”You can discuss the terms and conditions with my lawyer.
If the terms and conditions are okay for me, we will sign the contract and your spa will exclusively use my skincare brand. ” Yu Qi offered.

Yung Ha Ren was speechless.
She did not expect this offer would come to her spa.
It was very generous to offer.
Many spas wanted to collaborate with Qi Qi Skincare Brand but the brand did not show any movement. 

”Auntie Yung, Auntie Yung. ” Yu Qi waved her hand in front of Yung Ha Ren ’s face when she saw that the person did not move at all.

Yung Ha Ren realized that she was still talking to Yu Qi.
”Oh, yeah.
I will like to accept it. ”

I will inform my lawyer to come tomorrow and we will discuss the terms and conditions tomorrow. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Thank you, Miss Tang. ” Yung Ha Ren said.
”Your parents will be proud of you. ” 

Suddenly the atmosphere turned weird.
Yu Qi ’s smile vanished. 

”Auntie Yung, do you know my parents? ” Yu Qi asked Yung Ha Ren directly. 

Before this, Yung Ha Ren gave some hints which somehow told that she knew her parents but she had ignored it.
Today, she wanted to know it. 

I did. ” Yung Ha Ren nodded.

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”I see.
That is why you gave some weird stare the first time we met. ” Yu Qi gave a little smile.
”Do I look like them? ” 

”Just a little.
Your eyes resemble your mother. ” Yung Ha Ren said.

”My eyes? ” Yu Qi subconsciously touched her eyes.

”Yeah. ” Yung Ha Ren smiled.

”Auntie Yung, do you know where are they right now? ” Yu Qi asked with a hopeful tone.

”Sorry, Miss Tang.
It had been 20 years since I met them.
They were travelling around.
Now, even I don ’t know whether they are still alive or not. ” Yung Ha Ren explained.

”How do you know them? ” 

”To be exact, I ’m a friend of your mother.
We met during high school.
We were classmates.
She was a genius.
Genius in chemistry.
A lot of universities and institutes fought for her back then.
She chose one institute out of them.
I don ’t know that Institute.
From there, she met your father. ” Yung Ha Ren smiled as she was reminding the time back then.

”Your mother was beautiful but have a cold personality.
She did not have many friends back then.
She got a lot of haters as well as admirers in high school. ” Yung Ha Ren continued.

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”Can I know what is my mother ’s name? ” Yu Qi still did not know what was her mother ’s name.

”Yan Lian Xen. ” Yung Ha Ren told her.

”Yan Lian Xen… ” Yu Qi felt it was a beautiful name. 

”When did you have the last meeting with her? Was she with my father? ” Yu Qi asked.

”As I said, it had been more than 20 years since I met her.
When I met her, she was indeed with your father. ” Yung Ha Ren nodded.

”I see.
Auntie Yung, thank you for telling me this. ” Yu Qi thanked Yung Ha Ren. 


Yu Qi sat in the garden after returning home.
She was still thinking about what she had talked about with Yung Ha Ren.
Looks like when Yung Ha Ren had met them last time, Yu Qi was still not born yet.

Yu Qi sighed.
She thought that she could get some information about her parents but still, the information would not help her to find where her parents were. 

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”You have a problem? ” Tang Han Lee suddenly appeared beside Yu Qi.

”Oh, Big Brother Han Lee. ” Yu Qi was surprised to see him here.
I do have some problems. ”

”Tell me, what is it? Perhaps I can help. ” Tang Han Lee smiled.

”Do you know what can make some parents to leave their children alone? ” Yu Qi gave questioning look to Tang Han Lee.

Tang Han Lee looked at his little sister.
He knew that his little sister must be thinking about her parents. 

”Well, I don ’t know what they have been thinking.
But they must have some reasons what has made t to do it. ” Tang Han Lee gave his opinion. 

Yu Qi was silent when she got her answer.
Then she sighed again.

”Do you think that they have thrown me because they have not liked me? ” Yu Qi was trembling when she asked the question. 

Seeing this, Tang Han Lee quickly patted her head.
”I can ’t say anything about that.
But if that is the truth, don ’t forget that you still have your Tang family.
We are here for you. ” 

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”Today, I got some information about my parents.
But it can not help me in finding my parents at all.
Big Brother, I ’m scared…
I ’m scared…
What if they don ’t want me after I find them? ” Yu Qi ’s voice had already changed.
She was about to cry.

”Don ’t worry about it.
As I have said, Tang Family is here for you. ” Tang Han Lee brought her into his hug.

”I know but…
I want to know the reason why they have left me… ” Yu Qi was crying like a baby. 

Tang Han Lee just let her cry.
20 minutes had passed.
Suddenly Tang Han Lee felt Yu Qi ’s body was sliding down.
Her body was about to touch the ground.
Tang Han Lee quickly caught his little sister.

”Little Sis, Little Sis… ” Tang Han Lee was calling Yu Qi but still, Yu Qi did not respond.

Tang Han Lee took her wrist to read her pulse.
Even though he did not use and know much about the Chinese Medicine Practice but as Tang Jiang Man ’s grandson, he had been taught about it. 

Tang Han Lee took a breath of relief.
His little sister had gone to sleep.
He could tell that Yu Qi was mentally tired.
He wanted to bring Yu Qi into the house.

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