”Big Brother…
What has happened to Little Sis? ” Tang Jin Wei coincidently wanted to walk in the garden when he saw Tang Han Lee had lifted up their little sister, bringing her in.

”She is just tired and has gone to sleep. ” Tang Han Lee said.

”Really? ” Tang Jin Wei was very worried to see his little sister like this.

”Hum… ” Tang Han Lee nodded.

When they passed the living room, Ming Yue and Tang Jung Wen, also the Si Family were present there.
Ming Yue stood up when she saw her eldest son bringing Yu Qi in.
She quickly went to Tang Han Lee.

”What has happened? ” Ming Yue said in a worried tone.

”Mum, don ’t worry.
She is just tired. ” Tang Han Lee assured his mother.
”I will bring her to her room. ”

Quickly. ” Ming Yue said.

”Husband, inform father about this. ” Ming Yue said to Tang Jung Wen. 

”Okay. ” Tang Jung Wen nodded and left the living room immediately.

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”I need to tell Su Xiao. ” Ming Yue left the living room too.

The only people left in the living room were just Si Family. 

”Mum, what has happened to Sister Yu Qi? ” Si Ang Dei asked her mother.

He has just said that she is just sleeping.
Why are they panicking so much? She is just an orphan being adopted. ” Si Su Zen rolled her eyes.

”Lower your tone. ” Si Fung Bien slapped Si Su Zen ’s hand while his eyes wandered at the maids who just happened to walk pass by the living room.

Si Su Zen shut her mouth instantly when she saw the maids.
The maids did not respond to anything.
Probably they did not hear her just now.

”Let ’s go and see. ” Si Su Zen said to her husband and daughter.

While after getting the news that Tang Han Lee had brought Yu Qi into her room after she had fallen asleep in the garden, others went to look at Yu Qi in her room.
The most anxious about Yu Qi was Grandpa Tang. 

”Move aside. ” Grandpa Tang said to others when he arrived in Yu Qi ’s room.

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He took her wrist and read her pulse.
His face frowned while reading her pulse.
Not long after that, he put down her wrist.

”Let ’s talk outside. ” Grandpa Tang asked everyone to get out of Yu Qi ’s room. 

Si Family was outside the room. 

Grandpa Tang glanced at the Si Family.
Si Family followed others to the living room.

Aoi was at the kitchen when he heard about his master ’s condition.
He understood what the maids were talking about.
When he heard this, he quickly ran to his master ’s room. 

In the room, his master seemed to be asleep.
He did not care about anything now.
He climbed up and placed his paw onto his master ’s forehead. 

He did not feel anything weird about his master ’s body.
His master was just tired.
He took relief breath. 

Then he tried to contact Bo Ya.

’Bo Ya, can you check Master ’s condition? ’ Aoi called Bo Ya.

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’I have already checked.
She is okay.
She is just tired. ’ Bo Ya explained.

’Thank goodness.
But Master is never like this.
I wonder what has triggered her? ’ Aoi was thinking about the cause. 

’Probably it is information about her parents. ’ Bo Ya thought.


”What happened to Yu Qi, Father? ” Su Xiao asked.

”She is okay.
Just tired. ” Grandpa Tang sighed.

”This must be our fault.
We have brought her outside to hang out and relax. ” Ming Yue was about to cry.

She is not physically tired but mentally tired.
What has happened before Yu Qi has fallen to sleep? ” Grandpa Tang asked

”I was with her.
We were talking. ” Tang Han Lee answered.

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”Talking? About what? ” Grandpa Tang asked again.

”Her parents.
She was thinking of why her parents had left her alone. ” Tang Han Lee told everyone.

”What? Why is she thinking about it now? ” Tang Jung Wen pointed out.

”Where have you gone today? ” Grandpa Tang questioned Ming Yue and Su Xiao. 

”We went shopping, after that we went to the spa.
Yu Qi got some massage.
That ’s all. ” Ming Yue recalled what they had done. 

”Did she meet someone else? ” Tang Jung Wen asked.

”I think nope. ” Ming Yue ’s eyes wondered around.

Remember that when we have finished our massage.
She was talking to Ha Ren. ” Su Xiao interrupted.

”Oh, yeah…
Ha Ren is our friend and the owner of the spa which we used to visit.
But we did not know what they were talking about.
And also Yu Qi did not look stressed at all. ” Ming Yue nodded.

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”Call your friend.
Invite her for dinner today.
We can ask her about it. ” Grandpa Tang suggested.

”Okay, father.
We will try to call and invite her but we can not promise that she will come since she is often busy with her work. ” Ming Yue said.

Si Su Zen frowned.
She was not worried about Yu Qi but because she had not expected that an adopted child would gain such a place in the Tang Family.
’Why are they so worried about her? ’ She really could not understand these people.

Ming Yue gave a quick call to Yung Ha Ren inviting her to their house to have dinner.
First Yung Ha Ren wanted to refuse but after hearing about Yu Qi ’s condition, Yung Ha Ren finally agreed. 

So, Ming Yue gave the orders to the maids to prepare more food since they would have another guest for dinner that night.
The maids nodded. 

However, one of the maids approached Ming Yue and whispered something into Ming Yue ’s ear.
After hearing what the maid was whispering to her ear, her eyes became sharp while looking to the Si Family. 

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