He could not believe that they were suggesting that idea to Yu Qi.

”Are you scared, Senior Shi? You can back off. ” This time, Yu Qi provoked Vice Captain Shi Man Xie.

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”Who says I ’m scared? Let ’s compete. ” Vice Captain Shi Man Xie said.

The club members were shouting. 

Only Captain Zu Wei Han sighed.
Since the shooting competition was coming, everyone was tensed up.
It would be nice to lose some tension. 

Both of Yu Qi and Vice Captain Shi Man Xie took their place on the shooting ground after selecting their guns. 

”We will use standard rules for this competition.
Ten shot each. ” Vice Captain explained.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Man Xie, you better do it right.
Otherwise, you will become gay. ” A club member shouted.

Vice Captain Shi Man Xie was about to stand in his posture but he missed his footstep and was about to fall.
Luckily for him, he managed to balance out his body.

”You better, shut up, Fong Mi. ” Vice Captain Shi Man Xie glared at that person. 

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