Yu Qi could see that Vice Captain Shi Man Xie walked up to the stage.
Everyone noticed him and turned to watch what he wanted to do on that stage. 

At this time, Vice Captain Shi Man Xie was wearing a coat.
He took a deep breath.
What he was about to do, he sighed.
He could not see his future.
But a bet was a bet.
He needed to honour it. 

He threw away the coat.
Yu Qi lifted up her eyes and saw that he was indeed wearing the t-shirt that said, ’I ’m a gay ’ in bold writing.

”I ’m a gay.
I ’m a gay.
I ’m a gay. ” Vice Captain Shi Man Xie shouted loud enough.
He then ran away from the cafe.

At that moment, the whole cafe that was usually boosted with loud sounds was silent.
Everyone looked at Vice Captain Shi Man Xie.
Someone laughed.
Then everyone boosted to laugh. 

”This guy is an idiot or what? ” 

”I think I know him. ”

”I think he is a fourth year student in mechanical engineering. ”

”Do you think it is true? ”

”I think he may have lost some bet. ”

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”I also play it too.
But this is a hilarious one. ”

”Whoever has given this idea must be a prankster. ”

”Nevertheless, it is funny. ”

”It will be good if I record it and post it online. ”

So Pang Lim, Song Ha Ting and Mei Lilli laughed until their stomachs had started to hurt. 

”It is the show that you want us to watch? ” So Pang Lim asked while wiped her tears.
She was laughing until her tears came out. 

”Is it funny? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Of course.
The shirt is also giving an impact. ’ ’ So Pang Lim wanted to laugh more.

”How do you know this, Yu Qi? ” Mei Lilli asked after she stopped laughing.

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”He is my vice captain in shooting club.
He challenged me in the shooting but lost at the end.
That is his punishment. ” Yu Qi told them.

”So, it was your idea for the punishment? ” Mei Lilli asked again.

”Nope. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

”I knew it. ” So Pang Lim knew that Yu Qi was a nice girl.

”I would make sure that he confessed to someone that he liked that person who is n.a.k.e.d.
” Yu Qi ’s lips curved up.

Yu Qi ’s friends were speechless.
So Pang Lim just, ’Is this girl nice or what? ’ 

Then they laughed. 

”Yu Qi, you are evil. ” Song Ha Ting said.

”I am just being nice by encouraging him to confess. ” Yu Qi smirked.

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”That girl that he wants to confess may run away from when she sees him n.a.k.e.d. ” Mei Lilli rebuked.

”Well, it may be a bonus for her to see the goods first. ” So Pang Lim said vulgarly.

”Please, Pang Lim, mind your words. ” Song Ha Ting glanced at So Pang Lim.

It was the semester break already.
Yu Qi decided to return back to FINN City first to see her aunties and uncles before heading back to Shiwa Town to see her grandfather. 

Yu Qi drove her car.
The car was given by Tang Family.
They did not want Yu Qi to ride the bus anymore.
Yu Qi wanted to reject since she could buy herself.
But the Tang Family insisted, especially her grandfather.
Since there was no way to reject it, she just accepted it.

When she arrived home, she noticed that the house was receiving some guests today.
Did not want to disturb the guests, she entered through the back door. 

Who knew that when she entered the back door, one of the guests appeared there.

”Hey, you! Who are you? What are you doing here? Why have you entered through the back door? ” The guest was a young girl.
Probably one or two years younger than Yu Qi. 

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Yu Qi wanted to answer but her answer was blocked by the same girl.

”Wait!!! You are a thief, are you? Everyone.
Come here.
There is a thief here.
She has come to steal something. ” The girl shouted loudly. 

Yu Qi could not do anything.
Without resisting, she just stood there while glancing at the girl.

Since the girl ’s loud voice, the maids came running over here. 

”Miss Guan, where is the thief? ” The maids asked.

”What? You can ’t see her? ” The girl that the maids called Miss Guan pointed towards Yu Qi. 

”Oh. ” The maids looked at Yu Qi.
They then bowed down.

”Welcome home, young miss. ” 

The girl was stunned when she saw this.
She never thought that the girl in front of her was actually Young Miss Tang.

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”We heard the scream. What has happened here? ” Ming Yue, Su Xiao and other two people came and asked.

Ming Yue and Su Xiao noticed Yu Qi was there.

”Yu Qi, you are back, my dear.
Why are you here? ” Ming Yue pulled Yu Qi into her hug.

”Well, you are receiving some guests.
I don ’t want to disturb you but something happened. ” Yu Qi glanced to the girl.

The girl was blushing.
”I ’m sorry. ” She bowed.

Ming Yue and Su Xiao laughed.
The other two people also laughed.
They already could guess what had happened just now.

”Let ’s go to the front. ” Ming Yue said.

So, the people went to the living room, where they were initially sitting. 

”Well, then, let me introduce you.
This is my niece, Tang Yu Qi. ” Ming Yue said.

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”Oh, so, she is a daughter of Su Xiao. ” The woman nodded.

She is not my daughter.
I wish she can be my daughter though. ” Su Xiao shook her head.

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