”Senior Shi, you can withdraw if you want to now. ” Yu Qi said those words.

”I will not… ” Vice captain Shi Man Xie glanced at Yu Qi.

”Then, let ’s get started. ” Yu Qi said.

With that, Vice Shi Man Xie got ready to shoot.
Yu Qi also got ready to shoot.
Someone shouted ’Start ’.

Two of them did not shoot immediately.
After a few second, the sound of shooting could be heard.
Both of them shoot and got bullseyes.

Vice captain Shi Man Xie looked at Yu Qi ’s board.
He saw Yu Qi got the same score as him.
’She got lucky. ’ Vice captain Shi Man Xie tried to calm himself.

The next shot, Vice Captain Shi Man Xie ’s bullet had slightly landed to the right giving him, 9.8 points.Then Yu Qi shot.
She got 9.9.
Vice captain Shi Man Xie smiled.
’Yu Qi usually gets bullseyes in the past.
This means she is affected by competing with me, ’ Vice Captain Shi Man Xie thought. 

Then he shot the third shot.
He got 9.9.
He heard the gunshot beside him.
Then he saw Yu Qi ’s point.
He got fl.u.s.tered.
He took a deep breath and shot again.
This time, he got 9.4.
It was a high score in the usual competition but in this case, it was a low score. 

Then Yu Qi shot.
She got 9.5.
Lower than usual but higher than him.
For the next, he got 9.7.
He was smiling when seeing his score getting better. 

The next Yu Qi ’s shot, she got 9.8.
She just smiled when she saw the score.

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”When Senior Shi shot and got a score of 9.8, Yu Qi would get 9.9.
When he got 9.9, Yu Qi would get 10.
As this thing happen, whenever Senior got this score, Yu Qi would get one point higher than Senior Shi. ” He said. 

”When you mention it, yeah, it seems so.
Does this mean that Yu Qi is just playing with Senior Shi? ” His friend looked at him.

”Yu Qi is awesome. ” He commented.

Actually, Vice Captain Shi Man Xie already noticed this pattern when they finished shooting the seventh shot.
He already knew that it was his turn to loose, his doom. 

”Yu Qi, be serious, okay? ” Vice Captain Shi Man Xie shouted to Yu Qi.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi smiled and nodded.
She immediately shot the eighth, nineth and the tenth shots of her.
”I have finished. ” 

The shots were all bullseyes.
Vice Captain Shi Man Xie was speechless. 

”I have lost. ” Vice captain Shi Man Xie said after a moment speechlessness.

”Man Xie, don ’t forget the bet. ” One of the club members reminded him.

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”I don ’t forget about it. ” Vice Captain Shi Man Xie shouted.

”Wait, you must wear a shirt that says, ’I am a gay ’.
Do you have that t-shirt? ” The club member asked.

”Why will I have that t-shirt? ” Vice Captain Shi Man Xie rolled his eyes.

”Don ’t worry, everyone.
I have that shirt. ” The club member that suggested that idea of punishment said.

”What? Why do you have that shirt? ” All of the club members looked at him suspiciously.

Don ’t jump into the conclusion.
That t-shirt, I got a free gift from a distributor.
I don ’t see the design before.
When I got home and wanted to try that shirt, that when I saw that design. ” He explained.

Others laughed.

”I think at that time, they were promoting a gay wedding. ” 

”Oh, I remember that too.
They were indeed promoting the gay wedding until the authorised people came and arrested them. ” 

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The club members remembered that they went to the town and saw that group.

”Really? I don ’t know about that. ” The club member that said he had the shirt, scratching his head. 

”Well, back to the topic.
Tomorrow, our vice captain will have this punishment in the evening at the Mowei Cafe.
Agree? ” The club member said.

As he said, it was a high peak time that usually students hang up with their friends at the cafe or students came to buy food for their dinner. 

”Agree!!! ” The other club members shouted.

Meanwhile, Vice Captain Shi Man Xie was speechless.
Why the hell were they agreeing to? He was the one should answer that.

Okay… ” Vice Captain Shi Man Xie gave up.
’ Just got it done tomorrow.
It would be easy.
’, he thought. 

”Vice Captain Shi, I will be recording it. ” Zhu Xiao Ling said.

We should record and show it to our new members next year. ”

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They were laughing as they could not wait for tomorrow.


”Girls, are you free this evening? ” Yu Qi asked her friends after finishing a class in the afternoon.

”Let ’s go eat at the Mowei Cafe this evening. ” Yu Qi suggested.

”Oh, why? Is there a new items on the list? ” So Pang Lim said.

”Well, something interesting will happen this evening there.
So, let ’s go and watch it. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Her friends became curious.

”Okay. ’ ’ They agreed.

That evening, at the Mowei Cafe, there were a lot of students hanging out with their friends, eating, drinking and laughing.
At the Mowei Cafe, there was a stage.
Sometimes, there was a performance held on that stage.

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Yu Qi and her friends were hanging out together.
Her friends asked many times to Yu Qi about what would be happened here.
Yu Qi just kept her mouth quiet and asking them to wait for the show to start.

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